India My country I do Care

Jesus Loves you!
Jesus Loves you!
India My Country
India My Country
I Do Care.
I Do Care.
Render justice O lord, to every heart that seeks your face.
Render justice O lord, to every heart that seeks your face.

India My Country I Do Care

India! India! India my country! I do care!

India my country rich in wealth,

Unity in diversity,

Poverty, yet striving on:

Bind us together Lord!

Casts and creed:

Bind us together as

One big family.

Living in harmony,

We'll keep pressing on,

Braving all dangers,

We'll keep moving on.

Little Lads and lasses;

Homeless and destitute,

We'll pick them, and then refine,

Soon we'll see them shine!

India my country! I do care;

Keeping my own candle ablaze,

Spreading the light of love, I'll share:

God's love and blessings far and near;

Their joys, sorrows and every tear.

Step by step and by God's grace;

Our big family will win the race.

Are We a Source of Gain?

Our country with its vast population of unemployed youths,and illiterate children living in impoverished conditions are compelled to seek sources of gain, wealth and education. When disappointed they turn to the wrong sources and are drifted from the right tracks.The innocent children are led astray and grow into ill-mannered adults with no moral ethics imbibed in them. Should we not devote a few moments with these underprivileged children teaching them moral values, to read, write and inculcate in them the joy of learning and see them develop their talents. This could help us see a better tomorrow of youths who are proud to display their talents and less bringing disaster into others lives.

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James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 6 years ago from Chicago

Thank you for publishing this beautiful poem of hope and conciliation. I love it!

olgakhumlo 6 years ago

Thank you James, I appreciate your comments on India My Country I Care,The Descendants of Noah .They inspire me,God bless you.A mighty leap may you take this year .3 cheers to you,

REEBA.K.C. 5 years ago


profile image

navleen 4 years ago

Its my country .I am born here and have love and respect for my motherland

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