The President didn’t come up with the idea of the Affordable Care Act to help the poor get affordable health care. The poor always had affordable health care at no cost, but they may have never had health insurance. The mentally ill, physically disabled, and hopelessly poor does not need health insurance. Health insurance is bought and paid for by public and private sector job creators along with the unemployed who have an above average income. To get free health care one must appear dirt poor and have very little material worth. If you get free healthcare, you can’t afford Health Insurance.

When the President said that people shouldn’t have to go broke when they or a love one gets sick, he wasn’t talking to the poor. I believe his concern was for American Workers, not the dirt poor. The poor and the disabled poor are too poor to pay for Health Insurance. Health insurance is not what it used to be. Not long ago Health Insurance was a job benefit offered at 100% without deductibles. HMO’s and all those modified insurance plans and deductibles are the results of unregulated health Insurance; out of control Capitalism.

The Train Wreck concerning The Affordable Care Act the Republican Law Makers have been predicting has begun. The victims of the Train Wreck along with the ACA are Working poor Americans that can't afford Health Insurance, and those that paid their own insurance. The President was mistaken if he thought that the health insurance Industry would allow the health care law to succeed as planned. How can a household or a person earning $20,000 yearly afford a $6,000 yearly insurance deductable? On a Capitalist driven train there is no reverse the train can slow up but never stop. The Health Insurance Industry will bring about its own end and socialize healthcare will be the only answer. The Greed in Capitalism cannot concede, stop or backup. Once the capitalist have all the money the entire Kingdom will fall, then the people will realize the cannibalism in unregulated Capitalism.

December 30, 2013


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junko profile image

junko 2 years ago Author

Will the Health Insurance Industry over play their hand ?

Prakash Dighe profile image

Prakash Dighe 2 years ago from Dallas, Texas, USA

The ACA may not be proceeding the way it was originally perceived, and is certainly facing enormous hurdles. But some of your predictions are perhaps too fatalistic, and over a period of time, the overall state of the country's healthcare might turn out to be better than it is today.

always exploring profile image

always exploring 2 years ago from Southern Illinois

Why do so many people think socialized healthcare is bad? Every other country has it and they love it. I have friends in Canada, England, Sweden and France who tells me, " It is great " The only way we will ever have it here is to demand it. The pharmaceutical and insurance corporations are powerful, but the people are more powerful if we stand up. Keep writing junko!!!!

junko profile image

junko 2 years ago Author

Prakash, I have made no predictions about the ACA, just observations. Capitalism as is, is unsustainable. Rising cost will eventually cannibalize the economy, is a fatalistic prediction I made but, everything is getting too costly and profit has trumped employment. Capitalism must be regulated and Capitalist must pay taxes or America's future could be fatal. Thanks for commenting.

junko profile image

junko 2 years ago Author

Always, communism, socialism and capitalism are all ingredients of Americanism. Socialized Healthcare may replace the ACA. It is said, that so many people think socialized healthcare is bad. Thanks Always

Shyron E Shenko profile image

Shyron E Shenko 2 years ago

Interesting hub you have here, junko, and it will be interesting how the ACA plays out in the future.

Thank you for following me.


teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 2 years ago

The Health Care situation is still one that perplexes even those in Washington. I only hope and pray that this year we will see something come about that will be good for everyone.

junko profile image

junko 2 years ago Author

Thank you Shyron for stopping by and commenting.

junko profile image

junko 2 years ago Author

Thank you Teaches I also hope the ACA will be good for everyone. Iam glad you stop by to express your hope for everyone. We got to keep hope alive.

junko profile image

junko 4 months ago Author

The Healthcare Industry and Medical Device Industry along with many Doctors are claiming lost of income because of the ACA. They say it is no longer profitable to serve the poor because of too many regulations and reforms. What say you?

junko 4 weeks ago

Some people who really need The ACA will vote for Trump, go figure.

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