Can India Trust Kayani’s Peace Offer?

Kayani Smokes Peace Pipe

Kayani Smokes Peace Pipe
Kayani Smokes Peace Pipe | Source

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India Should Send More Troops to Siachen

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Siachen Glacier
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India Should Send More Troops to Siachen

India Should Send More Troops to Siachen

Pakistan Smokes Peace Pipe

When Pakistan smokes the peace pipe and that too to its arch enemy India, there is something fishy in it. Especially when the chief of the Pakistan army General Pervez Ashfaq Kayani is offering a peace offer, India needs to be very careful. Let us see the background under which the peace offer was made. Recently more than hundred Pakistan soldiers died in an avalanche on the top of Siachen, the highest battlefield in the world. Kayani visited the place and made this peace offer to India. Kayani wanted both India and Pakistan to withdraw from Siachen and make it as a demilitarised zone.

India Should Send More Troops to Siachen

The offer looks a sincere effort for peace on paper. But if one examines it deeply, one can sense some foul play. My guess is that if India accepts the peace offer, then Pakistan and Indian troops will pull out of Siachen, making it a demilitarised zone. At that time, Chinese army will surreptitiously occupy Siachen. This is what will happen if India accepts the peace proposal from Kayani. India should not only reject Kayani’s proposal but also should send more troops to Siachen to strengthen its position there. China and Pakistan are cunning foxes which always see opportunities to destroy India.

IIT Is Islamic Institute Of Technology in Pakistan

In Pakistan, everybody is bent on heaping destruction on India. Pakistan people, its government, Pakistan army, terrorists who are bred by the Pakistan government, ISI, Talibans and others are always looking for an opportunity to destroy India. More and more terrorists are recruited and bred in Pakistan. In India, IIT is very popular among the student community. IIT stands for Indian Institute of Technology. Students coming out of this institute get plum foreign jobs at fabulous salaries. Similarly, IIT is very popular in Pakistan also. IIT in Pakistan stands for Islamic Institute of Terrorism where students are taught how to destroy targets through bombs, how to kill Americans and Indians and other destructive activities. Successful students take terrorism as a full time career.

Ulemas Teach the Students to Kill Indians and Americans

In the Madrasas (Islamic theological schools) in Pakistan, the students are taught to kill Indians and Americans in order to win appreciation from Lord Allah. These students are taught that the Holy Koran preaches murder of the Americans and Indians. When the young minds are brainwashed by the Ulemas, you cannot expect anything other than terrorism from these misguided people. Recently a person was killed in Karachi in a sectarian clash. Before dying, he said ‘I am very proud of being killed by a fellow Muslim rather than a Hindu’. Zulfiqar Bhutto was reported to have remarked that he was rather happy to die at the hands of Zia-ul-Haq who was a devout Muslim than dying at the hands of his arch enemy India.

Pakistan Is the Epicentre of All Terrorism in the World

If you ask a Pakistan citizen whether he prefers drinking water or uninterrupted electricity, he will probably reply ‘Neither of them will satisfy me. The death of all the Hindus in India will give me peace’. Pakistan people are venomous, destructive and inhuman. Pakistan is the epicentre of all terrorism in the world. If the world wants peace, then Pakistan should be destroyed.

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maxoxam41 profile image

maxoxam41 4 years ago from USA

A peace offer is a peace offer. Would you prefer, a declaration of war?

darknezz111 profile image

darknezz111 4 years ago from Southern Idaho

"Pakistan people are venomous, destructive and inhuman."

Racism isn't a good reason to go to war. If you must be racist, hate the British- they drew up your boundary with Pakistan in the first place.

"If the world wants peace, then Pakistan should be destroyed."

Or, we could let Pakistan destroy India. No more conflict after that, right? If people in Pakistan feel as strongly as you do, who's right? If you have a problem with your neighbor, don't be stupid; calm down, throw on some coffee, and talk it out like grown-ups. Neither India or Pakistan will get anywhere if they continue to act like nuclear-armed children.

"‘I am very proud of being killed by a fellow Muslim rather than a Hindu'"

You're right- people like this do exist, and there isn't much you can do after they reach that level of brainwashed commitment. Make a villain of the mindset, not the man- he had his reasons for believing as he did. So do you. But just as he wanted to kill Hindus, you want to kill Pakistanis.

Stand up. Tell Pakistan you have a problem, and that you are willing to work it out. Get active in a way that doesn't promote senseless hate, and be willing to compromise somewhere in between. Don't just shout at the internet and expect to become a hero.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

It is futile to speak to Pakistan about the problems India faces from its home-grown terrorists. Remember, India has been speaking, speaking and speaking about bringing to justice the perpetrators of the heinous Mumbai carnage in 2008, but nothing has happened. Imagine, if USA had been speaking, speaking and speaking to the Talibans after the destruction of their World Trade Centre in 2001, what would have happened? The Talibans would have launched their second attack. Instead, USA indulged in action and killed one million Afghans as a retaliation. Now the Talibans are out of power and finding it difficult to garner resources to make a second attack on USA. I don't say the Talibans are finished once for all. They are still looming large in places like Kandahar and Jalalabad. But certainly their backbone has been broken not through negotiations or peace talk but by brutal attack.

Ilyas Kashmiri killed an Indian soldier and presented his head to the then Pakistan President Musharaff. Musharaff hugged Kashmiri and rewarded him with gifts. Do you think any kind of negotiations with these uncivilised people will yield results? Or do you want us to regret for the loss of one million Afghan lives due to US attack? Of course the same Ilyas Kashmiri was shot dead like a street dog through US drone attacks. I would have personally loved had he been shot dead by an Indian soldier.

Attack is the best form of defence. If one Jew is killed, Israel kills ten enemies who kill them. This is not racism. My hatred is not against Muslims. I do not say that Indonesians should be killed or Saudi Arabia should be destroyed. My hatred against Pakistan is because Pakistan is bent upon killing innocent Indian lives through sponsoring terrorism. I believe there is no point in negotiating or talking with them. Only hard action is needed irrespective of consequences. If India fears the consequences and shirks attack on Pakistan, it is nothing but cowardliness. I would prefer violence to cowardliness. I do not undermine the importance of negotiations and talk. Suppose India has a problem with Sri Lanka, go to them and negotiate, talk about your difficulty and get them addressed over a period of time. But this policy is not applicable to countries like Pakistan or Afghanistan. I do not say an open attack is desirable against Pakistan as that may develop into a nuclear conflict. A covert attack on set targets and inciting Pakistani dissidents like the Baluchis to fight for independence inside Pakistan may be the best response by India. Of course, who knows, India may be already doing this.

darknezz111 profile image

darknezz111 4 years ago from Southern Idaho

I agree with you that this kind of violence requires a strong offensive. But I think you are simplifying the issue.

As far as the US and the Taliban, we ended up in negotiations with them. Basically, we were just killing each other to the point where no strategic victory could be achieved by either side, and so both of us broke down. India and Pakistan are already at this point- both have flexed their muscles and shown they are tough enough to be taken seriously, and yet neither side will take the other seriously.

The two countries need to realize that they are equals on a world stage that is sick of listening to them bicker. Compromise, or else the conflict will continue.

Think about Kashmir. India and Pakistan have fought over this chunk of dirt since the beginning, each willing to waste lives over it. Which country has been willing to give up Kashmir in exchange for peace? Was it India, or Pakistan, that came up with a fair way of sharing Kashmir?

The correct answer is neither. India and Pakistan are both more interested in killing each other than solving their problems, and that is why no amount of mediation will ever bring peace to the region.

And to be blunt, sir, I read your profile- how can a journalist with any integrity say such biased and hateful things as I quoted in my previous post?

People who make comments like that are the reason India and Pakistan will never be at peace. It isn't because of Muslims, Hindus, Arabs, or Indians- it is because of hate, ignorance, and an unwillingness to be fair to your neighbor.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Dear darnnez111,

Your comments carry a lot of truth, I should admit. Neither India nor Pakistan is flexible over Kashmir and other issues. Both want other's destruction. It is an ego problem built over the years. I don't think any amount of mediation will solve this problem for the time being. Both the countries are not willing to yield to the other.

I thank you for reading my profile and calling me as a journalist with an integrity. That is true. My words appear as hateful and partial but I believe in my heart that I am speaking the truth.

US and Talibans started negotiating sometimes back as you have rightly pointed out. Only after this happened has the Talibans become more belligerent and killed many people including the American and NATO soldiers. These people assume that if a party is coming forward for negotiations, he is weak. If you want to kill a snake, kill it fully. If you half kill it, it will recuperate and strike vengeance. US should not withdraw its troops from Afghanistan and should finish off the Talibans, whatever time it takes. Otherwise US and the Americans all over the world will be in trouble.

I call the Talibans' strike of the world trade centre as a hateful thing. I do not view the retaliatory action by USA as a hateful thing. Similarly I call the Mumbai terror havoc and other terrorist strikes in India by Pakistani terrorist organisations like Laskar-e-Taiba as a hateful one. If India retaliates, in my view, it will not be a hateful one. I differentiate things that way. In this world, Darwin's theory that the fittest of them survive operates. If a country shows slightest signs of weakness, it will be exploited. In 1962 when India was talking about peace and saying the slogan 'Indo Chini bhai bhai' (India and China are brothers), Mao Tse Tung sent his troops suddenly and India was caught unawares. China captured 32000 sq km of Indian territory and is still holding it. Today India is not talking about brotherhood to China. Instead it has launched the Agni V missile with nuclear warhead that could cover most parts of China and entered the elite club of the ICBM. China looks at India with awe. Today China will have to think ten times or hundred times before attacking India. That is the power of the military might. Might is right in this world. Israel has proved it and is still proving it. USA has proved it time and again. USA is respected, feared and held in awe because of its military might.

Best wishes to you,

darknezz111 profile image

darknezz111 4 years ago from Southern Idaho

Military might is a deterrent, yes, but it won't be good enough forever.

Think of it this way, China just bought a refurbished aircraft carrier from the Russians. The Russians sold it because they couldn't afford to maintain it. If the US keeps up all this deficit nonsense, how long will it be before we can't afford our military might?

China won't invade India now, because India is a challenge. America supports India, and that makes a challenge into an impossibility. When the US can't afford to maintain a regional presence, China will push it's borders- the same thing will likely happen in Japan, Taiwan, etc.

Eventually, China, which already has the world's largest army and is catching up in technology, will decide it wants India, and they will take it by force. Most likely, they will work with Pakistan, if they find it to be in their best interests.

Might alone is not the answer. If it was, than the Trade Centers would never have been attacked, as the fear of retaliation would have been too strong. A two-pronged strategy is needed- one in which force is used when required, but forgiveness can still be given mutually.

War, and the perpetual military build-up it creates, need a balance with diplomacy, or else we all just end up waving our genitals at each other shouting "mine's bigger".

That isn't a foreign policy, that's showboating, and an invitation for an attack.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Dear darnnez111,

Again your comments have lot of truths and cannot be disputed. Ninety eight or ninety nine things out of hundred things are achieved through diplomacy, negotiations, discussions and talks. The spirit of negotiations involve give and take and many management books that I have read and MBA students use in their curriculum demand these skills for their success. A give and take attitude and forget & forgive policy will win lot of kudos and laurels for oneself, one's company and one's country. There can be no denying this fact.

But there are situations where you cannot achieve anything substantial through negotiations and forgiving attitude. Only might can prove to be right there. The topic of the article that I have chosen namely about Kayani's offer was one such thing. There are many articles I have written advocating dialogue, negotiations, peace and humility.

You may be right. China may take India by force one day with the help of Pakistan. But will USA keep quiet then? I don't see any possibility of USA declining in future in its superpower status. In fact USA can only grow from strength to strength through technology. And more important, will India keep quiet then? If India knows that it will be definitely swallowed by China, will it not press the nuclear button and destroy China also?

Can China swallow India so easily? China is unable to digest Tibet which it swallowed fifty years back. Before China embarks on such adventurous steps, China itself may break down like the erstwhile USSR. Communism is squeezing the Chinese people so tightly. A slightest spark is enough to kindle a wave of protests and demonstrations and China will go the USSR way. This is the problem with communist countries. Mao killed hundred million Chinese people in the name of Cultural Revolution. Chinese happily accepted it because Mao was their beloved leader. In fact Chinese were sad that he stopped with just 100 million people and did not kill more. But today will the Chinese happily die for the communist party?

In my opinion, China may not come out with an open confrontation against India in the wake of American intervention. USA will try to weaken China and if possible split it.

Your point that might alone will not work is also correct. Israel is no doubt a mighty country. But did it prevent massacre of the Israeli athletes in the 1972 Munich Olympics by Palestinian guerilas? The only difference is that if Israel was not a mighty country, such massacres would have been dime a dozen everyday. USA is a mighty country. But did it prevent World Trade Centre incident? The difference is that if USA is not a mighty country, hundreds of Americans will be killed everyday and attacking American targets will become a child's play. Might cannot totally prevent such incidents. But it can greatly reduce such incidents. As India becomes mightier and mightier, China may one day even offer a border settlement as it offered to Russia some years back. One should negotiate from a position of strength and not from a position of weakness. Even for negotiations to be successful, might is needed.

USA experimented with this forgiveness policy during the Arab Israel conflict in 1956. The Secretary of State John Foster Dulles sided with USSR and China in condemning Israel for the attack. Not only that, he even forced Israel to cede the captured territory to Egypt (Israel recaptured these lands in subsequent wars). Did this attitude of Dulles and Eisenhower lift America's image in the world? Not at all. The world laughed at America for its weakness. It was a great surprise that Eisenhower, who himself was a World War veteran, sided with Dulles at that time. Dulles could have been a great priest, preaching in the Church about the virtues of morality and kindness. But as a Secretary of State, he was a misfit. Negotiations without might is doomed to failure.

With best wishes,

darknezz111 profile image

darknezz111 4 years ago from Southern Idaho

You make a persuasive point, and one I am not inclined to disagree with.

I don't think America will have much choice in the future in how much we want to deal with China simply because our debt is so huge. I worry we won't be able to afford an army to stop them by the time they are ready to make their move.

One thing China does have going for it is how very unlike the USSR it is. Free enterprise is allowed, so long as the government gets its cut. There are millionaires in China- the USSR certainly did not have that. China's economy is growing, and while the Chinese people may not feel love for their government, I recall one Chinese man telling a reporter that "I trust my government".

And you are right, diplomacy is not always the solution- we seem to be in agreement that both diplomacy and military action are required.

I want to thank you for the well thought out replies. I've learned much from this conversation.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Dear darnnez111,

I thank you for your valuable comments. As pointed out, we are basically in agreement and you are right that diplomacy should be used wherever possible as the first choice. Again you are right, China is vastly different from USSR as a tiger is different from a cat. The USSR comparison may nor work for China. But there are strong points of similarities also. Both USSR and China suppressed their people with hardcore communism. Both the nations denied their citizens basic freedom like freedom of speech, freedom of dissent etc. Even though China has followed a truncated capitalist model of economy and allowing its citizens freedom to earn wealth, Chinese people are unhappy and want to strike against their government at an appropriate opportunity. In fact I even go one step further and say that Chinese dissidence is much more than the Russian dissidence it was in the eighties. Tiananman Square, Tibet and Xinjiang are only the tips of icebergs. Therefore I foresee a distinct possibility of China breaking up in about a decade or two.

No doubt American debt is mounting and causing a concern to the administrators and the people. But this debt will not shake the American foundation. The entire debt can be washed away by trade, conquest (of an oil wealth state)or defence pacts. If USA forces India to buy its products including weapons and airplanes and in return promises to stand by it against an attack by China, will India dare refuse? Think of this way. Taiwan is a small island that is so close to China. China would have swallowed it long back (digesting it would not have been a problem as in the case of Tibet). But till date, China dares not touch Taiwan. Why? Because of American fear. America is a mighty country. Even if a case arises when American army cannot be sent to far away regions, USA can count on technology and operate from its base through a press of a button. Its ally NATO is another powerful military force. No force on earth can shake this power of USA in the foreseeable future. Of course all mighty powers fall by the wayside as history teaches us. Roman Empire fell to pieces. Austro Hungarian empire vanished with the First World War. Ottoman Empire also disappeared at the same time. Britain used to boast that the sun never set in the British Empire. But today Britain has been reduced to the size of Tamil Nadu. USA will also meet the same fate but not now. It will take much more time than we imagine. In the foreseeable future, USA will be the mightiest superpower in the world and no other country can challenge it. I want India to be friendly with USA and strengthen the defence and trade relations with it.

I thank you very much for stating that you learned much from this conversation. I am excited about it. I also was thrilled to contribute some more points during the course of our conversation other than already stated in my article. I wish you prosperity, good health and happiness. Bye.

Best wishes to you,

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