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John Kasich
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Personal life

John Kasich was born May 13th 1952 in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania to Anne Vukovich and John Kasich. His mother was of Croatian descent while his father was Czech descent. He attended the Ohio State University where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Political Science in in 1974.

His first marriage to Mary Lee Griffith was in 1975 and lasted 5 years. There had no children together. His second marrige was in 1997 to Karen Waldbillig. The couple have twin daughters Emma and Reese.

Re election for Governor campaign 2014
Re election for Governor campaign 2014 | Source

Political Career

Kasich has a long career in politics that began in University where as a freshman he wrote a letter to Richard Nixon detailing his concerns about the state of the nation. The letter garnered him a 20 minute meeting with NIxon. At the young age of 26, Kasich became the youngest person to be elected to the the Ohio Senate. From 1982 when Kasich ran for congress and won handily, he has gone on to win re-election 8 more times.

John Richard Kasich is the current governor of ohio and has recently begun to move up the polls in his bid for the Republican nomination and a run at at chance to be the next president of the United States.

Gulf War
Gulf War | Source

Highlights of John Kasich Congressional Career

1) Approved of the US involvement in the Gulf war even though he opposed Military intervention in Bosnia

2) He joined forces with Ralph Nader to get rid of tax loopholes

3) Served for 18 years on the House Armed Services Committee

4) Served on the House Budget committee, and chaired the House Budget Committee

5) As part of the Penny-Kasich Plan, he proposed extensive spending cuts some of which included medicare payments to seniors

6) As a fiscal conservative, Kasich worked at times with democrats to target the B2 and the A12 Bomber program, opposed a 110 million dollar expansion of the Pentagon and participated in an Act to reorganize the US department of Defense.

7) Proposed a health care plan to cover all Americans by 2005 that would have seen Employees mandated to purchase insurance through their employers.

John Kasich 1985
John Kasich 1985 | Source

After Congress

After leaving congress in 2000, John Kasich hoped to run for the Republican Presidential nomination but did not get sufficient monetary backing. He worked for FOX News hosting Heartland and was a regular guest host on the O'Riley Factor. From 2001 to 2008 he was managing director of Lehman Brothers Investment Banking Division until they declared bankrupcy. In 2010 he won the race to become governor of Ohio and was re-elected in 2014. While the Tea Party supported Kasich in his bid for governor in 2010, he fell out of of favor with the Tea Party after his support for the Affordable Care Act

 Lehman Brothers  NY
Lehman Brothers NY


1) Anti planned Parenthood
2) Anti Abortion. In a 2013 budget, Rape crisis centers could lose funding if hey counseled sexual assault victims on abortion.
3) Believes climate change is real and could pose a problem, but has consistently opposed measures designed to regulate carbon emissions.
4) Immigration: It is not clear since this seems to change from time to time. In 2010 he was against birthright for immigrants born in the US but in recent times has appeared to soften his stance.
5) Racial Diversity . He was criticized for appointing an all white cabinet in 2011 but responded that he does not pa attention to such things. However, his cabinet looks a lot different today.
6) Voting. He was heavily criticized for signing into law a bill in 2014 that limited Ohio's early voting period.

Merrimack Town hall 2016
Merrimack Town hall 2016 | Source

John Kasich

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