Individuals establishing requirements with no real understanding of the real world

Do our politicians elected, appointed and hired truly understand what takes place in the real world when they make their decisions? The actions and decisions coming out of Washington seem to point to the conclusion they either do not understand or they have forgotten where they came from. This does not apply to all of our elected or appointed politicians.

The world of politics is a world of its own. Politicians must realized if they forget where they have come from to where they are now their career as a politician may be short lived. We have however seen some individuals have turned their political positions into a career as they have been re-elected several times. Career politicians are not necessarily a bad thing if they truly represent their constituents and our country. This is not always the case.

Today decisions are being made by some politicians with regards to party or political philosophy not with regards to the best decisions for the country. The real world needs to become a part of the political landscape again for those who have forgotten what it is like to battle government involvement in their daily lives. The question to be answered is how to accomplish this objective. It is a simple one.

We as voters must keep the pressure on those politicians who are putting their political party ahead of the people’s business to make the right decisions for the country. This election year we have critical choices to make with regards to making decisions about individuals who are up for election. Whether they are incumbents or individuals attempting to replace incumbents we must look at their character, experience and where they have stood on issues important to their constituents and the country. The path on which our country has been headed needs to change and change will only come through electing or re-electing individuals who have solid ideas for resolving critical issues.

The media in their own way try to picture a different perspective on various politicians and in some cases political parties. We need to look and evaluate for ourselves the facts regarding the stance individuals have taken which in some cases have bucked the political leadership in Congress. Individuals who are currently representing us in Congress who have the right perspective on honoring the Constitution with their actions are individuals who should return to Congress if they are up for election.

The current culture in Congress is one of control but in the past few years new individuals in the political arena are trying to instill some change to do the right thing but are not in sufficient numbers to really make a difference. There are good individuals in both political parties but pressure from their leadership in some cases impact the decisions they make. Each individual we send to Congress each election year need to stand up for what is right and honor the Constitution with regards to decisions they make on proposals before them. Our elected officials need to understand they are representing those who have sent them not their political party or its agenda. They should support the philosophy of their party if it is in line with Constitutional authority and prevents making decisions irrespective of the real world environment. Let us hope we elect the right individuals to serve us in the next legislative session to address the critical issues facing our country.

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WalterPoon profile image

WalterPoon 2 years ago from Malaysia

QUOTE: "The actions and decisions coming out of Washington seem to point to the conclusion they either do not understand or they have forgotten where they came from."

Winston Churchill once famously observed that Americans will always do the right thing, only after they have tried everything else. Well, I think politicians are almost the same everywhere. Their decisions are, by and large, based on self-interest, not national interest.

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Dennis AuBuchon 2 years ago Author


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