It has to be USA Union made

You can still make it here!

What do Texas Jeans, Tough Traveler Carry All makers, American Clothing Company of Ohio, and my jewelry have in common? We all make products here! As we speak, there are hundreds of thousands of 14 year old girls making our clothes. In China factories allow anyone fourteen years of age to perform factory work. Many are female and under 14 because identification is often left unchecked. In China and many countries around the world, it is common for a child to be hired at an age younger than 14. The average factory worker in China makes 6 cents an hour. These people work 15 hour days all seven days a week. This is not a work force. This is a factory form of slave labor.

I would like to say that this is the worst of it but, it is not. In nations such as Columbia where many are forced into drug trafficing, factories exploit people every day just as much as drug cartels! The Solidarity Committee claims hundreds are killed when trying to form unions for factory workers rights over seas. Paramilitaries are hired by our companies to discourage the formation of over seas solidarity movements. We no longer can look the other way and say out of sight out of mind to this issue.

The big lie is that we cannot make clothes here! There are people dying because we turn our cheek. We claim," It is too costly to do the right thing!". There are way too many regulations to protect employees and the environment. If that were true how can the American Clothing company do it? They make clothes on our soil every day! The truth is the choice is made between making millions here and making billions out sourcing American jobs over there! We are brainwashed to believe we have to continue to support this cruelity to the world's poor...that it benefits us to do so. It simply does not. It makes America short of jobs for our own people. Today in America you are either a professional or you are very poor. The middle class is disintegrating.

Who do we blame, the system? Our government for giving tax incentives to those who do business this way? Ourselves for buying into a system that supports enslaving third world poor? We can no longer look at ourselves in the morror and say, " Gee...I know this mirror is made by an exploited kid somewhere in China but, oh well!"

Slavery is wrong. Period. We no longer can have excuses. If every person in America who is unemployed was working at a factory and making $45,000 a year there would be no real poverty in America. If a husband makes $45,000 and his wife makes $45,000 annually that is a family with a yearly income of $90,000. Now they can afford a home, utilities, phone, and support their own children. If you think we are saving at the local franchise store by buying foreign made slave factory products, we do not. We pay 10 times the price for welfare, food stamps, and utility assistance.

When do we wake up! It is time to make it here. So, look for the union label and buy it American made! By Joanne Kathleen Farrell

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janeenjesse@yahoo profile image

janeenjesse@yahoo 5 years ago from Rensselaer NY Author

Chris what ever, if you do not have a problem with children working 15 hour shifts all seven days a week you are just plain ignorant. Some people are to selfish to get it.

janeenjesse@yahoo profile image

janeenjesse@yahoo 5 years ago from Rensselaer NY Author

Think about what you sad...I told you 13 year olds are making our clothing and millions of Americans are out of work. I told you they are working 15 hours a day all 7 days a week. We cannot just over look that.It sounds like you are blocking out the fact that child sweat shop labor is happening. But, we can't pretend or make excuses for it. It is wrong and that is not an opinion...that is a fact!

janeenjesse@yahoo profile image

janeenjesse@yahoo 5 years ago from Rensselaer NY Author


I am sure you are a nice person, but think about what you just said! I told you child slaves are working 15 hours a day/7 days a week to make our goods and clothing. We cannot simply brush that aside and say that is OK! If we do we have a mentality no better that the plantation owners of the historic south.

janeenjesse@yahoo profile image

janeenjesse@yahoo 5 years ago from Rensselaer NY Author

I could not disagree more. I say make it here like American Clothes in Ohio and Look For The Union Label!!!

Joanne Kathleen Farrell 5 years ago

I strongly dis agree. Many poor people in our country are not educated in advanced technology or the creation of advanced tech manufacturing. 90% of all of our products sold in the US is made in over seas factories using a factory form of slavery. 97% of all of our clothing comes from other poorer nations. This leaves the Americans short on jobs. What nation does that. Obviously not one with sense!

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