For Iran,Fighting USA in Persian Gulf is not the same as capturing US Embassy in Teheran

Fighting USA in Persian Gulf is not the same as capturing US Embassy in Teheran

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Fighting USA in Persian Gulf is not the same as capturing US Embassy in Teheran

Ahmednejad says Iran will wipe out Israel from the world map
Ahmednejad says Iran will wipe out Israel from the world map | Source
Khomeini showed 'bravery' by issuing a fatwa against Rushdie
Khomeini showed 'bravery' by issuing a fatwa against Rushdie | Source
Fighting USA in Persian Gulf is not the same as capturing US Embassy in Teheran
Fighting USA in Persian Gulf is not the same as capturing US Embassy in Teheran | Source

Fighting USA in Persian Gulf is not the same as capturing US Embassy in Teheran

Belligerent attitude

Of late, Iran has been belligerent in its attitude and mood. Ever since it had been threatened with sanctions by USA and its Western allies, Iran had been threatening that it would block oil tankers from passing through the Strait of Hormuz. Iran also conducted a naval exercise during which it fired its missiles in the Persian Gulf. Iran has now announced that it will begin another naval exercise in Persian Gulf soon. Iran issued a warning to the US Warship to move away from the Persian Gulf. Iran stated that another warning will not come as it is of the habit of issuing warning only once. Earlier, Iran also stated that it would wipe out Israel from the world map.

Empty vessel makes more noise

On seeing this attitude and studying all these statements, one might be tempted to think that Iran is a superpower in the world and USA is its petty insignificant country. In fact it is the other way round. Empty vessel makes maximum noise. USA has not uttered even a single word as a reply to all these Iranian statements. This is because USA will give its reply through action and not through words. Mighty and powerful people do not waste their energy in words. If necessary, they will prove their might in action. This is what the USA did in Afghanistan and Russia did in Chechnya. China did it against India in 1962.

Iran captured the American Embassy in Teheran and proclaimed ‘victory’

What is the reason for Iran’s belligerency? Fools rush where angels fear to tread. Iran is not governed by sane people. It is governed by Mullahs who think that they are ruling the entire world and the world should obey their command issued through their fatwa. The Mullahs assumed power in Teheran in 1979 when the Shah Pahlavi was driven out of Iran by the Islamic Revolution. This brought the Supreme Religious leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini to power for the first time. Khomeini wanted to prove his might to the world. He ordered his Islamic guards to go attack and capture the American Embassy in Teheran. The Islamic guards marched forward ‘bravely’ and captured the American Embassy. Iran proclaimed ‘victory’ over America. Iran held the American staff as hostages for many days and finally released them.

Uncivilized, barbaric country

Iran thought that the whole world had appreciated its ‘bravery’ and ‘courage’ in attacking the American Embassy in its own soil. The world only laughed at the stupidity of the Iranian mullahs. Instead of getting appreciation from the rest of the world, Iran earned the name of being a barbaric country lacking civilized behaviour. What was the reason for this? The American Embassy in Teheran functioned on Iranian soil. It was protected not by the American military but by Iranian military. When Iran attacked the Embassy, it was really not an attack on America, but an attack on a building situated in its own soil. Though Khomeini and the mullahs in power failed to differentiate this, the rest of the world understood it. If the Indian military attacks and captures Madras Christian College in Chennai, can it be termed as a ‘courageous’ act?

Rushdie was brave and courageous, not Iran!

Iran also considered it as a brave act to issue a religious fatwa against the Indian-born writer Salmon Rushdie for his caustic remark on the religion Islam (I have never read it). Khomeini issued a fatwa demanding killing of Salmon Rushdie. The fatwa proclaimed that anybody who killed Rushdie would be rewarded financially. Rushdie had to live under security, fearing death at any time. Iranian mullahs considered it as a ‘brave’ and courageous act. Again the world laughed and termed Iranian act as barbaric. Where is the courage exhibited when an entire government, an entire nation, an entire military is attacking a single individual who has no weapons to defend himself? In fact one should compliment Rushdie for his courage and bravery in still continuing his writing inspite of the Iranian threat.

It will take Iran fifty years to recover from the damages

Encouraged by these two ‘successes’, Iran is now bullying and threatening USA and Israel. Iran should know that capturing American Embassy in Teheran and threatening American warships in Persian Gulf are not one and the same. When Khomeini attacked the American Embassy, America kept quiet because it was a building located on Iranian soil itself. But America will not keep quiet if Iran attacks a single warship. America will ground Iran with its bombs and tear it to pieces. A minimum of one million Iranians will be killed in the battle. The so called Islamic government will be thrown out. It will take Iran more than fifty years to recover from the damages even assuming that no nuclear weapon is used in the war.

Iran’s missiles will be pulverized by Israel’s anti-ballistic missiles

If Israel also joins the war, it is double destruction for Iran. Iran’s missiles will be pulverised by anti-ballistic missiles of USA and Israel. Israel is a highly sophisticated country and has the state-of-the-art technology and weapons. Iran will not receive any support from any country in the event of its war against USA. There is one irony in this entire episode. Iran had steadfastly supported Pakistan in all its wars against India. Iran considers Kashmir to be a part of Pakistan. In all the conferences conducted by the OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries), Iran had stated that India was illegally occupying Kashmir. Because of this stand, it will lose the support of India now. The irony is that Pakistan, whom Iran supported steadfastly, will not support Iran in its battle with USA. This is because Pakistan is a satellite country of USA and cannot go against it. Thus there is a double loss for Iran.


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