Casey Anthony to Plead Insanity

Is Casey Anthony insane?
Is Casey Anthony insane?

Is Casey Anthony Crazy?

Casey Anthony is a crazy, diabolical liar. You've said, I've said it, we've all said it.

Is there any truth in our words? Is Casey Anthony crazy? Will a jury find her insane? It's quite clear she fits the profile of a sociopath but is Casey Anthony criminally insane?

One has to wonder if Casey Anthony will plead insanity. Recently, Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, was stated as saying his client is "innocent" rather than "not guilty." Why?

Unless a member of the defense team has an ace up his or her sleeve, it appears that Casey Anthony will be found guilty for the murder of Caylee Anthony. And if that happens, the state may seek the death penalty.

Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony

Ace = Insanity Defense?

It didn't take long for the public to hear about Casey Anthony's strange behavior and her problems with telling the truth.

Within one week of her daughter's disappearance, Casey Anthony was photographed partying in Orlando night clubs. Upon her arrest, she lead police to a fake place of employment and told story after story about an alleged kidnapper/nanny named Zenaida Gonzalez, who police claim does not exist.


Is Casey Anthony a sociopath that only cares about herself or is Casey Anthony actually Zenaida Gonzalez?

Is Casey Anthony Insane?

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Double Trouble

Casey Anthony is not the only person to reference 'Zanny the Nanny.' In fact, a children's book titled Double Trouble Squared, by Kathryn Lasky, includes a character named Zanny the Nanny.

Brief Synopsis of the book:

Twins try to discover the source of the voice only they can hear--a voice that needs their help. Using telepathy and their individual talents, the twins uncover a long-lost manuscript of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s, along with the ghost of Sherlock Holmes’s forgotten twin brother.

Twins hearing voices? A long-lost script? Interesting....

Remember, early in the case, the neighbor's story about the dog? Casey Anthony was walking her dog on a leash and took the leash off to let the dog run through a neigbor's flowerbed. When he confronted Casey, who was still holding the leash in her hand, the neighbor asked her why she let her dog tear up his flowerbed. Casey Anthony allegedly said, "That’s not my dog." The neighbor said, "Sure it’s your dog, you still have the leash in your hand." Casey looked at him and said, "I just found this leash."

Is Casey Anthony a liar or is she more than one person that checks in and out of her own life? Did Zenaida Gonzalez (aka Casey Anthony) write a script for Casey Anthony to follow?

Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez

If she's not Casey Anthony, who is Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez? After it was discovered that Caylee Anthony's body was found in a field between a home occupied by Mr. Gonzalez and another home occupied by a woman named Zenaida, the questions began to grow. Was this just a coincidence? Did Casey Anthony know the names of the people who resided in these homes?   

In a set of discovery documents, Kiomarie Cruz tells law enforcement that the only Gonzalez individual she knows is a Hispanic woman that lives right down the street (on Hopespring) but does not baby sit children.

KioMarie Cruz's statement
KioMarie Cruz's statement

Was this Casey Anthony's way of telling people where Caylee Anthony was located? When Casey Anthony said Caylee was "close to home," and that she left Caylee Anthony with Zenaida Gonzalez, was she trying to tell people where to look for the body? Between Zenaida's home and the Gonzalez family residence on Hopespring Drive?


Casey Anthony and Jose Baez
Casey Anthony and Jose Baez

Word Choice

Why does Jose Baez use the word "innocent" to describe his client rather than say Casey is "not guilty?"

As the evidence mounts against Casey Anthony, the defense team may expect their client to be proven guilty in a court of law. Then what? Maybe they realize that the plea 'Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity' (NGRI) is not going to work in their favor. So why not plea 'Guilty but Insane?' or 'Guilty but Mentally Ill?'

If the defense team can demonstrate that Casey Anthony has a mental illness and argue that this mental illness interfered with Casey Anthony's ability to determine right from wrong, Casey Anthony could spent time in a mental institution, where she would receive psychiatric treatment.

Although prosecutors will not be seeking the death penalty in the Casey Anthony case, In 1986 Ford v. Wainwright 477 U.S. 399, the US Supreme Court ruled insane prisoners cannot be executed.

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e cigarette 7 years ago

You bring up some interesting points. I really don't think she's got multiple personality disorder, since it's such a rare and extreme condition. I wouldn't be surprised though if the defense team tries to create doubt about her sanity. Anyone would say a mother who kills her child is crazy, but insanity pleas suggest she didn't realize her actions were wrong.

Crystal 7 years ago

Casey isn't insane. She is only saying she is so she can save her own butt. Casey didn't want little Caylee and Caseys actions proved she didn't care about her daughter. She should be torchered just like little Caylee was, but very slowly.I kinda hope that one of the other inmates gets a hold of her so Casey knows how the rest of the world feels about her and all her lies.

futonfraggle profile image

futonfraggle 7 years ago Author

e cigarette, I agree with you. I think Casey Anthony has some sort of mental condition but the way she mislead police, lied, and manipulated friends and family members - it all seemed so planned and calculated. Hardly the actions of someone who can not tell the difference between right and wrong. When you're guilty of something and you know it, that's when you lie and cover your own ass.

cynthia villareal 7 years ago

I think Casey Anthony is the one who killed her daughter and now that the lies have caught up to her she doesn't know what to do and she will blame everyone to take the focus off of herself. She doesn't care who she hurts. And for anyone who needs to be calmed down after hearing of "a body being discovered" is already guilty of something. She didn't even know if it was her daughter yet. She just knew that she was going to be caught and that soon no one would be on her side. And for her family, they have to be crazy if they don't believe she didn't have anything to do with caylee's death. And i would NEVER sent my hard earned money to a killer!!!!!!!

Brina 7 years ago

I do not believe that Casey Anthony is insane. As futonfraggle stated, in order to plead insanity, one must not be aware of their actions, let alone not know that what they are doing is wrong. Casey Anthony knew very well that lying to the police was wrong, and she knew that she was lying to the police in the process. Someone who is "insane" doesn't realize their actions.

futonfraggle profile image

futonfraggle 7 years ago Author

If she confessed and the defense went for this plea, they wouldn't have a prayer in hell (in my opinion). Like you pointed out, Brina, Casey Anthony lied to cover her own ass time and time again. If she killed Caylee Anthony (which all evidents suggests), why would she lie about it? Because she knows that there are consequences to her actions. Hell, she said it best when she wrote: "With great power, comes great consequence. What is given can be taken away."

Sue 7 years ago

I find Casey's inconsistencies and lies to be really non-sensical for someone that is supposedly a diabolical liar. One would think she would have thought through her story a little more in the months time she was out partying. Lying to the police about your work while you're on route to your supposed work site seems too illogical even bizarre. Several people noted her personality had recently changed: more partying, distant from family etc. I'm wondering if she was on a first manic high and has not been diagnosed yet because of her age. I'm wondering if she could have had a psychotic episode, harmed Caylee either accidentally or purposefully and not remember due to psychosis. I'm wondering why her family did not get mental health help for her before given her propensity to lie or was this a recent personality change?

futonfraggle profile image

futonfraggle 7 years ago Author

I agree and disagree with you, Sue. I think she might have (for lack of a better phrase) 'flipped her lid' over the course of 2008, but I don't think this her psychosis developed overnight. She seemed to have trouble with reality for an extended period of time. She lied since childhood (a neighbor claimed Casey let the family dog deficate on the neighbor's lawn, and then said this "isn't my dog" while she was still holding the leash), she lied about her job for 2 years, she lied about the babysitter for at least 2 years, and she told friends that her father had a heart attack (he didn't), that her parents were giving her the house (they weren't), and that Caylee's father was a man who died in an accident (and he died before it was possible for Caylee to be conceived). The list of lies go on and on, and former classmates describe her as a storyteller, too.

I think the family ignored Casey's lies, much like they ignored and denied she was pregnant with Caylee, because they're mentally ill, too. One of the first questions psychiatrists and counsellors ask a person with mental illness is, "is there any history of mental illness in your family?" I believe mental illness is genetic. It wouldn't surprise me if the Anthony's lived in this land of denial because they suffer from the same disorder--whatever it is.

Michelle 7 years ago

I think that she has problems, for sure, but that they aren't so severe as to be classified as a mental disorder. It seems that she was raised in a world of infinite chances and having things handed to her.

Her entire life, she lied and was forgiven. What did she learn? If you do something wrong you should lie about it and if you get away that's good, if not they'll forgive you. Has she ever had to face real consequences? It doesn't look like it.

Her mother talked a lot in the begining about how she (Cindy) had to pay for most of her Granddaughter's things. Casey never had to work for that, she could shove it off on her parents.

It would then make sense that she lives in a world without consequences, a world where someone could kill her own daughter, lie about it, and get away with it. This isn't reality but it has been her reality up until now.

I also think there might be something to the stuff I read about Cindy talking of taking custody. If Casey thought she was going to lose her daughter no matter what then I can see her deciding "If I can't have her no one can." In all her jail visits she acts extremely selfish "What about MY suffering, look at what I have to put with," so she might have been jealous of Caylee taking her place in Cindy's heart.

futonfraggle profile image

futonfraggle 7 years ago Author

Michelle, these are all great observations. You bring up a lot of valid points.

jenlove 7 years ago

did you know that during Henry VIII's reign in England there could not be executions of people deemed to be "mentally insane"? Well he made an exception for Jane Boleyn, sister in law of his former wife. If Casey is found guilty i hope that they make an exception for her too. Even though it won't happen. She is guilty and while she was dancing and making out with people at her little parties she didn't look to insane to me.

crazymofo1032 profile image

crazymofo1032 7 years ago

I do belive when she said she left Caylle with the babysitter Zenaida Gonzalez she was telling everyone where she left Caylee at. Comd on two neighbors Mr. Gonzalez and the other zenaida you have to be stupid not to put two and two togetherl, She is not insane just acting like it so she won't get the death penalty. She never wanted her daughter just wanted to party her ass of every night. What kind of mother is she;l How could she do that do her beautifull daughter. I know why cause she is the devil mother. No remorse. iT will hit her like a ton of bricks sooner or later and it definatley won't be good.

David Besselman, M.D. 6 years ago

As a Pediatrician for 45 years I have never met a mother who could premeditate the death of her young child despite the stresses, frustrations that we all have experienced with toddlers. There are several indications that she may be bipolar. A seeming excessive interest is sexual matters and practices. Financial debt from irresponsible spending of money. Pathological lying etc. As sad as Caylee's murder is I hope that her mom is given a quality psychiatric evaluation. Bipolar disease is now being diagnosed in children as young as 5 - 7 years. The theory that it doesn't occur until mid-adulthood has been proven to be false. In order for the diagnosis to be made it must have been diagnosed previously in either maternal or paternal relatives because it is a hereditary disease.

maria 6 years ago

If she is innocent, she must be the most lonely person in the world.If she is guilty, she must be the most lonely person in the world. I feel so sorry for her family, it must be like living hell, day by day, year after year. Good, they took decision to support their daughter. I would have done the same. Good to know, that she read in the Holy Bible. Hopefully God is big enough to forgive, and to save her soul.

Veronica 5 years ago

Whether she is bipolar or not doesn't matter. Being bi polar does not inhibit the person's ability to know right and wrong. Being bi polar does not make a person "insane," and there is a BIG difference in a person being merely mentally ill and INSANE. Maybe having a mental illness makes her desire to lie, or be promiscuous more than an individual who doesn't have a mental illness. This, however, does not take away accountability. There are plenty of mentally ill individuals (especially people with bipolar disorder) that don't spout lies, sleep around, or murder. I really don't know why people are even debating her lies and promiscuity. Lying and sleeping around cannot even be compared to murder. Anyone with a semblance of a conscience would have no problem distinguishing that murder is far more heinous and thus know that it's not acceptable.

Veronica 5 years ago

I think too many people correlate mental illness with being "crazy" or "insane." It's bullshit and it needs to stop. There are certain disabilities that go along with mental illness, making some activities harder for the individual than it would be for a person without the illness. But most people with mental illness just want to be considered normal and lead a productive, valid life. Most mentally ill people don't desire to hurt, deceive, and kill other people. Even a paranoid schizophrenic knows that killing a person is wrong. The schizophrenic might kill someone because a delusion made him/her think something that wasn't true, but he/she is still aware that the act of murder is wrong. By law, the only reason for killing someone is in self defense, if your life is actually at stake. So, if a schizophrenic said that someone was following or spying on him/her, then that's not a reason to kill someone(and most schizophrenic people know this obviously or there would be a documented surge of schizophrenic murders spanning the world.) I know 2 people who are paranoid schizophrenics and voices/delusions or not, they don't go around killing people.

The only way Casey Anthony should receive psychiatric care instead of a prison sentence is if she were schizophrenic, or truly had multiple personality disorder. These are the only mental illnesses that would cause an individual to be so completely out of their right mind for any length of time so as to kill someone. Even sociopaths are aware that murder is unacceptable and should receive a prison sentence. A sociopath simply does not care that an action is wrong because they have no remorse and operate only to benefit themselves, but he/she still makes the decision to commit the crime fully aware that society considers the action to be wrong.

Riley Ann 5 years ago

I think the defense should have taken the not guilty due to mental illness plea; unless they have irrefutable evidence to support Casey's testimony to childhood sexual abuse by her father when she testifies. Defense team should have submitted a thorough psychological report. Some of the aspects of a person suffering from dissociative identity disorder (often caused by childhood abuse and/or trauma) ARE periods of lost time, amnesia and other "alters" taking control. The nanny story might have been a manifestation of one of her alters. Lying is also a frequent trait of the abused or sociopath and even psychopaths. I don't think anyone is telling the truth; they are just trying to protect themselves now, Caylee is gone and they don't care. In one of the jail tapes of a phone call between Casey and the parents, she says, (before the remains were found), "she WAS...." referring to Caylee in the past perfect tense. I think she does know what happened. If the child drowned accidentally, why use duct tape? A forensic anthropologist last night on Nancy Grace said there is a test for the lungs or bones to find a substance which would prove death by drowning. The forensic evidence and testimonies about the car trunk and chloroform should be interesting. If she is insane, she could have been in a dissociative fugue and had amnesia; sociopaths also show no remorse for anything. All this is just conjecture, remember!

junomich profile image

junomich 5 years ago

Hi: Don't hate me for what I am about to say. It is just an observation. I do not believe that they are trying for the insanity defense (because just because you have a mental illness, does not mean that you are insane). I believe that they may testify that she has been diagnosed with anit-social personality disorder (pysopath. With that said, they may have someone testify that her lack or remorse and impulsiveness is because she has this disorder. Lying, lack of remorse and etc. are key symtoms in diagnosing someone with anit-social personality disorder (pyschopath). They may also have someone testify for (evidenced based opinions) of her childhood years to help support the diagnsosis. Just an observation. If this is true, it would explain her behavior.

mims 5 years ago

Casey is guilty and i think her brother LEE MAY HAVE HELPED HER GET RID OF THE CHILDS BODY.lEE talked in code to Casey from the memorial and fazed right out of the picture also acted high at the court hearing maybe he copes that way cuz he sure acted strange and may have something to do with it.And i do not think her parents are guilty of anything,but it seems like it is a disfunctual family.Casey loves Casey and no one else.Ihope she will spend alot of time in prison to think of what she did to her child.

Psych Nurse 5 years ago

I love all the people who write on here thinking they know how all mentally ill people behave...FYI Veronica people who are Bi-polar can become psychotic..there behavior out of control, as well as there know 2 schizophrenics so now your a psychiatrist!! Go work on a committed psych floor or in a prison and you all might have a different opinion..God is the JUDGE!!

dee 5 years ago

she knows right from wrong...that's why she lies so much...otherwise why not go ahead and do the wrong things like nothing has happened...when you cover up, and she is certainlty covering up with lies, you know right from wrong....she had the kid with her....and put her in an uncomfortable place so she could celebrate all night...something happen to the kid...she either overmedicated kid..or the kid couldn't breathe in a close space....drowing accidentially she wouldn't have had to hide that and her father certainly wouldn't have..

Greg 5 years ago

I have to agree with junomich and psy nurse..and to the person who said that it was not her dog while still holding the leash. DID fits this to a tea. Just because the media says that she is guilty, under our system she is innocent until proven guilty. Why don't we wait until we see all of the evidence, if there even is any.

riley ann 5 years ago

dissociative identity disorder is not rare at all these days, and more is known about it. Childhood abuse..the personality splinters into "alters' who protect the child. I think the defense missed it by not pleading guilty,by reason of mental illness and done their homework; and hired a psychologist to testify. This is amateur opinion, but with the long list of imaginary people in casey's world; and lying; they could be manifestations of the alters in her own personality; also, sufferers from did also lie, have no remorse, experience long periods of amnesia and even dissociative fugue. Didn't caylee go missing about the time Casey had to move out of her parents' home? She was totally dependent on them for security, love, material help and I think they kept her dependent. The stress of that could have triggered her anxiety and anger and protecting and caring for her child outside the comfort of her parents' home could have triggered violence. I think one of her boyfriends was an accomplice...the chlorophorm poster in the club....they are all lying I think. I think the forensic evidence might be telling; fingerprints on the ducttape? We haven't heard from forensics yet; there has to be a clue somewhere. Thanks for reading!

Kevin 5 years ago

The only visable problem she has is what is called an Axis II problem. A diagnosis is based upon 5 "Axies". Axis I is mental health condition, i.e. schizophrenia; Axis II is a condition that cannot be changed, i.e. personality; Axis III is any substantial medical condition, i.e. COPD; Axis IV is stressors; and finally Axis V is GAF (Global Assessment of Functioning Scale) a score that the assessor determines as the person's current level of functioning. This is between 0-100. It is based on the person's current functioning defioits. Now to Casey Anthony. Those following HLN have heard the use of sociopath and psychopath. She does fit both of these to some degree. But then she also fits several other Axis II diagnoses, at least to the degree we can see from television. That which is most evident is Anti-Social Personality and then the infamous Borderline Personality Disorder. As far as Multi-Personality Disorder, I think we can safely throw this out. I have been in this field for more than 30 years and have never seen a true MPD, one that is substantiated by several independent examiners. But then again, who knows. More likely, if you read the diagnoses in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 4th edition, she can fit into several personality diagnoses. This would then lead you to Borderline Personality Disorder. But, she probably has a long history of being diagnosed because of past problems in school and with the law and society. That would be curious to see. Sorry about being long winded but her psychiatric report would be much longer.

Marge 5 years ago

There are many people in prison today that look so guilty but have actually been framed. You hear stories all the time about someone who served 17 years for a crime someone else committed. Think about what an easy target a mentally ill woman and her helpless toddler were. Today they talked about the duct-tape but every Media outlets in the country overlooked that the state's witness debunked the popular myth that Casey drugged Caylee with XANAX. Well, they tested her bones. The so-called friends that started this lie and people still believe it because the state of Florida wants you to believe it ought to have to state: Zanny is not Xanax!

sue 5 years ago

the gas cans do make sence per georges testimoney he wanted to mow the grass he could not mow because kc stold gas cans i was wondering if this was when the body was hid the back yard i think it was bagged and duct taped from day 1 of death casey needed to get it out of back yard and it went into the trunk until she dumped it in woods which depends on the time toney pixked her up at amscott the time she actually told him her dad would take care of it if car was left durring day then body was dumped the night before if car dumped at night it was dumped right before she ditched car same day

Karen 5 years ago

I haven't seen all of the evidence, and no the media is not evidence. I am stunned that there are so many people that a ready to find her guilty. Over 300 children under the age of 4 are murdered in this country every year, and this is on TV? The tactic the prosecution took with showing a superimposed caylee was absolutely disgusting. I am an adult, and the tape nearly cover my mouth and nose. Really, what has the world come too? First the state said it was cholorform and now duct tape is the murder weapon.

david garcia 5 years ago

Casey anthony isn't insane by any means. She's a pathological liar yes, stonefaced yes but insane? NO NO NO!! The defense will bring that up of course but I hope the jury doesn't buy it. The prosecution should remind the jury over and over about the duct tape on little Casey that blows away the accidental drowning crap. And they should also remind the jury of the 31 days that Casey Anthony did nothing but have a good time. 31 days for which she has no explanation, the defense can't explain. No excuse why she didn't call 9-11, no sex abuse, no nothing. 31 days.

goodlife 5 years ago

If mental illness was to be used, wouldn't that been presented from the get go and cop a plea, instead of this circus?

donna mefford 5 years ago

when the defences opening statement.said the little girl drowned.why no one called the cop to tell them she drowned.some one move the body.and am sure the mom no who....

Trial Watcher 5 years ago

Guilty in the 1st degree without any doubt!

jberens43 profile image

jberens43 5 years ago from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Pleading insane is the new easy route

Kevin 5 years ago

Dissociative Identity Disorder will be what Casey Anthony's Book/Movie is about and will tie up the pieces of what the public does not know...perfectly from start to Complete Finish, including the allegations of sexual abuse to the vast lies and dumping of her daughters body.

junomich 5 years ago

Kevin, you are probably right

BlacleSap 3 years ago

I utilized to find high on life nevertheless lately I've established some sort of resistance.

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