Its Subjugation--Stupid!

TSA and Airports



sub·ju·gate---From Free on-line Dictionery

tr.v. sub·ju·gat·ed, sub·ju·gat·ing, sub·ju·gates

1. To bring under control; conquer. See Synonyms at defeat.

2. To make subservient; enslave.

Charles J. Hunsinger

It is as if I were watching an old WWII movie about the unbridled and brutal authority of the German Gestapo or the nightmare of the Marxism of Joseph Stalin or, perhaps, the

savagery of Communist China. Can you recall pictures of Jews, Gypsies and undesirables being marched naked into the waiting gas chambers. That is what I see, as I watch TV and internet reports of adults allowing themselves to be sexually photographed and physically and sexually groped by the State (TSA) and, perhaps, the most heinous and an absolute perversion of the State is the forcing of such humiliation upon the innocence of a child. It can be said, perhaps, that the government of The United States, as did the governments of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, China and the Soviet Union license itself, by virtue of power, in the name of a ‘greater good’ to demean, demoralize and to subjugate the masses. There are no gas chambers or work camps today, just a training exercise. You can be arrested, however and you can be fined. It is interesting to note that, of the countries mentioned above, the common thread through-out all of them was the quest of the socialist cause,

Freedom is not maintained with its absence, nor do we secure it by subjugating free people. As in the quest to cure cancer; killing the patient to do so is unacceptable. As in securing this nation our enemies must be killed not our freedom. But I do not think that is the objective of the State, as it now stands.

I am woefully reminded of a singular sentence, “when in the course of human events”.


Texasbeta 6 years ago

Follow the money. The same people who pushed the scanners, are now the same people calling for their removal and the hiring of private security to handle the TSA jobs (which is what we had before 9/11 and is proven to be a bad idea as they are not trained and paid min wage). Who owns will profit if they go to private security...yep, the same people who pushed it in the first place. It isn't subjugation by the government; it is a fleece by the corporate shakers.

cjhunsinger profile image

cjhunsinger 6 years ago Author


You seem to be saying that the Federal government is controlled by corporations and that it is the corporations who are making laws that mandate such screening. If that is true; what then can we say of government?

Texasbeta 6 years ago

That is exactly what I am stating. As for what it says about our government...we need more involvement of the populace and more regulation on the corporations.

cjhunsinger profile image

cjhunsinger 6 years ago Author


What exactly does, "more involvement of the populace" mean? Who regulates the regulators or is their power absolute?

As to position; I identify as an avowed capitalist, an adament Constitutionalist and as an Atheist. I believe in definition and an absence of nebulas and ambigious statements: who are you and what do you stand for?

Texasbeta 6 years ago

"More involvement from the populace" means more involvement from the actual citizens of the country. On average, 25% vote. Fewer actually know anything about what is going on. If there is a downfall, it is apathy. How did you not get that?

I am a liberal, believe in a regulated market, believe the government is the only check large enough to protect its citizens from the corporate abuse that comes with that amount of power, love the Constitution and all of its amendments.

With regards to your statement of not being in favor of ambiguous statements, mine was far from such a description. If you like definitions, look up populace. BTW - Nebulas are clouds of interstellar gas. You don't like interstellar gas? Sorry, I am full supporter of interstellar gas and think they don't get enough financial support and they get profiled in the court systems. That was a joke in case you didn't get it.

cjhunsinger profile image

cjhunsinger 6 years ago Author


I am still looking for the answer to, 'who regulates the regulators' or are you going to avoid that? I have met many Liberals and I have never been able to get a staight answer, as to what a Liberal is or stands for. Is a Liberal a socialist and as a socialist is a Liberal not a Marxist. Does a Liberal stand for The Bill of Rights or Human Rights as stated in the UN Dec on human rights. I do not think that one can claim to be an American and a socialist. I think it was Stalin, probably Marx who said, democracy is the only road to socialism. I don't think that was a joke. I think you were being honest.

Texasbeta 6 years ago

The bosses of the regulates the regulators. They don't work independently. One guy goes and checks the junk. He brings his findings in a report back to his supervisor who checks it. It then goes into a regulatory body within the same structure who checks it. If something goes wrong, everyone in the chain is held liable. Additionally, I think we need more of them so they can do doubles at sites. It is a need and creates jobs. Win/win. That became a problem during, say Bush, as we have seen with the mining disasters and oil spill. He allowed industry insiders to essentially regulate itself, but being concerned only with overhead, they failed to do anything with their results, in those rare times they actually had results.

What is a liberal? A liberal is "someone who looks ahead and not behind, welcomes new idea without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people, their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, and their civil liberties...someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and suspicions that grip us in our policies abroad." -- someone obviously put it better than I could.

With socialism, property and wealth are shared, and their distribution are subject to the control of the people, who exert equal control of the government. The community or state owns all the things used for work production, called the means of production, and thus may also decide what is produced and how to distribute as evenly as possible the moneys paid for things produced.

I am by no means in favor of full government control of all property, the means of production, and restricting everyone to make the same wage. However, I believe strongly in a checks and balances type of arrangement. I believe in how our economic system works to a great degree. However, I also believe strongly that corporations have a tendency to ignore the safety of its workers, the population it affects, and focus entirely on its profit margin. "Do what you want; sell what you want, but don't do things to endanger the health of anyone involved directly or indirectly. If you want to make cigarettes, great. If you dump your chemicals into the river next to your factory, then we have a problem. The people who buy your smokes have made their decision, but not the people drinking or playing in the river."

Eliminate tax loopholes, shelters, and the funneling of firms like Google (paid under 3% corporate tax last year). The rich can buy the lobbyists. The poor can't. The government needs to be able to operate outside of the guise of rich/poor. Just because you came up with IBM, doesn't mean you deserve to buy your own Congressman.

Further, I strongly believe in a realistic outlook when dealing with foreign bodies, as opposed to the "go team" mentality I see on the right. It appears that actually acknowledging things we have done wrong is considered unpatriotic. I see recognizing our faults and improving upon them as fundamental to patriotism.

I stand strongly by the Bill of Rights, and after reading the UN Declaration on Human Rights, I like that too. They are quite similar too actually. Who knew? I am a citizen and strong supporter of my country, so I stand by MY Bill of Rights. Or are you asking me if I am loyal to the US or the UN first? If that is the real question, then I think you have an incredibly incorrect view of who liberals are.

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cjhunsinger 6 years ago Author


Enjoyed your response. It would seem that I introduced you to the UN. I would hope that you continue that research. When time allows I would recommend reading The Communist Manifesto.

You still have not answered my question on the Regulators. Using your reasoning there is quite possibly no end to the number of regulators. Concerning the Deep Water Horizon failure, which I believe you mentioned, was it not the Federal regulators who failed in their oversight duties? As a matter of fact, I believe that in all such failures, from banking to industry,to include Fannie and Freddi it was Federal Regulators who were aware of the abnormalities and excesses and failed to act. And is not Freddi and Fanni a federal jurisdiction and run into the at a cost of billions by the Feral Government. One either has to conclude that the Regulators are all at their desks watching internet porn, overpaid and incompetent or that their, bosses-whoever they are, are indeed part of the problem.

The UN Human Rights says that you have a right to health care, to education and a few other things, such as marriage is between consenting adults and more, but these things are not in the Bill of Rights. Under the Bill of Rights you are free to achieve. Under the UN the government defines what you get and how you get it.

I would recommend reading up on the UN Global Compact. Capitalism and free enterprise, essentially no longer exists. All major corporations (globally) are bound under this agreement to promote and to advance the objectives of the UN or they do not do business internationally. There is no distinction today between the corporation, the unions and government.

I would suggest you read Treason by Treaty.

I see I am running out of space.

One last thing. If you do, infact endear the US Constitution, why not simply identify, as a Constitutionalist. It is the greatest document ever written.

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