Iran and the Counterfeited Mega Millions

They look real, but are counterfeit
They look real, but are counterfeit

Kuala Lumpur police have seized over $350,000 counterfeit one-hundred dollar bills in two suitcases belonging to two Iranian businessmen, as they arrived from Tehran and tried to pass through customs. The men claim the money was legit and it had come from Iran's Central Bank. They claim they did not know it was counterfeit. The money was to pay for business transactions when electronic payment through banks is no longer possible because of the sanctions imposed.

The paper used is especially intriguing because it is the usual paper money is printed on in China. Chinese agents have arrived to inspect the money because exporting such paper requires a special license. The Iranians are trying to keep the story secret because the nuclear site inspections are coming on April 13. Already, Iran is embarrassed. This was not the first time Iran was caught, in 2010, when US forces captured several million dollars suspected to have been forged in Iran and smuggled into Iraq.

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armin7 profile image

armin7 4 years ago

Very interesting!

Jayfort 4 years ago

Yeah, go figure. Iran trying to mess with the USA via our currency. They directly support Hezbollah and other terrorist groups. And their president, Ahmadin-yada-yada is a NUTCASE!

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

right on jayfort!

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