Jon Benet Ramsey and Copyright Infringement in the Case

Lee was brought on the case by Alex Hunter the D.A. at that time. Lee had developed a sure fire formula to solve cases: a good crime scene investigation, physical evidence, public information and luck. But in this case they were all missing.

There was a controversy too over photographs of the victim that have been used by various writers and organizations over the years that weren't their own photos and many of the users didn't get permission. In 2006 Poynter Online wrote about this conflict. The issue is over copyright laws. Zuma Press, Inc.'s director says that a lot of the use has broken copyrights of the photographers. All of the users should have given credit lines.

This heated discussion zeroed in on the difficulty that freelance photographers fight against when they try to protect their rights to their work. As Zuma explains this war of the photos is much more exhausting when a "media frenzy" over a story erupts. A goodly number of journalists have excused themselves with arguments that fall apart when analyzed carefully in light of copyright law. This argument came to attention when John Mark Karr was arrested and the photos were used again. The difficulties were corrected when various newsrooms acquiesced to Zuma's claims.

The case of JonBenét Ramsey has elicited many different responses from a wide range of people: experts of various sorts, bloggers, journalists, law enforcement, photographers concerned with copyright, and even Joyce Carol Oates. Oates is a professional literary writer and is studied in college literature courses concerned with realism in fiction. She has published a fictional account of JonBenét as narrated by Skyler who is the brother character in the literary memoir. The title is My Sister, My Love. It is about the brother dealing with his sister's death and he is an unreliable narrator because he is so upset that he doesn't know for sure that he didn't commit the heinous act.


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