Is the Bilderberg Conspiracy Real?

The Bilderberg Hotel, site of the first conference, and its namesake.
The Bilderberg Hotel, site of the first conference, and its namesake. | Source

The "Bilderberg conspiracy" centers on a long-running annual meeting of the world’s best, brightest, richest, and most famous people. This meeting gathers 120 people by invite-only to discuss weighty global topics. The meeting has been held every year since 1954, and every year has kept the utmost secrecy.

Who is invited to the Bilderberg meetings? Wikipedia has a full list here. Its American participants include household names like Colin Powell, Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford, Bill Gates, Ben Bernanke, and George Stephanopolous.

Why the big secrecy? The Bilderberg Group claims it wants to set up a “safe space” where its participants can speak their mind without fear. But why not at least release a list of the discussion topics? Why make the entire meeting a black box, from which no information ever escapes?

It is this secrecy which leads to charges of political corruption, of participation in bringing about a New World Order, and more. Some conspiracy theorists believe the Bilderberg Group is involved in a global depopulation conspiracy, to kill off a huge segment of humanity in order to make the world a more livable place for those who remain.

Because of the Bilderberg Group’s silence on the matter, there is no way to refute these charges. However, I think it is unlikely that such sensational topics are being discussed. The crazier the conspiracy, the more likely it is that someone would have leaked information by now.

Although the Bilderberg meetings are verifiably real, it is most likely just a regular old boring three-day meeting of Very Important People.

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