Iran Lists Its Terms for Nuclear Weapon Talks

In, yet, another bold move, Iran seems to be dictating what terms are or will be open next week for nuclear talks to prevent a war. These talks are the last chance for Iran to come clean about its nuclear enrichment program. Meanwhile, two US carriers are in the Persian Gulf and recent military exercises with Saudi Arabia continue involving over 100 jet fighters preparing for any scenario Iran tosses at them.

Iran wants the following as pre-conditions to talking:

  1. They will continue to enrich to 3,5% with no caps on amounts.
  2. They are allowed to enrich to 20% for medical purposes and any excess they will sell as exports.
  3. Iran will reject demands to shut down the underground enrichment plant at Fordow.
  4. Both Iran and Israel must sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty’s Additional Protocol. If Israel refuses, so will Iran.

Every demand the world powers make of Tehran will be twisted around by pointing at Israel’s alleged nuclear program an how it violates President Obama's quest for a nuclear free Middle East.

It would be a small miracle to see how the world powers, especially, the US, UK, France and Israel will let Iran dictate the terms. They are either buying for time or feel smug that they cannot be attacked. Any attack on them will hurt more than the sanctions which continue to increase. Yes, Iran could cause problems for those in the area, but Iran would be the bigger loser.

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Rodric29 profile image

Rodric29 4 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

This hub was thought provoking and direct. It did not seem like a long and biased read like other piece. I feel inform by this article.

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perrya 4 years ago Author


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