Joe Biden's Decision Is Good News

Vice President Joe Biden announced today that he is not going to seek the Democratic nomination. This has stunned many politicos who thought that he would join the race and potentially unseat Hillary Clinton as the frontrunner. That didn't seem likely since polls showed him polling lower than both Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders. Of course that's not the reason that he cited and his announcement didn't end with him saying that he wasn't running. Instead he promised to be very active in the campaign, to defend President Obama's legacy, and help keep the Democrats united. Biden's decision will help the Democrats retain the White House in 2016.

Contrasting the two parties, one thing is very clear. Republicans are splintered and are looking for the most divisive candidate possible. The best evidence of this is the fact that Donald Trump is the frontrunner, and wields a massive amount of power within the party. While the Democrats are holding a very grown up primary that is centered on the issues.

Instead of stirring the pot, Biden decided to throw his considerable weight behind Hillary Clinton. 'And for these reasons, we must all support and work our hardest to elect Hillary Clinton as our next President.' To most this won't be seem like a significant act, especially since Clinton as mentioned above has such a large lead, however looking closer at this Biden has basically said that Hillary will be the Democrats nominee. If that wasn't the foregone conclusion, why wouldn't he throw support to Bernie Sanders? It's because many still don't believe that he has a chance in Reality Show Hell of beating whoever the Republican nominee is.

Biden is a loose cannon, and he could have easily walked away with the nomination and Presidency if he had wanted to, decided to put his family's need first. While doing that, he also secured the class and dignity of the Democratic primary. Even if we already know who is going to walk away with the nomination, it'll still be an interesting story to cover.

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