Improve the Economy vol 1: Legalize Marajuana

Improve the Economy series: This is the first article in a series dealing with the problems of the economy from a middle class point of view. Are you tired of your hard earned dollars going to pay for people who don't want to work? Are you tired of your hard earned money being pocketed by millionaire CEO's who ran their businesses into the ground because of greed and are now feeding off the American people? Are you struggling to pay your bills and put food on the table because the company you worked so hard for is turning it's back on you? Do you feel like the government is doing all the wrong things and/or not doing enough? If you answered yes to any of these, you are definetely going to want to check out my series, and if any of these ideas seem like good ideas to you, please write you politicians and let them know exactly how they feel. There is power in numbers and if we stop fighting for the scraps and stand up for ourselves, maybe politicians and business owners will finally acknowledge that the working class American is the backbone of our country and they are nothing without us.

     Billions of dollars are made every year on the sale of Marajuana, but since it is illegal, our government has chose to spend money to shut it down, rather than profit from its sale. Even before recorded history, Marajuana has been used for medicinal purposes, spiritual enlightenment, as well as recreation, and its users arem't a threat to society.

     THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the active ingredient in Marajuana, and comes from the mature female of the cannabis plant. Inhalation and ingestion are the most common methods of introducing THC into the body. The chemical THC has been found by our own FDA to  be useful in the treatment of glaucome, AIDS wasting, multiple sclerosis, chemotherapy-induced nasea and other medical conditions. Unlike most illegal drugs, Marajuana is natural and unprocessed, and since it has been consumed by humans since the beginning of recorded history, it is impossible to know exactly how long we have been using it. It is used for medicinal and spiritual purposes as well as recreation. Early in the 20th century, the amount of people using Marajuana spiked dramatically. This also the time frame that most governments decided to start making its use illegal. Since that time, some of these governments have increased the amount of resources used to battle its use, while others have realized that Marajuana use isn't really a problem and have relaxed on their enforcement.

     Anti-drug campaigns have created many myths about the use of Marajuana to scare people into not using them. Almost all of these are just that, myths that science has time and time again disproven. Marajuana is not highly addictive and is not a gateway drug. Only 0.6% of Americans smoke it only a daily basis. Drug treament programs report that withdrawals are rare and very mild. No link between Marajuana use and other harder drugs has been found, and some reports have argued that the rate of hard drug use actually decreases among marajuana users. Marajuana is less adictive than alcohol, and also unlike alcohol, it doesn't kill brain cells. Scientific studies have shown that even a consumption rate of 5 marajuana cigarettes a day have failed to produce any brain abnormalities. Driving studies have shown that unlike alcohol and some precription medication that cause risky driving behaviors, marajuana has no impact on driving abilities and actually tends to make a driver more aware and cautious. Every college and government group examinimg the connection between crime and marajuana use have reached the same conclusion. The majority of marajuana users do not commit any crimes other than the posession of marajuana. The list of myths or fiction writen to justify marajuana laws goes on, but science has proven one issue at a time that a marajuana user is not any more of a danger to society than anyone else, and in some cases are less of a danger.

     Marajuana arrests doubled during the early 1990's, and between the years of 1991-1995, over half a million people were arrested on Marajuana charges. Tens of Thousands of people currently sit in prison on Marajuana charges, not including an even greater number that are in the legal system in the form of probation and other civil sanctions. Our economy is currently is such bad shape that many states are running out of money for law enforcement and the prison systems, however our govenment continues to spend billions of dollars to investigate, put on trial, and imprison citizens for possesing and/or using a natural drug that has been shown to be of no danger to society. The only dangers that can be associated with marajuana is conflict among street dealers. If marajuana were legal, then there wouldn't be any street dealers, so the only danger is that which has been created by the government. 

     The state of California produces 14.5 billion dollars of marajuana, while Tennessee produces 5 billion, Kentucky 4.5 billion, and Hawaii around 4 billion, which totals 28 billion dollars annually from only 4 of the 50 states. if the governemnt were to require special permits to legally grow and harvest marajuana, and tax the sales as they do cigarrettes, billions of dollars of revenue would be created for local, state, and federal agencies, not to mention the income tax from the hundreds of thousands of jobs that would be created. The government is sitting on a gold mine of revenue, and all they have to do is write a pass a simple bill that legalizes the use of marajuana.

     Marajuana use is natural and creates absolutely no danger to the community or society. The amount of money that can be saved by law enforcement and our penal system is in the billions of dollars. The revenues that can be generated by the sell of marajuana is also in the billions of dollars. Why would we as a country continue to struggle with homelessness, unemployment, lack of funding to basic public necessities when a solution is so readily available.

Authors notes:  The author of this article does not condone nor encourage drug use, and personally believes that God does not want the leaders and thinkers of the world to use any drugs including cigarrettes and alcohol. However, this is a personal and religious belief, and believes that trying to push his personal and moral values onto someone else is equally as wrong. Alcohol and drug use should be a personal choice, and not controlled by the government. The author of this article is equally frustrated that our elected officials are imposing their beliefs onto the country, especially when many of these issues offer a solution to our economic crisis.


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oby 7 years ago

973-409-3274 call it and vote to legalize marijuana its your choice not the governments just don't hurt any one else or force it onto them. it can save us and its just plain stupid to put ppl in jail for some thing they want to do that's harmless to others. yes the government is supposed to protect us but what if u don't want protection?

Willdawg profile image

Willdawg 7 years ago from Proud Ohio'an living in the south (SC) Author

I don't see how making marajuana illegal even protects anyone. It hasn't even been linked to any health issues, although tobacco and alcohol have and they are still legal.

Willdawg profile image

Willdawg 7 years ago from Proud Ohio'an living in the south (SC) Author

I don't see how making marajuana illegal even protects anyone. It hasn't even been linked to any health issues, although tobacco and alcohol have and they are still legal.

butters 6 years ago

you know what ive said it a million times before, if evrybody would just take a few drags we would have a peacefull and calm society. just enuf for youto relax and ease your mind. never mind the boost it could provide the economy!! its ellegality never stoped its ever growing sales so i dont see the point. its just a waist of tax payrs money with all the petty weed position arrest! just let us be would you!!!!!

Stay irey!!

Erin Holladay 6 years ago

It would also eliminate us from having to pass a drug test at our places of work. Which, to me, is an invasion of privacy.

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