Japanese Soul - Saying it as it is....

Soul in Japan- Saying it as it is

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The calm’th of the sea terrifies me

As I walk in the waters engulfing my knee,

Not a single wave does ride

Just as if no flicker of hope is left for me to pride

There is the memory of all that is conceded

Of all that is seeming receded

But I will not have me capitulating

I always have felt I must be chary,

And never for once my belief did vary.

Though I thought my soul had reached the point of going berserk

My crotchety mind preferred decrepitude than to it havoc wreck.

Once a cynosure of a loving heart has now lead to a debacle.

Though, to what heights can resilience tackle?

Of troubles that seem to reach the welkin ,

Of travail through fathomless depths yet in the making……??????

I do not seethe……!!!!!!!! I do not seethe……!!!!!!!!

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anushka raj 5 years ago

gr8 writing how poised is japan at their worst times too! all the best 4 writing excellent

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