Immigration Reform And Border Security Now!

Don't wait for the lightning to reach safety!


Reform and security are needed now, and so is citizen demand that we get it.

I am not alone in being increasingly concerned that we have been an open society for so long that we have endangered ourselves, perhaps even fatally.

Those who wish us ill have long been able to enter the US both legally and illegally, integrate themselves here, and become the "sleepers" for anyone wishing us ill.

In a nation which has never gained real control over the mafia, over street gangs, over drug syndicates, and over illegal immigration, we have a poor track record on the essentials of self-preservation.

Perhaps we are too trusting, too tolerant, even too naive, for our own good.

The Statue of Liberty was not meant to swing wide the gates to everyone seeking to do us harm, nor are we solving the problems by closing the gates while leaving many millions of unknowns still inside.

We may find, and repeatedly find to no one's surprise, that we have let some toxic weeds grow out of control in exchange for a false sense of well-being, a few more votes, and a misguided benevolent charity.

It is easier to weed a garden continually, than it is to play catch up when the garden is overgrown with weeds.

Our elected officials and hired civil servants at all levels are failing in their sworn duty to protect the American people and the American way of life.

While real immigration reform and real border security languish at the senior levels of government, and enforcement remains under funded and under staffed, the problems continue to balloon.

If popular expression still plays a legitimate role in our republic, it is time that citizens demand comprehensive border security and immigration reform now. One without the other will not solve the problem. No matter which one comes first, the other must follow in tandem.

We need no vigilantes, but we do need vigilance. We cannot afford endless debates. We need immediate action on these two essential responsibilities of sound government.

Give those who would protect us the tools, the manpower, and the funds they need in order to do so, and do so now!

There is an old expression which says that it does no good to lock the barn door after the horse has already been stolen.

The time to act is now, before we have to suffer the consequences of any further delay.


© 2014 Demas W. Jasper All rights reserved.

We voted, but we still need to make our voices heard! Apathy achieves nothing.

Copyright 2013 Demas W. Jasper All rights reserved.
Copyright 2013 Demas W. Jasper All rights reserved. | Source

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BlossomSB profile image

BlossomSB 2 years ago from Victoria, Australia

Many countries seem to be allowing 'those toxic weeds to grow out of control.' Hopefully they will come to their senses before it is too late.

Perspycacious profile image

Perspycacious 2 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond Author

BlossomSB - Apparently not unless we demand that our governments do so.

I for one will simply copy this and any comments it receives and see that it gets to my representative and senators. And then I will continue to follow up as further comments are added.

phdast7 profile image

phdast7 2 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

Excellent essay about important issues. Theresa

Perspycacious profile image

Perspycacious 2 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond Author

phdast7 - Thanks for the comment and the scoring. Happy New Year.

aviannovice profile image

aviannovice 2 years ago from Stillwater, OK

I agree with you. The land of the free and the home of the brave must come back again.

Perspycacious profile image

Perspycacious 2 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond Author

aviannovice - We are in agreement that today's USA is not only not our parents' USA, but not even our own USA.

I was just doing some research and noted that what might have cost $100 in 2008 (the year Obama won his first term as president) would now cost $109.68. Meanwhile the minimum wage has remained the same, and the National Debt has increased from $10 Trillion to almost $18 Trillion.

Perspycacious profile image

Perspycacious 5 weeks ago from Today's America and The World Beyond Author

Just two years later now the National Debt is nearly $2 Trillion larger. Never in the history of mankind has any country borrowed that much money in that short a time with so little to show for it! Somebody as to have enough power to apply the brakes at a time when politicians have just been "promising greatness at no cost." Who will be brave enough and strong enough to step up and do just that? Any takers? Or is it still "me, my, mine" and to hell with fiscal conservatism?

Perspycacious profile image

Perspycacious 3 weeks ago from Today's America and The World Beyond Author

In March 2017 the national debt of the USA will become $20 Trillion.

Someone had a party, but I don't think I was invited.

Perspycacious profile image

Perspycacious 2 weeks ago from Today's America and The World Beyond Author

BTW- We are all invited to pay for it, and our children, and our grandchildren, and our great grandchildren, and ......

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