Kickbacks and Bribes

Kick backs and Bribes

Malik Riaz Husain is a business tycoon of Pakistan. His record is positive contribution to the build up of the Pakistani society. He is a Philanthropist and helper of poor. His business empire is so big that he owns his own aeroplane, which is also borrowed by the Pakistan government to fetch back governor Sindh from Dubai where he hides to hatch a plot to brew up political storm.

It is easy to get involved in Pakistan in scandal, when there is a vast business. Malik Riaz was towing several cases in the court concerning his Bahria Township Building Estate. And that’s where appears Arsalan Iftekhar Chaudhary son of Iftekhar Mohammad Chaudhari Chief Justice of Pakistan. Arsalan Iftekhar takes more than Rs 340 million from Malik Riaz Husain, assuring his workers Ahmad Khalil and Salman Ahmad that cases will be taken care of. This assurance clearly speaks of his father the Chief Justice either involved in the case or the culprit Arsalan taking his name to bring the court in disrepute.

This case has shaken up the entire blind faith Media who had been eulogising the Supreme Court to glamorise the name of CJ Iftekhar Chaudhari. It was always suspected the Punjabi lobby of the Media has been backing the CJ up to the hilt, since he was against Zardari and the PPP government. And they are in disarray. Even fighting between themselves and there is chaos in their circles.

Arsalan Iftekhar has been enjoying Monte Carlo trip with an unknown woman and Malik Riaz says he paid Rs 2500,000 for his apartment rental and Rs 3400,000 on car rentals in these trips. And the court consisting of two member judge is not lenient to Malik Riaz, complains his consul, lawyer Bokhari. Since the court directs all business and financial records of Malik Riaz to be produced before the court but not of Arsalan Iftekhr who today is a Rs 90 Carore (900 million) business magnate and only few years back was knocking around to get enlisted as police officer after obtaining his medical degree which was facilitated to him.

It’s a case where the son of Chief justice has been immorally using his son status; he has been using undue protocol for him and corrupting the society. He should be publicly whipped and his father CJ removed from his post, who may be involved in this scandal if not openly then by implication. And assurance be given to Malik Riaz that his cases will be dealt with in the weigh balance of justice. Afkar-e Shia sees Malik Rias Husain as a positive contributor to the society but victimised by the cunning and the blackmailing.


Afkar-e Shia (Shia Thought)

Sayed Athar Husain




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