Is US President Obama Soft On Muslims?

Obama’s Muslim Love Is Costing America

Obama’s Unnecessary Apologies To Afghanistan And Pakistan

Obama’s Unnecessary Apologies To Afghanistan And Pakistan
Obama’s Unnecessary Apologies To Afghanistan And Pakistan | Source

GOP Is Campaigning That Obama Is An Unfit President

GOP Is Campaigning That Obama Is An Unfit President

Of late, keen observers of the world scenario are getting doubt as to whether the US President Barack Obama is bending backwards to please the Muslims. Obama is facing Presidential election in about seven to eight months. Obama wants to get re-elected for the second term in office but the GOP is putting up a stiff challenge with Mitt Romney, the likely challenger not sparing even a small issue to drive home the point that Obama is an unfit President. Therefore Obama may be under pressure to garner support from all corners of the voters including Muslims. Muslims form a sizeable chunk of the US population and with election race likely to be very close, each and every vote matters.

Rahul Gandhi Heavily Banks Of Reservations To Muslims In India

In India, all the political parties except the BJP and Shiv Sena compete with each other to garner the Muslim votes. Recently Rahul Gandhi went out of the way to offer Muslims a 9% quota of reservations in jobs and education. But the Muslims rejected Rahul Gandhi as the Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav offered 18% reservations. Rahul should have increased his offer to 25% or 35% to win, but he did not do so for some strange reasons and allowed Mulayam Singh Yadav to win the election easily.

British Leaders Stand In Queue To Get Merit Certificate From Pakistan

In Britain, there is a sizeable section of the Muslim population. There were only ten thousand Muslims in Britain in 1948. Fifty years later, this figure increased to 2.3 million. It is speculated that in another two decades, Britain will become the Islamic Republic of England with Muslims gaining majority. Whether it is the Labour Party or the Conservative Party, every politician in Britain bends backwards to please the Muslims and Pakistan to win the elections. Every British leader likes to be in the good books of Pakistan and get a merit certificate from that nation.

Unnecessary Apologies To Afghanistan And Pakistan

Barack Obama himself was stated to be a Muslim with his real name Barack Hussain Obama. This allegation was made during the last election but Obama denied it and stated that he was a practising Christian. But people still have doubts about it. Obama also stated that his best friend during his student days was a Muslim with whom he shared his room in his college days. Obama recently apologized to Hamid Karzai for the incident of Koran burning in a US military camp in Afghanistan even though the camp head had clarified that it was inadvertently done. Instead of clarifying the position, Obama went out of the way to offer an unnecessary apology to Hamid Karzai and the Afghan people. Some time back, Obama also offered an apology to Pakistan because of NATO forces killing Pakistani soldiers inadvertently.

Newt Gingrich accuses Obama of unnecessary apologies

Newt Gingrich accuses Obama of unnecessary apologies
Newt Gingrich accuses Obama of unnecessary apologies | Source

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Obama Is Soft On Pakistan Which Nurtured Osama Bin Laden

Obama shows a soft corner towards Pakistan. Even though Pakistani authorities had nurtured and provided shelter to the dreaded terrorist Osama bin Laden for several years, Obama continues to assist Pakistan because of his Muslim love. It was Osama who had bombed the World Trade Centre that killed thousands of Americans.

Obama Is More Concerned With Iran Than Israel

Even though Iran is threatening to go nuclear and wipe Israel out of the world map, Obama is preventing Israel from launching an attack against Iran in self defence because of his Muslim love. It seems Obama is not concerned about Israel getting wiped out of the world map, but wants to protect the lives of the Muslims living in Iran at any cost.

For USA, Muslim Lives Are More Valuable Than Hindu Lives?

Congress party and opponents of the BJP levelled allegations against the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for precipitating riots against Muslims in Gujarat in 2002. Even though no court had accused or punished Narendra Modi, USA banned Modi from visiting USA. Obama had not taken any steps to revoke this ban even though the allegations against Modi have not been proved in any court of law. But at the same time, Obama has not banned any Kashmiri leaders accused of eliminating Hindu Kashmir Pandits from Kashmir from visiting USA. Why Obama practises these double standards? Does Obama feel that killing of the Hindus is okay but killing Muslims is bad?

If Modi Becomes Indian Prime Minister, US Companies Will Lose All Contracts

Narendra Modi is a Prime Ministerial candidate. With Congress Party fast losing its popularity in India, Modi might well become the next Prime Minister of India. Already China had invited Narendra Modi and extended friendship towards him. If Modi becomes the Prime Minister of India, will Obama revoke the ban on him? If so, will it not be a mockery? If USA continues its ban on Modi, then Indo US relations will deteriorate. Lucrative business contracts will not go to the American companies. It will be a severe economic loss for USA. Not only that, Narendra Modi will tilt towards China and support China in all its anti-American activities. Modi may even settle the border dispute with China and start cooperating with it. If India and China closely cooperate, it will be the end of the world for USA as it will lose its military and economic clout.

Obama’s Muslim Love Is Costing America

Obama’s Muslim love is costing him and his country a lot. Unless Obama does something to change this policy, he may be defeated in the ousting by Mitt Romney by a wide margin. The least Obama can do is to revoke the ban on Narendra Modi now itself and to stop all aid to Pakistan as a punishment for providing shelter to the dreaded terrorist Osama bin Laden. Otherwise the GOP will campaign in the coming months that Obama is doling out funds to the killers of Americans.


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