Are the "Occupy" movements making any impact?


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Are any of the "OCCUPY" venues making any impact?

It's been quite some time now since the "OCCUPY" movement began. Many of the venues around the world seem to be still intact, but lately we're hearing and seeing how some have been evicted or otherwise forced to move to new areas. All the time they've been "occupying" the various places doesn't seem to be making a whole lot of impact on very much, near as I can tell from news reports. Not that they've been very clear about what it is they're actually looking for, but it seems like the "movement" (if that's what it is) doesn't really have much in the way of demands, requests, or other "agenda items".

Clearly, the self-proclaimed "ninety-nine percent" must have something they're seeking. I'm one of that number, so I can somewhat identify with the frustration and the utter disgust with some of the Wall Street and Washington shenanigans...and some of that I've already "said my piece" about (see links below), but I'm thinking the "Occupy" movement needs to be more clear and concise about what they're actually looking my (humble) opinion.

I think it's pretty clear that our political, judicial, financial, banking, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and myriad other "institutions" we've all come to rely on and trust with our collective safety have pretty much failed the people in lots of ways. I'm not saying everything has become corrupt, but I don't think we have to look very hard or very far to see just how sorry a state of affairs we're in because of some underhanded and otherwise deceptive practices by some people in positions of power and authority.

What would I do?

If I were leading the "occupy" movement, I think I'd have a list of things that I'd like to see changed. That list would look something like this: (UPDATED Jan. 31, 2012)

  • Regulate and better control (or completely ban) all corporate paid lobbying.
  • Incentivise (or regulate, if necessary) corporate behavior toward "doing the right thing" for all.
  • Require complete transparency and integrity, honesty, truth and "proof of claims" in all forms of advertising.
  • Regulate entertainment and other media to better control promotion of "evils" and "moral impairments" like violence, hatred, greed, arrogance, bullying, and the like.
  • Ban pharmaceutical "direct-to-consumer" advertising.
  • Regulate armed-forces recruiting practices to protect young children.
  • Regulate all forms of mortgage or other lending practices to ensure that families are not forced to give up their homes.
  • Regulate attorney advertising to minimize frivolous or retaliatory or vengeful lawsuits.
  • Regulate industries that provide food, water, and other consumer goods so there are no pollutants or other hazards to health from consuming and using them.
  • Force industries that continue to use harmful ingredients/substances in consumer goods to contribute to healthcare funding programs which are responsible for offering healing measures required as a result of that continued use of harmful-to-health substances.
  • Restore personal freedoms, including a 'forever-guarantee' of free and unencumbered, uncensored (except as deemed necessary by the user-community) Internet access and use.

Note: This content is intended only as a reflection on my personal observations based on public news sources. Not connected with any official "occupy" or similar venues or affiliations.

(c) 2012 C.R.Hare (w1z111)
(c) 2012 C.R.Hare (w1z111)

What do YOU think?

Do YOU think the "Occupy" movements are making any impact?

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  • No
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Brupie profile image

Brupie 4 years ago

The occupy movement is often criticized for lacking focus or a clear message, but often it is the media's need to have a message that fits a into a quick soundbite that creates this appearance. The fact that most people understand what the "99 Percent" means demonstrates a degree of success - they've raised awareness of gross income disparity.

w1z111 profile image

w1z111 4 years ago from New England, USA Author

Hi Brupie...thanks for your comment. I agree that the Occupy movement has done some things to raise awareness of gross income disparity. Indeed, recent news reports show how the wealthiest folks have grown their income over 250 percent, while 'working people' grew a mere 6 or 7 percent (not sure of exact numbers). My big question is "what, if anything, is being done to 'right' some of the wrongs"? Thanks, again for your input.

jhaggenmiller profile image

jhaggenmiller 4 years ago from Syracuse, NY via Jersey City, NJ

I think they've done so much. Look into Obama pushing back on Keystone XL pipeline. 12,000 were outside the White House protesting on November 6th. I wrote about that day:

Look into NY Governor Cuomo dropping the millionaire tax cut. These were supposed to be done deals prior to Occupy.

Also look at the raised awareness, which is simply priceless.

There's so much more I could list. They've taken over abandoned homes and moved families in (Google "702 Vermont" for more on that). There's momentum for a general strike on May 1.

And, I should also say, that we are so quick to want to label things (myself included). This movement started 5 1/2 months ago (Sept. 17th to be exact). It's nothing in the grand scheme of things and there are occupy encampments in hundreds of towns worldwide.

I wrote about my own experience, at the Times Square protest (Oct 15th). Take a look, I'm really proud of this hub. I have a few vids and about 20 of my own pics. And, this was a mere 28 days after folks were sleeping outside of Wall Street:

w1z111 profile image

w1z111 4 years ago from New England, USA Author

Hi jhaggenmiller...thanks for your feedback and input. I know the Occupy movement is getting some attention in some areas by some people. And, I know the 99% (myself included) are rooting and cheering for them. I guess I did not know all the details you've outlined here...thanks for that! It's good to know that at least some of "the establishment" is beginning to pay attention...hopefully, they'll continue to, and things will ultimately begin to change.

I looked at your links, too. Well done, and informative. I think maybe the Occupy movement just isn't getting enough press, or something; because a lot of folks (perhaps like me) seem "uninformed" about it all. It's good to share and spread the news, so keep at it! Thanks again!

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