Is Denial of Bail to Kanimozhi Justified?


Court turns down application for bail

A CBI Special Court in Delhi has rejected the bail application of Kanimozhi in the high profile 2G spectrum case that is going on for some time. The court has also denied bail to seven other people, apart from Kanimozhi. Kanimozhi is the daughter of the former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK President Karunanidhi. The court has also denied bail to seven others along with Kanimozhi. The court judgement has caused heartburns to Kanimozhi’s father Karunanidhi, her brothers Alagiri and Stalin and other family members.

Lack of knowledge of English is a big boon to criminals!

The allegation against Kanimozhi is that she played a role as a shareholder in Kalaignar TV for receiving illegal funds amounting to Rs.200 crore. Kanimozhi holds 20% stake in Kalaignar TV. Her step mother Dayalu Ammal holds 60% stake. CBI did not arrest Dayalu Ammal in this bribery case. CBI gave the reason that Dayalu Ammal cannot be arrested as she did not know English. Kanimozhi could not escape in a similar manner as there are college records to prove that she studied in college and hence knew English. But Kanimozhi could have pleaded that she had forgotten the English which she studied in college. Had she done that, she could have easily escaped from the clutches of law like Dayalu Ammal. I do not know what prevented Kanimozhi from taking this stand. Probably her advocate Ram Jethmalani misguided her initially. In future, if a crime is committed through a person who does not speak English, the CBI will not touch that person. Criminals in India can take advantage of this fact and commit their crimes against society through non-English speaking people.

Entire India focussed on 2G case

Kanimozhi pleaded before the court that she was a woman and hence should be shown mercy and granted bail. The learned judge O.P. Saini observed that Kanimozhi belonged to the upper strata of society and hence suffered no discrimination as a woman. The Judge also stated that as the gravity of the crime was serious, he was unable to grant bail to Kanimozhi. The Judge observed that granting bail to Kanimozhi and seven others could jeopardise protecting crucial witnesses in the case. But my question is, will not other powerful people in DMK and Congress Party try to influence the witnesses now on behalf of Kanimlozhi? In fact they can do it better than Kanimozhi. Kanimozhi is a novice in this act of influencing or threatening the witnesses as compared to persons like Karunanidhi, Stalin, Alagiri, T R Baalu etc. Therefore, there is no point in denying bail to Kanimozhi. She will be anyway be imprisoned once the charges are proved in the case. The trial starts on November 11. Entire India is focussed on this trial.

Karunanidhi can capture Muslim votes

Had Sonia Gandhi wanted it, she could have easily ‘arranged’ for a bail to Kanimozhi, using her big influence. After all, Amar Singh has been granted bail and he is permitted even to visit abroad for medical treatment. The denial of bail to Kanimozhi has got much to do with Sonia Gandhi’s studied silence in this matter. What for Sonia Gandhi has not shown any interest in this matter is not known. Karunanidhi is very disappointed and angry with the Congress Party. But Karunanidhi will not break his relation with Congress now. He also will not pull out his ministers out of the Central government now. He will do it 15 days before the elections are due for parliament. Karunanidhi will not attribute denial of bail to his daughter as the reason for pulling out of the Central government. He will give the reason that the Congress Party has failed to rebuild the Babri Mosque, which was destroyed by vandals in 1992. This will enable him to get huge Muslim votes in the next election.

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MG Singh profile image

MG Singh 5 years ago from Singapore

If you read the judgement of the learned judge he has stated that bail had to be denied as these people feel that spending a few months in jail is ok, though they still have billions of Rupees misappropriated still with them. it is a sad commentary that jurists like Ram Jethmalani is calling it a miscarriage of justice. These people( Including Kanimozi) have still got billions of illgotton wealth with them. What about it ? Can it be attached ?

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