Was Iran Involved In The Delhi Bombing Of Israeli Diplomat?

Ayatollah Khomeini ordered fatwa against Rushdie

Iran takes decisions based on religion and not on logic
Iran takes decisions based on religion and not on logic

Was Iran Involved In The Delhi Bombing Of Israeli Diplomat?

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Was Iran Involved In The Delhi Bombing Of Israeli Diplomat?

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Iranian capture of US Embassy in 1979

Israel Points Its Fingers at Teheran

Few days back, an Israeli diplomat’s car was bombed very near the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s house in New Delhi. In the resultant explosion, the diplomat’s wife was injured and has been admitted to the hospital. Israel immediately accused Iran of involvement in this assassination attempt. Iran has denied this allegation. Israel has also accused Iran of complicity in some more assassination attempts in Thailand and Georgia. Iran has denied these allegations also.

Kapil Sibal May Blame RSS

Before we analyse whether Iran’s involvement in this crime is probable, we should take note of the fact that this crime was committed very near the Prime Minister’s Office. The Prime Minister’s Office is supposed to enjoy the highest security with Z category. That a motorcyclist can enter this high security zone, plant a magnetic bomb on the rear side of the Israeli Embassy car and make his escape unnoticed speaks of very poor performance on the part of the Home Minister P Chidambaram, who is in-charge of this security department. Digvijay Singh and Kapil Sibal may blame the BJP and the RSS for this lapse of security but it will not cut ice with the public.

Indira Gandhi Was Assassinated By Her Own Body Guards

Two things are possible. The first possibility is that the security near the Prime Minister’s Office is really very poor that anybody can enter the zone and do whatever he wants and make his way out. The second possibility is really dreadful to think. That is, somebody at the higher level in the Prime Minister’s Office or Home Ministry could have allowed this terrorist to escape scotch free by using his influence with the security men. At the high level, anything is possible. The former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her own body guards before her house.

Analysts Argue That Iran Has Nothing to Gain by This Act

The next question is whether Iran could have been behind this assassination attempt. Many analysts rule out this possibility because India is still Iran’s friend and Iran stands to gain nothing by doing this criminal act in the Indian theatre. In fact after USA and its Western allies have announced sanctions against Iran, India is resisting it and wants to develop more trade ties with Iran. Therefore, these analysts have concluded that Iran could not be behind this attack.

What Did Iran Gain By Capturing US Embassy In 1979?

I wish to differ from these analysts. Iran is a country which does things on the spur of the moment. Iran takes emotional decisions and acts on them. When Iran captured the US Embassy building in Teheran and imprisoned the staff to keep them as hostages for many days, what was the gain for it? In fact the world saw Iran as a barbaric country with uncivilized behaviour. A nation is expected to protect all the diplomats functioning in that country and give utmost protection to them from any possible attack. But when that country itself captures the diplomats and other employees, is it a civilized behaviour? Could there be any gain for that country from such acts?

Was Iran Involved In The Delhi Bombing Of Israeli Diplomat?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a friend of India
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a friend of India | Source

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Israel is India's natural ally against Pakistan

What Did Iran Gain By Issuing An Assassination Order Against Rushdie?

When Salman Rushdie released his book ‘Satanic Verses’, Iranian Supreme Religious leader Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa against Rushdie demanding his assassination. Was there any gain for Iran by asking people to openly assassinate a person? Some time back Iranian President Ahmadinejad declared openly that Israel should be wiped out of the world map. This statement brought no gain to Iran. In fact this statement from the top Iranian leader has given Israel an excuse to indulge in a pre-emptory attack on Iran to wipe out its nuclear installation in the name of self defence. In fact Israel can even drop nuclear weapons in Iran saying that before Iran destroys it, it wants to destroy Iran.

Iran Takes Decisions Emotionally and Religiously Without Caring For Gains

Therefore it is pretty clear that Iran is not a country where the leaders think logically and rationally to take decisions. Emotions and religious fanaticism are the sole basis on which its decisions are taken and implemented. Iran considers itself as the supreme defender of Islam and the Prophet Mohammed. If Iran feels anybody or any country is insulting or acting against the Muslims and Islam, it considers that it has the right to assassinate that person or finish off that nation. Iran does not calculate its gains or losses while taking emotional decisions like assassinating people. Therefore the analysts who write in the newspaper columns that Iran stands to gain nothing by indulging in such assassination attempt stand exposed. It is not that these analysts do not know this truth, but still they are arguing, thinking that at least some people who read these columns may be fools to believe in this argument.

Iran Endorses Pakistan’s Kashmir Policy

Another argument that India is a friendly country to Iran is not correct. In all the previous wars India had with Pakistan, Iran had extended unambiguous support to Pakistan and opposed India. In the Kashmir dispute, Iran sides with Pakistan. In all the meetings and conferences conducted by the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC), Iran had endorsed the Pakistani resolutions on condemning India for trampling the rights of the Kashmiris and crushing its Muslim population in other places also. Therefore to say that Iran considers India as its friend is nothing but a figment of imagination and will not be believed by anybody who knows international politics.

Powerful and Rich Jews Help India by Influencing US Policy

I do not say that Iran was behind in this assassination attempt in New Delhi. It may be or it may not be. What I am saying is that one cannot dismiss the possibility of Iranian involvement simply based on the reasons advocated by newspaper columnists and the so called ‘experts’. Iran has enough enmity against India on Kashmir issue. Iran considers that India subjugates its Muslim population. Iran considers India basically as a Hindu nation. Moreover Iran is not happy with the growing relationship between India and Israel. Israel is taking a favourable stand on Kashmir for India. Moreover the powerful rich Jews influence the US policy makers to take decisions that are favourable to India on Kashmir issue. Iran is bitterly opposed to this New Delhi – Jerusalem axis and considers this as antagonistic against Pakistan’s Kashmir policy. Therefore there is every reason for Iran to commit this assassination on Indian soil. Ultimately the real assassin’s face will be revealed only after investigations. But if some high-profile person in Prime Minister’s Office or Home Ministry is involved in the episode, then investigations will be hushed up or prolonged indefinitely until the matter dies a natural death and is forgotten by all.

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Comments 2 comments

maxoxam41 profile image

maxoxam41 4 years ago from USA

What does that mean to think in the spur of the moment? That it is an unstable country, unable to take its own decisions? When you refer to the Ayatollah using Salman Rushdie's case, you invoke a theocratic Iran!

If India has an enemy, it is Pakistan. We can also say that India is as well as incompetent since during the partition with Pakistan it massacred Muslims! Wasn't it emotional too, they lost their reason if ever they had one! As you see it it is easy for everybody to point fingers. I just did it, and it is factual!

The border between Pakistan and India is a subject of continual tension! And you are telling that Indians are more rational than Iran? Let's be realistic there!

India's interests lay in a trading alliance with Iran. It will have more advantages than one with Israel! Israel can only bring weapons!

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Dear maxoxam41,

I thank you for your valuable comments. I agree with your observation that Pakistan is India's enemy (China is India's number one enemy than Pakistan). I have never stated in my article that Iran is India's enemy. In fact I have stated that India is trying to resist US and Western moves for sanctions against Iran. I only stated that the powerful Jewish lobby in Israel and USA are helping India in the Kashmir dispute against Pakistan.

It is true that Muslims were massacred at the time of partition of India in 1947. So also the Hindus were massacred at the same time. The Muslim League headed by Jinnah and the British were responsible for the partition and the consequences of it.

I have never said that India is more rational than Iran in my article. So many irrational decisions are taken by the Indian leaders in different walks of life. But certainly India has not gone to the brink of extremism so far, compared to Iran. For example, Indian government has not captured any embassy staff and held them in captivity.

While maintaining friendly relationship with Iran, India should be aware that Iran is not going to change its Kashmir policy in favour of it. Iran is Pakistan's friend and it will support Pakistan in any dispute between Pakistan and India without looking into who is right or wrong. On the other hand, compared to Iran, Israel is a reliable friend of India. Israel is against Pakistan and has supported India in the Kashmir dispute. This is a very valuable support which India should not lose or forget.

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