INTERNET CENSORSHIP – The battle between Google and the Chinese government.

China-Google: Search engine censorship row

Censorship of the internet access by the Chinese Government

China Denies Internet Censorship

The clash of the Titans

You will be very right to call the recent imbroglio between the Google and the Chinese government a clash of the titans. When Google began operation in china in 2006, the company was uncomfortable with the censorship rules of the Chinese Government but still accepted the policies with the hope that the censorship laws will loosen up in the future. Instead of loosening up as Google hoped, its officials have discovered that the government grip on search results has tightened with increase in the use of Internet technology.

The Chinese government uses internet filters called “the great firewall” to censor search results and some web sites from being viewed in China. A search on some political matters does not display or if displayed at all shows sanitized sites. Google seem to be getting fed up of it all and after much negotiations with the government that proved null and void, the search giant began to send its traffic through Hong Kong’s uncensored site earlier this week. This move by Google originated from its discovery that a recent well-organised cyber attack came from China and its disdain that Gmail accounts of human rights activist in China are continually compromised. In a statement released by Google it plans to encourage research and development in the communist country but just cannot tolerate the censorship anymore.

The Pro and Cons

It has become a matter of controversy as some school of thought especially the online activists are hailing this move by Google for standing up against the Chinese Government and standing up for the people as they believe that human rights of the Chinese should be protected. Others like Google investors are apprehensive that this move may depreciate their stock as a little fall has been noted this week. Critics on the other hand are calling the move a bad business decision as according to them if care is not taken it may amount to Google leaving the Chinese market and osing close to 500 million Chinese users which is an invaluable part of the success of their business.

All in all it is the grass that suffers when two elephants fight, the people of China should be allowed to benefit from Google’s educational, research and development operations. In a country as large as China, I cannot help but agree that some degree of control (that does not hinge on the human rights of the people) is needed for better governance. Both Titans have their good points in this clash but let us hope that some form of mutual agreement that is acceptable to the two parties can be reached so that our dear people of China like everybody else can google forever. All hail Google! All hail the People’s Republic of China!

China Denies Internet Censorship

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