India's Own Massacre

India is huge and striving to be improve from its Third World Status. It has1.2 billion people and has massive amounts of mostly dated and antiquated infrastructure dating back to the 1960's. It's population is busy improving their lives and not all own a car, more often, it is bike or motorcycle. Many of the billions own nothing and rely on getting around via its dated railway system with some 40,000 miles of train tracks. Of those 1.2 billion, about 20 million use the trains on a daily basis. That is a staggering amount! Think of, all of Los Angeles or NYC using the rail system everyday!

Yet, not a year goes by in India that 15,000 are killed, slaughtered, massacred by trains as individuals try to cross the train tracks! Something as simple and benign as that. India has the 4th largest rail system in the world but lacks modern bridges and overpasses for pedestrians. Many of the deaths occur at unmanned rail crossings and in India's IT city, Mumbai, 6,000 are killed yearly in similar fashion. Thousands also die from falling from overcrowded coaches, train collisions or the coaches simply derail from poorly maintained tracks. In Mumbai, like other large cities there, five rail tracks may lie parallel with no crossings and those living near them must cross daily.

To cure the fatal issue, India has embarked on a massive building of overpasses and bridges costing $10 billion over the next five years. This coincides with two American firms expanding their presence there, Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks. The former will have 100 new fast food type stores built by then, the latter, will add 50 new ones yearly starting in 2012. Both seem to think India will embrace coffee instead of tea.

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