Is It Evil To Want To Be Safe?

In response to a comment by the Defendant's family

Is it evil to want to be safe, and protect the world from crime?

If there was no law enforcement, would we ever have a good time?

If the bully always ruled, just because they have a gun,

what do you think would be the outcome to your wife; your daughter; your son?

If there were no consequences, for beating, or shooting another,

would YOU still be alive? I ask you, my human brother.

It might make you uncomfortable to hear the things you've heard,

as no one wants a loved one to suffer by the truth in someone's word.

The D.A. isn't evil for doing a difficult job.

It is good to protect the world from those who murder, ra_e, and rob.

What takes stronger character, and what makes one more brave?

Pointing a gun at the defenseless, or asking the armed to think, and behave?

I would have defended YOU if another stuck a gun in your ribs,

and defending another's liberty is too sacred to tarnish with fibs.

I don't want any one locked in a cage, even the men who shot me,

but unless we're truly safe, can we ever really be free?

I would rather be friends with your family, without sitting in the witness stand,

but if attempted murder were never punished, there would be hell upon the land.

Sincerely, a loving man

May 24, 2010, before day two of pre-trial

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ilmdamaily profile image

ilmdamaily 6 years ago from A forgotten corner of a dying empire. OK, it's Australia :-)

Fantastic - once again Bradley. You have a real talent with words.

I take it this is in response to legal proceedings surrounding your incident? If so, I hope it ends in a way thats as good for everyone as it can be.

Keep writing.

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