Jon Benet Ramsey and John Mark Karr

John Mark Karr was arrested in 2006 during August in Bangkok for murdering the victim, but he wasn't the killer of Jon Benét. He had been held for other sex charges. The feds has been investigating Karr concerning child pornography. He said he had been there when she died. The police never found any evidence linking Karr to the murder, but he had been under suspicion since 2001 by officials in California because of his intense interest about the murders of Jon Benét and Polly Klaas.

A journalism professor Michael Tracey became very concerned over the case and began his eight year crusade to find the killer. He ended up reading emails and phone calls for four years from Karr and Tracey said that was a very bad experience, but that he couldn't write or say anything judgmental to Karr because he would have lost contact with him.(Decade Of Mystery: John Ramsey Speaks, Nov. 25, 2006, CBS) One of the eerie emails that Karr has sent to the professor was "JoBenet, my love, my life."

The New York Post reported in August of 2006 that the professor that had corresponded with Karr had viewed a photograph of a white Santa Claus teddy bear that had belonged to Karr as a child and it resembled the one found in the victim's bedroom. Karr was holding the teddy bear. A former classmate of Karrs in his high school days said that he had written this in her 1983 yearbook: "Though, deep in the future, maybe I shall be the conqueror and live in multiple peace." The professor called the person in the picture "D." One of the Ramsey's P.I'.s said it was Karr. Some of the investigators thought that S.B.T.C, which was the signature on the ransom note possibly came from Karr's note in the yearbook.

Karr's handwriting was compared to the writing in the ransom note by Robert Baier a graphologist. He analyzed two handwriting samples. He observed a salient likeness of the letters D and A. Apparently not enough to point the finger of guilt at him.


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