How to change cheating habbits

It is possible to change cheating habits. Of course it all depends on what kind of cheating. Is it cheating on your wife, cheating at playing cards, in selling expired products, or other forms of deviant behavior. The will-power has to be there in the forefront.

Unfortunately there are many cheats in society, men and women, young and old. Cheating is cheating whatever form it takes. It's develops into a habit, and becomes habitual and compulsive, and in time those who are engaged in such acts can't help themselves and think its "normal" or don't care about this aspect. It's something they do, part of their life and probably think nothing of it.

However, it is indeed possible to change such uncouth habits and stop, but these depends on you and how much you want to change. There is a moral and ethical dimension within you that must be brought to the surface.

You need to say to yourself 'I want to stop', You need to have the determination, resolve, purpose, fortitude and will-power to desist such acts of cheating whatever they maybe. A strength of mind must be there, and need to make a self-conscious decision and be aware of every single 'cheating' action you take.Every time you want to cheat at cards for instance you have to train yourself to stop and say I have to stop doing this, it's ethically wrong,

I know that they are probably classes for such kind of thing, but if it's does not work within yourself, then it would probably fail, and the 'compulsiveness' to cheat will continue. I think in the respect the body and the mind must be "retrained" not to indulge in such practices.

And I think, you have to set yourself "targets" were ending cheating habits doesn't become an overnight thing, which probably won't work but each time cheat a little less till the compulsive behaviour is reduced to the point where it would fizzle out.

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Shaun75 5 years ago from Edison

Good one..

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marwan asmar 5 years ago from Amman, Jordan Author


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