Jon Benet Ramsey and the Fake Confessor


John Mark Karr's fake confession to her murder was shameless. He lied saying that he drugged Jon, after which he supposedly had sex with her. The blood screening from her autopsy revealed that she was free of alcohol and drugs.

This low life had previously served time in 2001 for child pornography charges in the state of California. He has gone to Thailand to teach, the authorities brought him back to the U.S. because they thought he would hurt a child there. Karr had apparently kept up with Jon Bennét's case because he told an official in Thailand that he kidnapped her for $118,000. He had lived in Conyers, Georgia close to where Ramsey family lived when they were there.

Karr prattled about how he loved her and her murder had been an accident. Karr obviously should be behind bars because he is a pedophile, but he didn't kill Jon Bennét and it somehow belittles her tragic, sorrowful death that he fantasizes that he did it. It is a shame that the real killer isn't going to confess and get what he deserves, though really what he deserves isn't legal.

The Thailand authorities had decided he was an undesirable person and wanted him out of their country. They revoked his visa. According to United States Homeland Security Karr had gone abroad a few years before the arrest. Karr lived in Bangkok in a sleazy area that catered to sex tourists. He had traveled from Malaysia to get a teaching position.


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