"Karachi Electric Supply Increases energy rates Cost.kesc tariff hike

For the development of a countries economy electricity is the back bone but unfortunately Pakistan does not have enough production of it or the cost of using it is very high.Karachi being the hub of industries is faced up to eight hours load shedding daily other than this tariff have been raised by the Karachi electric supply company which have lead to cost push inflation as electricity is one on the major input for the production process.

Back in 2002 government of Pakistan privatized state run natural monopoly. By selling it to a U.A.E based firm .Just after that the situation kept on getting awful proving the decision a disaster.

Soon after the privatization the management of K.E.S.C tried its best to solve the problem of electricity theft which has been common since Pakistan came in to being not just for the resident use but some well know companies theft it for commercial use in order to minimize their cost of production and make massive profits. It tried its best to prevent electricity theft but failed to. In the end it took a decision to raise its tariff so that it can cover the cost of producing it.

On other hand the government did not took any action to stop K.E.S.C from taking this decision This question strikes everyone’s mind.” when the government knew what will be the future circumstances why didn’t it took any valid action?”

Now let us look how once can overcome this. “Generator’s” This one word gives the answer. Most of you would have been using generators at present and will not agree that it is the best alternative as the cost of operation is very expensive if you are operating it in petrol, but they can be converted in to natural gas which gives an average of 5 RS per hour. Wonderful! Isn’t it? But control your happiness it is illegal to use gas generators without obtaining a licenses. This is Pakistan baby!

Another option is wind power which has been recently introduced in Pakistan It is costing approximately 1500 US $ depending on the output.

If you are from a developed country you must be thinking how lame and wasteful article it is but trust me for the people of Pakistan it is a major issue

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Shopping Pakistan 5 years ago

Well this is a huge issue in Pakistan.

martellawintek 3 years ago

hello matt if your still hanging around here is the site

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