South East Bexar County Awareness: Media covers the ESD6 Board Reappointment

County Commissioner Precinct 1: Sergio "Chico" Rodriguez.
County Commissioner Precinct 1: Sergio "Chico" Rodriguez.
Email from Mr. Louis T. Rosenberg, ESD6 Attorney to Veronica Gonzales, the Chief of Staff for Commissioner Rodriguez.
Email from Mr. Louis T. Rosenberg, ESD6 Attorney to Veronica Gonzales, the Chief of Staff for Commissioner Rodriguez. | Source

County Commissioner Chico Rodriguez Continues to Pretend He Doesn't Know

A special thanks to Ksat12 and Ms. Molina for having the courage to do a story on a community south of the city of San Antonio in Bexar County.

The citizens of South Bexar County have limited funding to provide fire protection. The county commissioner's court rubber stamped the appointment of the board members that have created this dilemma by spending funds for projects other than fire safety and other items that are unknown as their bookkeeping has been less than stellar.

County Commissioner Rodriguez continues to play himself as being "out of the loop". However, there is documentation that shows that Commissioner Rodriguez and his staff were so far inside the loop he could not touch the rim.


The Community of South Bexar County has pooled their resources in acquiring documentation and have found that to date; Ms. Mendelsohn and County Commissioner Rodriguez have misrepresented themselves, not only to the South Bexar County community, but to the entire city of San Antonio by consistently giving inaccurate information to cover the fact that they were both in constant correspondence on the issues of the ESD6, through the ESD6's attorney, Mr. Louis T. Rosenberg.

The commissioner went on to say that the ESD reports to no one. It is apparent that the county commissioner has not completed his training for the commissioners court when it comes to board laws. If our elected official can work outside the governing law, than how can board members that he appoints be held accountable? How can one oversee a government entity that is required to handle large funds and the safety of an entire community, when he himself is not aware of the policies.

Ignorance of the law does not exonerate one from the guilt or the responsibility, but it creates hardship for those that fall under the lacking principle.

Is the County Commissioner Misrepresenting the truth?

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ESD reports yearly audit to county commissioners.
ESD reports yearly audit to county commissioners.

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Melissa Hammond profile image

Melissa Hammond 6 years ago from San Antonio

To the best of my understanding last night at the Southside Board meeting. The board voted on filing a lawsuit against Chico personal and the commissioners. And give the superintendent the power to contact Texas Commission of Fire Protection and basely anyone and everyone at the city, county and state level about this. Let’s see if Chico is still happy about this. This story is about to make BIG waves, we all pray! It’s about time the whole state to look at this problem that the Chico has made with the help of the commissioners.

It was music to our ears! The ball is rolling people, keep the comments coming and let eveyone know how mad you are! Dont let this story die out!!!!

Or we all will lost.

Mad as Hell 6 years ago

Hey, Melissa! Guess what? I'm Mad as Hell, and I ain't gonna get over it until 1)the current ESD board is removed and entire new board of respectable people of integrity have been seated; 2)Chico Rodriguez has been called out publicly for the liar that he is and hopefully removed from his seat on Commissioner's Court, as well; 3)as much of the money as possible that was spent recklessly by Sylvia, et al is reimbursed to the ESD; and 4) the South Bexar County community and the VFDs are able to experience a feeling of security again. They say it's darkest just before the dawn, and has been terribly dark here lately, but now that KSAT 12 and April Molina have finally come through with some truly factual coverage of this story it seems like I can see a glimmer of light way off on the horizon.

No, we can't give up. We have to keep on notifying the media and commenting on their stories, i.e. Express News article and KSAT 12's Thursday night's coverage of this. The more comments, the better. It's our only way of letting the media know that we're following their coverage and appreciate it. It also allows us the opportunity to get more facts out to the public that maybe don't have the whole story, or even any of the story.

Melissa Hammond profile image

Melissa Hammond 6 years ago from San Antonio

Will guess what Mad as Hell, I”m pass being mad!!! Also to let everyone know we have had a few people try to post comments on the Kast12 site. But it's not working, so I say to everyone please email April at 12. Her email address is at the top of the page on 12. Sorry April but you need to know how people feel about this. I truly hope to see you covering more of this story. Because it's about to get a whole LOT bigger. Mark my words!!!

Chico and the rest of Commissioners Court be ready for some VERY upset community members. I don't think the community will put up with much more lies. We have heard more then we care to hear for the last what 4 or 5 months. It feels like a life time of lies, I'm done with being lied to. And I think so is the whole south side community. Now more then ever we need to band together and show not just Chico, not just commissioners court; but the state we mean business. Because there are a lot more eyes watching this story. We don't like the way Chico is playing games with our community, with our lives. We now need to talk louder and really start email anyone and everyone. This story will not die, it will not get lost in the media. We will not stop till all the lies are on the table and someone answers for all the moneys blown. I'm sick of Chico appointing friends to board so they can hire other friends to do jobs. So they can get kick backs, tax payer dollars. How the hell does a board blow over a million dollars in a year. I can go on and on we all know that. But people of south side keep a close lookout this story it will get bigger. Because there are a lot of people in this communtiy that are madder then hell at this story. And they are not going to take it anymore!

Abecedarian profile image

Abecedarian 6 years ago from These United States, Texas Author

Mad as hell, Melissa, you are both so right. Well, now that the school district made the motion, there should be another ESD6 meeting. I've noticed that when the school district has an ESD6 agenda item, it's just a matter of days when the ESD6 calls an emergency meeting. You all keep up the good work. The truth will prevail. And my mother always says, God never gives you more than you can handle although for you guys it must feel like your load is full.

Please Stop Assuming 6 years ago

I just read that letter that was posted on this site from the attorney to the hon. (honest?) Commissioner Rodriguez office and addressed to the chief of staff there. Nothing says that it was given to the hon. Commissioner Rodriguez.

So if we assume that the hon. Commissioner Rodriguez was given an email sent by the ESDs attorney using your logic, I put forth the following conspiracy theory; maybe veronica planned this a long time ago so that the hon. Commissioner Rodriguez wouldn't be reelected, and never gave the hon. Commissioner Rodriguez any of an email that was send again. I think this is what happend so that my Commssioner would not be elected again. To the honest Commissioner Rodriguez, I say "fire that bitvch!!"

Abecedarian profile image

Abecedarian 6 years ago from These United States, Texas Author

In your world, maybe, but there is much much documentation with the (honest?) Chico Rodriguez's own signature and replies on it. While I agree that his office personnel are rude and arrogant, they do it to cover his honorable behind. Is there no one with integrity anymore, he defends his campaign manager and those ESD6 board members under one breath and then throws them under the bus with another.

Melissa Hammond 6 years ago

The (Honest) Chico Rodriguez knew everything, I know a person that has personal emails replies from Chico him self.

Mad as Hell 6 years ago

To Please Stop Assuming - It would be nice to think that Ms. Veronica is at the bottom of all this because like you say, she could just be fired, but what does that do to stop the actions of the ESD 6? And unfortunately, Chico did most assuredly know what was going on. There's enough emails and letters back and forth between Chico and community members (and others) to disprove the "innocence theory" and besides there was a number of residents from S. Bexar County at the last Commissioner's meeting speaking out against the re-appointments of the current board and the many reasons why. If Chico didn't know before, he certainly should have gotten an education on that day. How can you honestly believe Chico knew nothing about the finances of ESD 6 and the actions of this board. Certain ones of us have amassed a tremendous amount of documentation that proves he knew plus so much more than you can imagine. When the ivory tower that Chico lives in crumbles, will you still be standing by him to defend his "honor"?

JOSE FARINACCI 6 years ago

PLEASE STOP ASSUMING: can i ask what planet do you come from or what planet you live it???? To reply to your statement, I HAVE emails from CHico, he knew all along what took place, what has been taking place. When it comes to honor and integrity, Chico has none,.

Mad as Hell 5 years ago

If you read the comments left by folks on the KSAT 12's comment section (at the bottom of the article - just follow the link up above) you will see that someone suggested putting a coalition together made up of firefighters, their families and community members in order to fight the re-election of Chico. Finally! Someone's thinking with a purpose! I'm ready (been ready) to have a bunch of us get together and start this ball rolling. Now is the time to start organizing a campaign for the right person to run against Chico. It's time to get someone elected that can be concerned about the WHOLE precinct, not just the portion inside the city limits. And concerned about more than just the big money, like maybe the lives and safety of our children, our families and yes our public servants. Help me out, somebody. How do we get this thing going? Where can we meet, and who besides me is interested in getting together to start planning this thing?

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