Keep Abreast of Criminals, Criminal Activity, and Sex Offenders in Your Neighborhood

In a previous post, I mentioned a site in which I found that not only the searching for criminal records and background checking is free, but the results are also free. I decided to look a little further into the website to see what else it had to offer.

  • Neighborhood Watch allows you to type in your address in order to see if there are criminals in your neighborhood. You may enter any address (not just your own) which is a great tool to search the neighborhoods of your extended family members and friends. Also, if you are planning on moving or buying a new home, it would be advantageous to search the neighborhood first--especially if you have children. The results are supposed to not only search for sex offenders in the area, but also thieves, violent offenders, murderers, and con artists.
  • Sex Offender Finder also allows you to search by address, but only returns sex offenders in the neighborhood.
  • Criminal Alerts allows you to sign up by email address in order to receive alerts based on the information you wish to continuously be searched. It allows you to give the site 5 different names; once there is any activity or new information on any of those names, they send you the new information directly to you email account. This can be very helpful for criminals who use aliases, or women who get married or divorced, thereby changing their names.
  • Criminal Statistics is strictly informative as it shows graphs and charts grouped by category (drug/alcohol, theft, violent crimes, and sexual crimes), by ethniticity (white, black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, and Indian), by gender, and by age. The age group 18-25 has the highest crime rate and a close second is the age group 26-35.

Before buying criminal records and background checks from any of the other sites on the web, I encourage you to check this site out, especially since not only are the searches free (like most sites), the records are also free...unlike all the rest.


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dianacharles profile image

dianacharles 6 years ago from India

wow that guy does look frightening. interesting hub. welcome to hub pages.:)

MyInfo411 profile image

MyInfo411 6 years ago Author

thank you, diana. Yeah, the picture kinda makes me want to protect my kids even more.

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