It Can Be Fixed!

Or Can It?

 From time to time, I take up political services, to ensure that eveyone has the opportunity to voice their opinions and views.  Recently, I became involved with providing a service, to help every one in my community to express themselves.  I suppose I was not let down, as much as I was amazed at the prevailing views of my neighbors and community members.

You see I live in California.  I started to participate in taking signatures to get measures on the November Ballot, as we are soon entering a Governer Election.  Now, I expected to hear some pretty amazing comments, For this I was pretty well prepared.  However, I was not prepared at the ignorance of the voting population, and the population in general.

I Am Not That Politically Charged!

 Now, I am not a politically charged person.  In fact, as most would go I am pretty passive when it comes to politics.  However, I am not one to sit idle to watch a state drop further into a mess, than it already is.  So, I took up this endeavor to see what the actual pulse of my community, and yes to earn a few extra bucks as well.

Now, as it is pretty well known there are those whom would say that our voice means nothing in the arena of political wranglings.  To add, there are some whom believe that our political system is broken.  If you are among these two groups I have to say I feel amply sorrowful for you.

You see, for every thing that happens there is that dang theory of relativity, that expresses itself in almost everything we do.  If we sit idle, than nothing gets done.  If we make bad choices, we pay the proverbial "piper" for our errors.  But if we act, at least we know that we did the best we could, with what we have on hand.

The Point is this:  I have heard that since our political system is broken, we have no voice and what ever we try to do is pointless.  Is it?  I mean does it really

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