Jane Burgermeister and infighting by conspiracy theorists and New Agers

Jane Burgermeister versus Dr Bill Deagle and others

A big problem in the fields of ufology and conspiracy theory, which the media and the controllers of the world are no doubt very glad about, is infighting between its leading authors, speakers and researchers. It basically invalidates whatever is being said, at least to the public perception, although it should not. It plants seeds of doubt but it doesn't have to.

People who are genuinely looking for answers are not going to find them among a mass of bizarre claims, opposing opinions, hearsay and petty squabbling.

Swine flu


If it is true it is true

Basically, if something is true then it's true and it doesn't matter who said it or what they have done before, or what their past record claims. The search for truth the people of the world need should not be about who you believe and should not be about ego battles, although often this is a part of the problem.

I have seen it time and time again that some leading speaker has upset another or their fans because they have made remarks against another author or researcher or have failed to give credit where credit is due for material quoted or used. This is unfortunate but the truth is the truth and is all that is important!

The worst thing about this infighting is that newcomers to the subject and people who are waking up to the reality that the world is not as they have been led to believe, will get put off looking any further by such behaviour and confusion entered into a very complicated subject anyway.

Jane Burgermeister is an Austrian journalist, who has recently filed criminal charges with the FBI against the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), and a number of the highest ranking government and corporate officials over bioterrorism and attempts to commit mass murder in a population cull using the Swine Flu vaccine.This would be part of the depopulation programme put into action that many people are very concerned about.

Jane has put forward an injunction against forced vaccination which is being filed in America. What she has done follow charges filed in April against Baxter AG and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology of Austria for creating contaminated bird flu vaccine, and Burgermeister alleges this was done deliberately to cause and profit from an orchestrated pandemic.

Since this Jane Burgermeister has become a new "heroine" to conspiracy theorists and people fighting the New World Order and videos have been circulated on Youtube and elsewhere about what she had to say.

Jane was also interviewed by Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan of Project Camelot, who are now caught in the crossfire bacause they have also been on friendly terms with and interviewed Dr Bill Deagle, who is currently claiming that Burgermeister is a fraud, and she is responding by taking legal action against him and Jeff Rense, True Ott, Arthur Evangelista and Devvy Kidd for defamation.

This is a very sad state of affairs because basically they should all be on the same side. All agree that the Swine Flu vaccine is a threat and all agree that the pandemic has been manufactured and that the media are being used to spread fear and to make people think they need this vaccine.

The latest on this is that Jeff Rense has apparently apologised and is out of the ongoing mess.

I would like to think that this is just a case of male egos upset by a female newcomer to their territory and that the whole issue can be resolved. I would also like to think that the public, concerned about the Swine Flu issue, which is a very serious matter, will listen to what all parties have to say and are able to discern the truth of the matter and disregard all this crazy battle.

As someone wisely commented on YouTube: "Infighting - that's all we need!" I would like to think that they could all settle their differences! The important issue here is that the Swine Flu vaccine is a potential danger!

UPDATE (25 Sept, 2010) : Please see the post in the comments below for Apostle JoAnne's views about this matter.

UPDATE 2: Since publishing this hub two years back I have moved onward and no longer support David Icke or many other conspiracy theorists. You can read why here.

© 2009 Steve Andrews

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Universal Laws profile image

Universal Laws 7 years ago from UNIVERSE

I reckon you could be right about the male ego's here. They should be congratulating her and anyone else who does anything in support of this campaign against control.

The more who wake up and say no the better, and we are all free to do what we decide in our own campaigns.


Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thank you for posting, Universal Laws!


tantrum profile image

tantrum 7 years ago from Tropic of Capricorn

Or this Jane B. is naïve or she really is a fraud. Don't you think that charging files against the WHO and high range offs. with the FBI is a bit silly? If this is a worldwide conspiracy, of course all the major institutions are involved. This makes me think. I don't buy this Jane B if she started the row or not. It looks overacted and phony. Some New World Order Scheme! . I enjoyed reading this hub. Thank you !

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

No, I don't think it is at all silly or naïve! I think it is about time someone got it together, who knows what they are doing to take such actions. In the same way I applaud King Arthur Pendragon in the UK who is not afraid to take on the government in legal issues regarding other matters and has done so. Her opponents argue that her files haven't been worded well enough to stand up in a court of law and I really don't know about that, but what I do know is that she has generated worldwide publicity alerting people to the dangers of the Swine Flu vaccine and she has shown that individuals can take action against the powers that be!

John 7 years ago

Who cares. This is all a load of bunk and yes I have looked at the various "theories" doing the rounds on the loony websites. A lot of people are trying very hard to minimise the risks from this pandemic and to say it is part of a depopulation plan is extremely disrespectful at best. Encouraging others not to take a vaccine that may become available to save peoples lives is also very dangerous.

Jonah 7 years ago

Some peoples just wanta make names for themselves. My grandmparents have flu vaccinnations every year and they are very old but fit as fiddles but someone I know nearly almost died from this swine. I know people are scared cause its new but hopefully vaccine will work so dont worry we can get old like me grandparents lol.

tantrum 7 years ago

I understand what you said bard, and of course I believe in the danger of vaccination and all that. But all this scandals within people that should stick together makes me think it's a set-up. Coming from who? Well... maby that jane ? Who knows! But think about it. I've seen this happening before. Don't get mad at me LOL! WE're in the same boat !

tantrum profile image

tantrum 7 years ago from Tropic of Capricorn

the above is me all right . I forgot 2 sign in LOL!!

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Yes, but leaving aside personal agendas, ego, etc etc it still leaves the message going out to many people that the swine flu vaccination is not a good idea! At that level it doesn't matter about Bill Deagle and Jane B fighting - the important info is still getting broadcast and will wake people up to thinking a lot more about the matter.

Plants and Oils profile image

Plants and Oils 7 years ago from England

I don't get this swine flu conspiracy thing. It seems irrational and delusional to me.

Takig a wider view, flu epidemics happen regularly. This one is, luckily for us, less severe than most. The over-whelming likelihood is that this is another natural virus, like many others over the past few centuries.

Universal Laws profile image

Universal Laws 7 years ago from UNIVERSE

Or not natural!!!! There have been whistle blowers from three different laboratories that helped to work on making this virus!!!

Surf the net and find out what is really going on because information, knowledge really is the key to your survival in the next three years.


Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thank you, UL, for voicing my thoughts on this!

Yes, Plants and Oils, the flu may well be "less severe" so why all the huge fuss about it and why a call for mandatory vaccinations for something that is not a serious danger? The point being made is that it's not the flu that is the danger but the vaccine! Do you want squalene and a bunch of other very toxic ingredients forced into your circulatory system? I most certainly don't!

Plants and Oils profile image

Plants and Oils 7 years ago from England

I don't want that, no. But I very much doubt there will be any sort of mandatory vaccination.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Many people are thinking like you, Plants and Oils, and that is all to the good and shows that there is so much resistance to this, however, in America there has been much talk of mandatory vaccination and that has gone out in the media there. The WHO can give the order on this worldwide seeeing as it is the World Health Organisation. This is why people are making so much fuss about this!

Plants and Oils profile image

Plants and Oils 7 years ago from England

"he WHO can give the order on this worldwide seeeing as it is the World Health Organisation."

They can order what they like - they have no enforcement powers, or ability to make such a mandatory order.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

I sincerely hope you are right!

Crystal 7 years ago

Tantrum, Jonah, John ... you all have no idea what you are even talking about and are obviously completely ignorant to the facts and uneducated about the vaccines (or lack thereof). Good luck to you.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thanks for posting, Crystal!

dicktater 7 years ago

"I would like to think that this is just a case of male egos upset by a female newcomer to their territory and that the whole issue can be resolved."

What a stupid thing to say. I guess that you know nothing at all about the professional relationships many of these men have had for years with women who have also been leaders in the cause against vacination. These women include Ingri Cassel, Sherry Tenpenny, Barbara Loe Fisher, and Rebecca Carley. Most of these people, men and women, have probably been in this fight longer than secret agent 00666, Janes Bundermeister, has been on the friggin' planet.

Read the ridiculous filing made by a Tim Vawter on agent 00666's behalf. Vawter names the Federal Government as defendant. Will this include Mailman Mike and Social Security Sue? WHO is he going to serve as defendant, Federal Government? Look at the docket:




Case Number: 3:2009cv03803

Filed: July 31, 2009

Court: New Jersey District Court

Office: Trenton Office [ Court Info ]

County: Monmouth

Presiding Judge: Judge Joel A. Pisano

Referring Judge: Magistrate Judge Tonianne J. Bongiovanni

Nature of Suit: Civil Rights - Other Civil Rights

Cause: 28:1983 Civil Rights

Jurisdiction: Federal Question

Jury Demanded By: None

WHO is this Agent 00666, Janes Bundermeister? Where did she come from? Where did she obtain any level of expertise to research and write about viruses and vaccination? Where is evidence in any previous writing she may have done? She is a fraud and agent of disinformation. Are you willing to be complicit?

Garbage in, garbage out. Agent 00666 spews truth mixed with an abundance of half lies, lies, and damn lies. This is costing precious time for many people who wade through her landfill of lies, sifting treasure from trash.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Please be specific and give examples of some of Jane's "lies"!

"WHO is this Agent 00666, Janes Bundermeister? Where did she come from?ª

The same could be asked of you: WHO is this dicktater? Where did he come from?

5ème passager 7 years ago

It's not Bundermeister anyway but Burgermeister and she's doing some tremendous work. At the end it's everyone choice to be vaccinated or not but now YOU are informed of the potential danger of it.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

I agree with what you've posted 5ème passager! Her work has raised public awareness about the matter and that is what is important.

Crazdwriter 7 years ago

Very nice hub whether others think it's true or not, Bard. Very informative and really well written. Good one!

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thank you, Crazdwriter! It has got a lot of traffic so I am pleased with it.

Marie L 7 years ago

As far as I know, Jane Burgermeister stepped into this matter with fresh eyes and did what every citizen would do, she researched, investigated and went to the police and the FBI. Little did she knew that apparently several groups of people already had claimed this area of research for themselves and now got very surprised, shaken and threatened by this "outsider, normal, non conspiracy" journalist woman suddenly getting so much attention. Jane Burgermeister did not even feel the need to have a "Dr" in front of her name to voice her concerns. What are titles? Apparently not much!

What did they do, the "I have a title so I am important" people? They among other things started a facebook group in her name without asking her and afterwards invited her to it "to support her". In reality, they wanted her to support them but it took some time for Jane Burgermeister to see that and to get to know the conspiracy people and how they do things (and don't do things). As far as I know, they actually are very religious and part of some sect, something they did not reveal to Jane Burgermeister when inviting her. They also proclaimed to have contact with spirits and angels etc, also something they kept from Jane Burgermeister for a very long time.

When Jane Burgermesiter wanted them to do what they promised, they started to come with all kinds of excuses and maneuvering - something Jane Burgermeister apparently have very little tolerance for. She then held them responsible for promises and statements but that was a bad idea since they were so many and she basically alone. They teamed up against her and wanted to claim the issue for themselves. I know, it sounds more than crazy but that is what happened. Her only conclusion was that they willfully wanted to control her, misguide her and attempt to ruin her efforts for justice.

That is when the split happened and I believe it was for the better. Jane Burgermeister has achieved more and will achieve even more without dishonest and manipulative religious fanatics who claim to have magical spiritual powers among hundreds of other crazy claims. I am glad Jane Burgermeister got out of their grip and that she went on and moved forward.

The group she left behind is now extremely upset and have launched a campaign against her, instead of trying to get the vaccine banned. One of the japping crazies is the one calling himself dicktator, another is calling himself labvirus. They both work for Ott and deagle who they pray to every night it seems. Ott and Deagle let these two offend and defame Jane Burgermeister so that they themselves can pretend they have nothing to do about it. Their stupidity and lack of any type of education, good upbringing, decency or knowledge of anything outside of the USA would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad.

Jane Burgermeister represents female fresh blood and clarity, something we all need more of and she will call any bluff, no matter who "big and important" people claim to be.

She is a true truth seeker and maybe she was naïve to trust the American maniacs but she has learned a good lesson and she will sue them to make sure they are held responsible for their actions of public defamation.

That is what she does. Lying does not go well with her, neither does manipulations and trickery. Many men find that threatening - a woman to call their bluffs!

Watch out, she is only getting started!

I for one could care less for the "conspiracy" doctors who seem to get absolutely nothing done but to attempt to create a following of their big egos. I actually think they don't understand what is going on. They seem to thing the vaccination issue is a chapter in their personal biographies. Narrow-minded is a term that comes to mind.

Jane Burgermeister stands up and fights and to her surprise she finds that those who say they fight for the cause instead are on major ego trips.

Take local legal action!

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Marie, first of all thank you for posting! Question: are you saying the Jane Burgermeister faceless Facebook site is fake then because possibly naively I sent an add request and am now a "friend?"

Personally I really value women coming forward in these matters and belong to various matriachal groups being a very good friend of Guru Rasa's.


Marie L 7 years ago

There are at least two facebook groups with Jane Burgermeister's name on them, only this one is legit: Jane Burgermeister's Official Support Group. The other one is the hijacked one. It became so big they apparently can no longer change its name. Or so it seems.

Jane Burgermeister's Official Support Group is the correct one which Jane Burgermeister has approved, it is run by Johan Niklasson who is the web master of her official site.

Take care!

Marie L 7 years ago

This is the correct group, the one Jane actually agreed to be setup:

Jane Burgermeister's Official Support Group

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thank you for the info and I will go and check which one I am with!

Johan Niklasson 7 years ago

Dear Bard of Ely

I was made aware of your post and link on the "Jane Burgermeister's Official Support Group". I just want to officially confirm that Jane Burgermeister does not associate with any other facebook group.

I do not comment on rumors and accusations against Jane Burgermeister.

Thank you for your efforts.

Best Regards

Johan Niklasson

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thanks for letting me know, Johan! I was on the other unofficial site there too but have removed myself now! I'm just trying to help get information out!

Lou Purplefairy profile image

Lou Purplefairy 7 years ago from Southwest UK

I think perhaps there is more to this than we are being told. Perhaps she is a thorn because unlike many so called truth seekers, she wont be bought off when she becomes too loud and continues to make uncomfortable noises in official circles. I see a lot of "lets show the silly woman as the idiot" attitude going on here by long established truthers and a large dose of ego bruising being responsible for a lot of confusion and misinformation. Its a bit like arguing who is the captain when the ship has a massive hole in the hull. Great hub with some interesting info.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thank you for posting, Lou!

Amanda Severn profile image

Amanda Severn 7 years ago from UK

I don't know if I go along with the conspiracy theories regarding population culls, but I can see that plans to vaccinate every member of the population against a flu virus which (so far) is scarcely more dangerous on average than any other, is more than just a knee jerk reaction. If I have a conspiracy theory at all, it is about the surprising willingness of governments to line the pockets of pharmaceutical companies with public money. I thought the same about the MMR jab.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thanks for posting too, Amanda!

Fairy Nuff 7 years ago

If you type

"author:J. author:Burgermeister"

into Google Scholar,you'll see hundreds of articles in various medical publications by a Jane Burgermeister in Vienna,spanning several years.

This in itself is not conclusive,but at least it puts paid to the claims that not a single article can be found in any publication by a Jane Burgermeister.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

loubeeloo 7 years ago

thank you for making me stop & look at my own beliefs & how i cast off the subject at times depending upon WHO is speaking about it rather than the content of the subject... it is something i had begun to realise about myself, however the concise way you have worded this hub has helped me clarify my own biases...

i personally detest David Ike, having watched him over the last two decades come out with alot of claptrap & some stuff which can only be described as out & out racism. however i delved deeper into his beliefs & claims & found that he has ripped them off from others with slighlty less self serving agendas & has bastardised some really interesting theories & information by cherry picking according to his own remit (& thus decreasing their credibility to most people)

... as you say "if something is true then it's true and it doesn't matter who said it or what they have done before, or what their past record claims"... but I think it is good to make sure that the truth is not being skewed by those of dubious intent!...

ooh, i would also like to agree with Amanda Severn regarding greedy pharmaceutical companies & governments scratching each others backs... however when you, (as I), have been both victim & witness to the pushing of 'medicines' which ultimately lead to infertility, ill health & shortening of life... & have been out & out lied to by medical 'professionals' about the known detrimental effects of products they've pushed on you, the 'conspiracy theories' dont seem that far fetched after-all.

Thanks again Bard of Ely for another well researched & informative hub!

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

I am not sure what David Icke says you object to but as you will find I am a supporter of his and agree with a lot he talks about. So on the subject of David we don't agree but thank you again for posting your feedback!

Howard Crane 7 years ago

I always was suspicious of Dr. Deagle. Especially since he's chummy with Alex Jones, the spearhead of GCN (which inturn is an ABC company). He's really wavy-gravy.

But you are correct. Male egos having a hissy fit.

Yet I think perhaps Dr. Deagle is no friend of the people at the same time.

This kind of strikes me as a co-ordinated effort to tear down a woman on a mission. Because so far Burgermeister checks out, Dr. Deagle doesn't. And we need to be away of COINTELPRO operations.

Thanks for that article. It's helped me a lot in my search for answers on this subject! :D

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Seems I was wrong about the male egos - there are women too opposed to Jane Burgermeister now. Apostle JoAnne Cremer has now dropped her support for Jane as well and spoken out on Bill Deagle's show explaining why. Please see: http://forum.prisonplanet.com/index.php?topic=1360...

And JoAnne's site:


And Jane Burgermeister's own blog - http://birdflu666.wordpress.com/ - where she says:

"It appears that JoAnne Cremer is not only a former member of the US military but also the leader of a cult-like church whose associates are adherents of Adolf Hitler..."

JoAnne Cremer 7 years ago

Fact: Jane never filed an injunction in the US. That was lie.

Fact: I removed Jane from our Facebook Group myself. I founded the group after I learned of her "bioterrorism" charges, and I invited her to be a member. We later changed the name of the group to reflect her presence.

Fact: I worked very closely with Jane, but when I observed strange behaviour from her, constantly accusing many around her as being infiltrators, minions, Satanists, sending out new lists over and over of people she doesn't trust (I have the many emails to prove it) red flags began to go up. She sent me a "mini education" on guerrilla warefare, advocated Americans commit violence during NLE 09, and NEVER HAD A LEGAL TEAM here in the US, these all contributed to my decision to withdraw support from her.

FACT: The facebook group founders WITHDREW SUPPORT FROM JANE. WE disassociated ourselves from HER.

Why are people sending money to Jane when she constantly claims she is working on "an injunction" (Aug 13 Jane's blog announced there was a "new legal team working on a new injunction." (What happened to the one she claimed to be filing in the US months ago??)

Thanks for raising awareness to all this, we appreciate that very much.... but stop the scamming for money. Every one who questions Jane ends up being labeled a "Satanist" or some other label. It's time to stop the name calling of activists and do real activist work. I am not a Satanist. I have been a committed Christian for 25 years. I don't sell anything as a minister, I provide everything free of charge. I don't advocate Hitler.. he was a monster of the worst kind. Yes, I was in the military.. I served for 16 years and I am very proud of my service. I was highly decorated for it as well. I am happy mother, grandmother and activist now who home schools my young daughter and I am grateful to be able to continue to raise awareness to this serious issue of the H1N1 vaccination cause.

God bless you all and may you continue to do the right thing,

JoAnne Cremer

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

JoAnne, thank you so much for posting here!

I just noticed the link I posted is broken so here goes again:


Just checked that and one of these sites is breaking the link.

If you wish to see Apostle JoAnne's site please find her at Facebook by searching or look in my top friends.

Eric Hall 7 years ago

Could Jane Burgermeister be an Agent Provocateur?

Brymo 7 years ago

Just to set the record straight, there are two swine flu vaccines available. One with and one without squalene. The reason they included squalene is because the it takes less time to manufacture a vaccine with squalene as a preservative and in order to fulfill the requested amount, drug companies are using it. If you are pregnant or are getting your very young child vaccinated, you can request a squalene free version. You can also ask your doctor if there is enough available for yourself if you don't the vaccine with squalene. That is, of course, if you are willing to take the vaccine in the first place. I have health problems that could become very serious if and possibly result in death if I contracted H1N1. Although I never take flu shots, I am considering getting the vaccine.

notepad publishing 7 years ago

H1N1 = Conspiracy?

October 2009

On October 1 2009, a FORMER federal health minister dismisses as ( "www.conspiration.info/blog1.php/2009/10/02/crackpots-are-against-swine-flu-vaccine-">"crackpots and conspiracy theorists") those who would actively discourage Australians from having their swine flu vaccine'. October 2nd, the San Fransisco Chronicle publishes that '(www.conspiration.info/blog1.php/2009/10/02/1976-60-minutes-swine-flu-episode-rerun--2009") Everybody seems to be saying TRUST THE GOVERNMENT but it's hard to trust the H1N1 vaccination campaign' and on October 4rd, the Washington Post wonders 'When the swine flu vaccine finally arrives this week, ("www.conspiration.info/blog1.php/2009/10/04/vaccine-is-on-its-way-but-public-still-w") will Americans line up to get it?' and CBS News writes about ("www.conspiration.info/blog1.php/2009/10/04/health-workers-protest-flu-vaccine-manda") health care workers protesting the flu vaccine mandate.

September 2009

September 8th 2009, ("www.conspiration.info/blog1.php/2009/09/08/france-could-make-swine-flu-jab-mandator") an article on EnjoyFrance reports that France, Greece the UK and the US have or are planning to make the Swine Flus vaccination mandatory and that those opposed are afraid of contracting the Guillain Barre Syndrome or even dying, an anxiety which is, ("www.conspiration.info/blog1.php/2009/09/26/vaccine-anxiety-rooted-in-76-scare) according to this article, rooted in the '76 scare. On September 11th 2009, a Spanish security firm ("www.conspiration.info/blog1.php/2009/09/11/spanish-security-firm-detects-swine-flu-") detects a 'swine flu' computer virus and this article quotes Margaret Chan, head of WHO, that she could not imagine major pharmaceutical firms to be behind the the Swine flu outbreak. On September 21th CanadafreePress publishes that the right-wing seems as enamored as the left, when it comes to ("www.conspiration.info/blog1.php/2009/09/21/h1n1-global-conspiracies-and-amerikan-gu") using big PhRMA to make Big Money. Moammar Gadhafi Rants at U.N. General Assembly according to ( href="www.conspiration.info/blog1.php/2009/09/23/moammar-gadhafi-rants-at-u-n-general-ass") this article published September 23rd and suggests that the H1N1 flu virus was a military conspiracy. The ( href="www.conspiration.info/blog1.php/2009/09/01/as-swine-flu-spreads-conspiracy-theories") 'Right to Say ‘No’ to Vaccine' is advocated by Khaleej Times on 24th September 2009.On September 26th, the Daily Contributor publishes that Dr Kent Holtorf, an Infectious Disease Expert ("www.conspiration.info/blog1.php/2009/10/02/swine-flu-vaccine-safe-or-not") wouldn’t even consider having his family take the vaccine'. On September 28th, PrisonPlanet asks the question '(www.conspiration.info/blog1.php/2009/09/26/where-did-the-h1n1-late-2009-flu-season-") Where Did the H1N1 Late-2009 Flu Season Virus Come From?'.

April - August 2009

April 2009, NaturalNews reports that as Swine flu spreads, ("www.conspiration.info/blog1.php/2009/09/01/as-swine-flu-spreads-conspiracy-theories") conspiracy theories of laboratory origins abound. June 25th, Nature News reports that Austrian Journalist Jane Burgermeister filed ("www.conspiration.info/blog1.php/2009/09/01/journalist-files-charges-against-who-and") charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder. In August, the NWO Observer reports that an official UK government report is ("www.conspiration.info/blog1.php/2009/09/01/fear-intimidation-aamp-media-disinformat") warning the British public that there will be countless deaths and that freight containers and “inflatable” storage units may be needed to provide extra mortuary space.

More info @ www.conspirare.info

notepad publishing, News Agency

david crane 7 years ago

liars ...support Janne Burgermeister and quit blowing your own horn.

Enlydia Listener profile image

Enlydia Listener 6 years ago from trailer in the country

I would not consider this particularly "sensitive" information, but my computer crashed while reading this article...which I noticed it doing a lot lately in things that seem to be conspiracy related. I wonder why?

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 6 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

I'm sorry to hear it!

Someone from Austria 6 years ago

This woman has a special plan, but the truth will win.


manchild1974 6 years ago

so is she good or bad or just another human being trying to figure this sh*t out...I like the look of her...but she shouldn't be calling people names....but I like her anyway...

morxn 6 years ago

that insane psycho bitch has got to be one of the biggest scam artists out there!!! stay away from her, and for the love of god, DON'T DONATE!!!! everywhere she goes she leaves a trail of confusion and distrust, and she always manages to portray herself as the victim, although SHE has always been the firestarter... and i have the e-mails to prove it... if she's NOT an agent provocateur, she has some deep psychological problems (some sort of a jekyll/hyde thing)

I have trusted her and I have worked with her. as soon as i dared to criticize her journalistic integrity (because once again she wanted to publish highly speculative baloney on her blog and present it as fact), she declared me to be cointelpro and has threatened me with law suits since then - that's why most of her victims won't speak out in order to warn others.

but has she EVER presented ANY evidence to her numerous "cointelpro satanist" claims??? NO! because if she would, people would know that she's a fraud...

she has hijacked the anti-vaccine-movement and continues to undermine the work of truthseekers worldwide while secretly laughing at all you suckers out there who are still giving her money.

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