Jon Stewart for President?

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Whether you love him or hate him Jon Stewart is proving to be a voice to be reckoned with. This "fake news" host has been making people laugh since 1999, after taking over the host position for Craig Kilborn. His intelligent, moderate-to-left point of view, has earned him two Peabody Awards, 14 Emmy Awards for Outstanding writing for a Music, Variety, or Comedy program, and Outstanding Music, Variety, or Comedy Program. Time magazine selected the series as one of the "The 100 Best Tv Shows of ALL Time". has Jon Stewart as the #1 Most Influential Man of the Year. His accolades also include three bestselling books America (The Book), Earth (the book), and Naked Pictures of Famous People.

So WHY Jon Stewart? Well...why not?

I have watched The Daily Show throughout my teen years, as the number one demographic of the show, tends to be younger people. I finally started understanding the humor and merit in his jokes as I got into my early 20's during the Obama/Mccain campaigning. I think he is one of the most intelligent people out there. He is fair, quick witted, and he is not afraid to call out someone on their bullshit! He holds the left to the same standards that he holds to the right, concerning guests on his show, and how he approaches the interview. Not only is he intelligent, I believe he has a great moral compass, which cannot exactly be said about most of Washington. I believe he would be a quick learner after he takes office, and get his hands dirty pretty quick. Obviously one man can't change the world by himself, he would need support. Who better to rally two sides together than him? His moderate-left point of views would in no doubt sway independent votes, and grab many republican votes. He's unmatched in charisma in my opinion. He's a kind of guy you would want to follow. Legislation and policy will be dictated by logic and sound reasoning. You can count on that from Stewart. Now, all of this is speculation because I'm obviously a big fan and cannot tell you what would really happen! Bummer!

But what isn't speculation, is Jon is a fantastic debater. Anyone who has ever seen him on his show would not be able to disagree. Even when he appears on other people's shows, such as Crossfire, or the No-Spin zone, he is not afraid to tear into his opponent. You can find hours of videos of him debating. Hell, just go to Youtube and type in "Jon Stewart owns..." and you will find a myriad of people he debates. Yes Fox News hates him that's for sure. But that is neither here nor there. With his Comedy Central following, there is no doubt he could campaign and raise amounts of money that his opponents wouldn't be able to come close to. Not to mention the publicity that his campaign will get, as Comedy Central plugging his show. Granted he has no experience, sometimes we need someone like that in office. Unspoiled by Washington special interest crapola! I think you would agree if you watched his Rally to Restore Sanity final speech, that he is a good person.

I have no doubt in my mind Jon would make a FANTASTIC President. I'm not the first one to raise this topic. And Stewart has already said before that he would never run for office, as he feels he can have greater influence on politics from right behind his funny desk, every night on Comedy Central. Those are my words not his. I promise I wont be the last to raise the topic, who wouldn't be excited for a Stewart/Colbert ticket in 2012? That is one perfect match up. Gives me chills just thinking about it! Of course if they when, Stephen Colbert will push for the extinction of BEARS!!

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CreatePerfection profile image

CreatePerfection 5 years ago from Beautiful Colorado

I'm with you, Tortugaa. Jon Stewart for president. I really like satire and he is one of the best. During these insane times, it is good to keep a sense of humor while exposing the theft of American from right under our noses.

Tortugaa profile image

Tortugaa 5 years ago Author

Jon Stewart is the king of satire. He knows how to expose the ridiculous in an extremely smart way. He is actually a very bright man, as most comedians are. He is starting to have more of an impact than he ever thought he would in my opinion.

Jillian Barclay profile image

Jillian Barclay 5 years ago from California, USA

Dear Tortugaa,

Jon Stewart is a brilliant communicator! He has discovered that satire and humor, intelligently presented, can change opinion more than charts and graphs. I love him!

Tortugaa profile image

Tortugaa 5 years ago Author

Thanks for coming by again Jillian lol. Say what you want about left vs right, the left have better satirists. And Colbert is a crack up, with his pseudo right winged elitism.

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