Iran What Is Really Going On There

Iranians Are Not Crazy

 The Iranian people are being led around like sheep and they do not like it anymore.  The President of Iran takes his orders from the Muslim which now equals Terrorists clerics.   The population is no longer going to be like sheep and just follow orders willy nilly.

They are worried about the nuclear weapons there and how they are being guarded over by crazy people.  The general population is worried that these crazy people who are Terrorist will use them against every non-Muslim possible. 

The Iranian government is now trying to suppress the internet.  They will do an excellent job, since it is now  a crime in Iran to use the Internet or a computer to communicate with the outside world with what happens in Iran.

The government is saying what happens in Iran stays in Iran.  They are very serious and will torture and kill many more people to get their point across. 

To get rid of their nuclear weapons you have to offer them cash to stop there programs.  I have heard if they get money and it is not much since they do not need money.  They have lots of it from their other Terrorist activities and selling oil and drugs.



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