Kony 2012 is a propaganda film with ulterior motives

Joseph Kony
Joseph Kony

The 30 minute video "Kony 2012" has gained quite the hype within the past week. On Monday night the video accrued 15,056,327 views on YouTube. As of this morning it has racked up 52,591,704 views after being shared around the world on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. In case you haven't seen it, it is a campaign against one Joseph Kony, the leader of The Lord's Resistance Army. The video was released on Monday by the charity Invisible Children Inc. and was directed and presented by Jason Russell. The video portrays Kony and the LRA as a ruthless militant group that has been ravaging Uganda and the surrounding regions of east Africa for the past two decades. The LRA has been said to abduct young boys and turn them into soldiers, turn the girls into sex slaves and murder their families. Now there is no doubt that these are horrific crimes and that the LRA and Kony should be dealt with accordingly. However this film is clearly a propaganda film, complete with all the hallmarks of brainwashing, emotional manipulation, sensationalism, and an eerie hyper-realistic quality.

2011 financial report for Invisible Children Inc
2011 financial report for Invisible Children Inc

Invisible Children

Invisible Children Inc. is a charity organization that wants Joseph Kony to be apprehended for his war crimes in Uganda. It sounds like a righteous enough cause doesn't it? But where do the donations actually go? According to Invisible Children's official financial reports from last year over 68% of the money donated went towards film-making, merchandising, and salaries for organizers while the remaining 32% actually went to Uganda. They claim they support the direct action of the Ugandan Government, The Ugandan army, and Sudan People’s Liberation Army in the capture of Kony. Meanwhile the Ugandan army and the Sudan Peoples Liberation Army are guilty of many of the same crimes Kony himself is being charged with. However Invisible Children defends their support of them, claiming the Ugandan army is “better equipped than that of any of the other affected countries”, despite the fact that Kony left Uganda in 2006. So what exactly is Invisible Children Incs motive here? It certainly isn't about saving the children.

Satellite image of Lake Albert
Satellite image of Lake Albert

The real agenda

In 2006 large oil deposits have been discovered under and around Lake Albert in western Uganda. Drilling has been scheduled to start within the next several months. Many residents of Bugoma, Weragaza, and Buliisa are concerned about being evicted. The U.S government of course denies interest in the oil. Yeah we've heard that one before. Lets face it, the United States oil companies are looking for new prospects all the time. This is what the war on terror is really all about anyway. It is also important to note that China has also made recent advances into the region seeking oil as well. Don't let a propaganda film incite feelings to give money out to hollow organizations that exploit the suffering of children to further a corporate agenda. Look at the bigger picture and be informed about what goes on in the world, and don't throw your money to wolves disguised in sheep's clothing.

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910chris profile image

910chris 4 years ago from North Carolina

Thank God someone else here realizes this is nothing more than mind-control propaganda. You look right, while they move left. They want a huge public outcry so the USA will go into Uganda, then after a couple of months claim they found and killed this Kony; then set up for oil. Great informative Hub.

ChrisIndellicati profile image

ChrisIndellicati 4 years ago from New York, NY Author

Yeah that video just rubbed me the wrong way within the first few minutes. It was a little disconcerting. It was exploitation and it made me sick. Did you see how Jason Russell was just putting words in that kids mouth leading him along? Disgusting.

Maikel 4 years ago

I already had my toughts about the video/project but when I was on 3/4th I was sure this is just propaganda. Too bad many people don't do their research but just believe what they see. The video plays with your brain and emotions so I think that's the reason many ppl just believe it because they are emotionally affected by this intense video. Also now I see were als the money goes, the first thing that came up in me when I was watching the video was how much they spend on the film-making and merchandising.

Good article Chris, you are one of the few is aware of what's actually happening in the world.

capitalist citizen 4 years ago

This needs to go viral asap.

Maikel 4 years ago

I'm working on a website capitalist citizen

ken 4 years ago

A lot of money went into this film, and the guy is like an actor reading a script, and the first several minutes are infinitely manipulative.

All emotion to make you feel the emotion.

Children should be cared for, and when there are terrible things in the world, we should come together to do something about it.

But it does not involve the overthrow of a government in most cases.

This is all mind-control, and forcing an unnecessary outcome.

And I think you are right, it's the oil.

anonymous 4 years ago

Interesting and really well written article, very thought provoking... I was wondering when the conspiracy theories would really kick into gear... I too had the same feeling when I first heard about the oil fields, it's too much of a coincidence. Read an interesting bit about the movie 'wag the dog' in here - http://emergingcritic.wordpress.com/2012/03/09/kon...

Also my own hub dabbles with similar themes, albeit in a more snarky and arrogant manner in search of cheap laughs at societies collective consciousness than yours...


Keep asking questions...

Love n Peace

Joe 4 years ago

I respect everyone opinion. I've done my research & yes there is Oil in Uganda, I've also learn that Invisible Children Inc., have been reluctant to provide basic information to BBB, which I find to be a little weird. The whole point of the effort is to shine the light of truth on a terrible atrocity, and yet they seem to be reluctant to turn that light on themselves (BBB). Although, this is true, this however doesn't excuse the fact that there are children in Uganda who are dying & suffering because of Kony & his Rebels. Kony is still at large & needs to captured (ICC). According to The Invisible Children Inc. fiscal report, 31% of the profits actually goes to benefit of the children in Uganda, that isn't a number that I'm good with, but you have to realize that they need to live too. Honestly, learning this information makes me question whether or not to support The Invisible Children Inc. For now I'll will support them, but upon further research that might change.

Richard 4 years ago

And what if there has arisen a sincere movement with sincere goals? One can make up a conspiracy idea on everything. Did we lose any trust in good ideas? Why don't we lock up ourselves in our houses, barricading them and buy guns to protect ourselves... aha.. that's sadly already happening.

ChrisIndellicati profile image

ChrisIndellicati 4 years ago from New York, NY Author

If anyone really wanted to help the children of Uganda and in other third world countries, we'd be speaking out against decades of American and European government foreign policy in that area. The only real reason guy like Joseph Kony and Yoweri Museveni are not being readily apprehended is because they have close ties with the US Govt. The Uganda Peoples Defence Force(UPDF) is guilty of kidnapping children, same crimes as the LRA is but invisible children has stated that the would give their support to the UPDF. Kony and the LRA are a tiny group of 100-200 individuals living in camps in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They have been in active for 5 years plus. Kony is not out kidnapping children now. This slick hollywood style BS is disrespectful and distasteful. Look at how he's putting words into the kids mouth and destroying his sons innocence for millions to see? Same with the African kid Jacob. Putting words into his mouth.

Richard 4 years ago

I haven't heard of Invisible Children Inc either about Jason Russell and saw the "commercial" on Kony for the first time yesterday.

But if one want to make a statement in the world of today, you have to do it on a big scale... You need to "market" it. If the message has to reach a wide population, it has to be attractive and needs some standard ingrediënts, maybe as you call it in "Hollywood style".

Regardless the way you and me look at it, he reached his purpose as we are talking about Kony and things going on in Unganda in general.

Personally I worry a lot about the things going on in the world today, either in Syria, as in Uganda (especially their raising condemnation of gays), as in Europe where we lose more and more rights, as the attack on Christians and churches in Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, etc. And sometimes ask myself how to raise a movement which will be powerful enough to do something against all this. And that seems like impossible, so will not condemn at forehand any initiative before it is proven to be fake or a hoax.

Sorry for my average English as it's not my native language.

profile image

dannyhall6 4 years ago from England

Congratulations! you have joined the group of people who are clever enough to understand that everything shouldn't be taken for face value. I feel sorry for the millions of suckers that have been taken in by kony 2012 (palm face)

Great hub!

paul dilly 4 years ago

if they use actors and big budget it must all be true???...listen to the little kid who is also being brainwashed...just another invasion which just so happens to be rich in minerals and oil... lots more people getting murdered by the facist american state and lower down the pecking order britain etc...what a bollox film.... jacob speaks very good english by the way.....time to wake up and smell the coffee everyone lets start a revolution

910chris profile image

910chris 4 years ago from North Carolina

I think millions are just now starting to put down the kool-aid and are now drinking straight from the source, reality.

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