Israel Has A Moral Right To Defend Itself

Israel Should Destroy Iranian Nuclear Facility

Israel Should Destroy Iranian Nuclear Facility
Israel Should Destroy Iranian Nuclear Facility | Source
Netanyahu Has Gained In Electoral Prospects
Netanyahu Has Gained In Electoral Prospects | Source

Britain Partition Of Palestine Was Correct

Peace Treaty Has Caused Discontent In Israel

The ceasefire Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signed with the Hamas has caused widespread discontent among the Israeli public. This will definitely affect his prospect of winning the January 22 election. But he may still emerge triumphant in the polls. But even after the ceasefire, the war has not stopped completely. Israeli soldiers indulged in gunfire at the Gaza border, killing one and wounding many on Friday (23.11.12). Hamas has accused Israel of violating the ceasefire. The truce was brought about by Egyptian mediation.

Media Houses In Gaza Bombed In The War

In the new wave of bombings in Gaza, Israel has for the first time targeted media houses. Two buildings in Gaza that house media offices were attacked by Israeli airplanes. Seven journalists were injured. Israel has proved once again that control over the air in the early part of the combat is essential to win the war. In 1956, Israel hesitated to attack the Sinai and other areas because Egypt under Nasser possessed advanced warplanes supplied by USSR. But after Britain and France assured Israel of air protection, Israel launched the battle and won it (of course Israel had to return the captured area under US pressure as the then Secretary of State John Foster Dulles took a moralistic stand of supporting the Palestinians and Egypt in the war).

Iranian Missiles Were Used By Hamas Against Israel

In the Gaza war, more than 100 Palestinians were killed including children. 3 Israelis died. Israel started the war by assassinating Ahmed Jabari, the deputy military leader of Hamas on 14th November. Within four days, Israeli airplanes executed more than thousand air strikes in the densely populated Gaza. It also indulged in shelling the Gaza Strip from the sea. Actually the war was triggered by missile attacks launched by Hamas on Tel Aviv. These missiles were acquired by Hamas from Iran which has sworn to wipe Israel out of the world map. Israel counter-attacked to prevent further missile attacks. USA, Britain and other Western countries are extending support to Israel citing the reason that Israel has every right to defend itself.

Retaliation And Counter-Attack Should Be Strong

But countries that support Palestinian cause are questioning the disproportionately large retaliation indulged by Israel. They point out that for three Israelis killed and more than hundred Palestinians were killed including children. They say that this is disproportionately large. But I differ from this view. If the Hamas kills one Israeli citizen, does it mean that Israel should stop with killing just one Palestinian? The purpose of retaliation or counter-attack is to teach the enemy a lesson which will preclude him from indulging in such missile attacks in future. This purpose will be served only if the retaliation and the counter-attack are strong and cause widespread damage. Therefore Israel is justified in causing heavy damage to the Palestinians.

Netanyahu Has Gained In Electoral Prospects

There is a view that Netanyahu indulged in this brazen war and killed many Palestinians in order to boost his prospects in the January elections. There is no doubt that Netanyahu’s prospects have been on the rise ever since the war started but the benefit is only incidental. Any Israeli Prime Minister would have responded the same way as Netanyahu has done. Who will keep quiet with folded hands when Iranian missiles shower Tel Aviv? Because of the correct response if Netanyahu’s prospects in the election gets boosted, so what is wrong about it?

Cyber War Is As Important As The Actual War

US President Obama has backed Israel’s right to defend itself. He has rightly termed the rocket attacks from Gaza on Israel as the precipitating event. Online activist group Anonymous has downed more than 600 Israeli websites in protest against Israel’s attack on Gaza Strip. Cyber war has become equally important as the actual war in the present day technological world. During the war Israel threatened to send Gaza back to the Middle Ages. But this should have been welcomed by the Palestinians who love to live a life of 7th Century when Prophet Mohammed lived and preached Islam.

Turkey Is One Sided

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has accused Israel of indulging in ethnic cleansing in Palestine. If Israeli act is ethnic cleansing, so also the Hamas’ act of firing missiles on Israel. But Erdogan has not condemned Hamas’ act. This is because Turkey is an Islamic country and opposed to Israel. Israel has struck many of the Hamas’ power centres. It will take considerable time for the Hamas to recover and launch another missile attack. But it can hopefully get Iranian assistance sooner than later. Apart from battering Hamas’s Headquarters through air raids, Israel also mobilised around 75000 reservists, planning for capture of Gaza Strip. But due to some reason, the plan was shelved.

Israel Should Not Trust Egypt Anymore

One of the new features the Gaza war witnessed was tweeting of Israeli army on the Gaza strike live. This might have induced fear in the minds of the enemy and Palestinian civilians. Israel has also firmly stated that it will not re-evaluate its peace treaty signed with Egypt in 1979. But whether the Muslim Brotherhood party in power in Egypt will agree with Israel is doubtful. In fact it is a mystery as to why Israel agreed to a truce brokered by its arch enemy Egypt. When Mubarak was in power in Egypt, Israel and Egypt were on friendly terms. But after the Muslim Brotherhood has come to power, things are taking a turn. Israel should be careful with Egypt for its own security.

Britain Partition Of Palestine Was Correct

Those who say that Israel has usurped Palestinian land illegally with the help of Colonial powers are silent about the same Colonial powers partitioning India and Pakistan. If Britain had the right to partition India and handover a portion as Pakistan to the Muslims, did it not have the same right to partition Palestine and handover a portion to Israel? India should not support Palestine and should support Israel in its war on Gaza Strip. This is because all Muslim countries have supported Pakistan in the Kashmir dispute in various forums like Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC). Israel is India’s true friend and India should strengthen its defence relations with Israel and USA.

Israel Should Destroy Iranian Nuclear Facility

Iranian President Ahmadinejad has threatened to wipe out Israel from the world map. Before this happens, Israel should strike against Iran and destroy its nuclear facility before it is too late. Israel will be morally justified in doing so as counter-attack is the best form of defence. India also should be careful with Iran. Iran views India as an enemy and wants Kashmir to be handed over to its friend Pakistan. Iran has consistently supported Pakistan in all its wars against India. India should view Iran as an enemy

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maxoxam41 profile image

maxoxam41 4 years ago from USA

Fortunately India doesn't think like you otherwise, you would be at war. It particpated in the NAM conference showing the world that it is a potential Iranian partner. Since the Bandoeng gathering it is a faithful member. Let's not forget that India is not among the natural resources players therefore people like you will have to tolerate Iran as an international economical power. Furthermore England said that if India doesn't tackle its poverty it will have to renounce to its financial aid. Yes, India has financial aid. It is good to relativize from time to time.

Did you see the picture of the kid that died in the washington post as the result of the former Palestine's attack? I guess if he was yours it would be different.

Zubair Ahmed profile image

Zubair Ahmed 4 years ago

The same old biased story line. Iranw ill not wipe out Israel. What Ahmedinajad said was wipe out the Zionist regime in Israel which was said in Faarsi that was mis-translated by the biased media before published to the world.

I see it this way - if Israel has teh right to stockpile nukes and have nuclear power so does Iran have teh right top persue nuclear power and as the signatory to the IAEA charter they are legally have that right - can't say the same for Israel who are no signatories but stll have nukes.

No one is stupid enough to kill millions of people for teh sake of reclaiming the occupied land of Palestine. If that was the case then that would have been done 60 years ago.

People no matter what race, religion have always lied in that region in peace in the past. That is until the British Collonialsits created the partitions and sowed the seed of enmity between tribes that before then coexisted peacefully.

Kamal 4 years ago

Peace is the ultimate victory to mankind and humanity. The UN has failed fully and acknowledged so in the case of the Sri Lankan Holocaust. It should step up and take a clear and decisive step towards stopping this war in Israel-Palestine territory.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Reply to maxoxam41:

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

India is a democratic country and people think differently on different topics. But most Indians feel that Israel is their friend and Iran their enemy. Iran has also openly said that Kashmir belonged to Pakistan. Which Indian can tolerate this statement? Except of course anti nationals. I do not vouchsafe that there are no anti nationals in India as is everywhere in the world. Iran is an international economic power? A good joke. India does not require England's aid. In fact England may require Indian help. India is the largest investor in England and helping the British economy to tide over. Indian investments in England are much more than the European investments there. Why should we need aid from them?

Kids dying during wars is a tragic news and I pity them whether it is my child or other people's. But I understand the hard reality that these things are inevitable during wars and conflicts.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

If Iran wants to wipe out the Zionist regime in Israel, what do they actually mean by it? How do they propose to do it? If Benjamin Netanyahu is defeated in the election and another party comes to power, still Iran will call that regime as a Zionist regime. Does Iran mean that the power should be transferred from Jews to Palestinians? If so will the Jews agree to it? If they don't agree to it, how will Iran proceed further? Please clarify all these points.

Israel has not acknowledged possessing nuclear weapons. In any case Israel is not a threat to any country in the world. But Iran has warned Israel of wiping it out of the world map. Iranian missiles have landed in Tel Aviv recently through Hamas. Iran is more dangerous to the world then Israel. Even Saudi Arabia has realised it and wants to check Iranian ascendency in the region.

If you say British action in partitioning Palestine is wrong, so also their action in partitioning India.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Yes peace is the most desirable thing. But it can be achieved only through wars. Sri Lankan holocaust is not a war but an internal matter of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka did not attack any other country. It suppressed a terrorist organization LTTE operating on its land and doing great damage to its people. What the Sri Lankan government has done with the Chinese help is quite correct. You need courage to fight the terrorists. Rajapakshe possess it in abundance. He should be congratulated.

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