Labor Wins on Election Day, Loses in Legislature--11/10

Labor Wins on Election Day

Labor and its allies had something to celebrate on Election Day, as all of the AFL-CIO endorsed judical candidates won their elections.

The elections of Democrats David Wecht, Kevin Dougherty and Christine Donohue to the State Supreme Court, Alice Beck-Dubow to Superior Court and Michael Wojick to Commonwealth Court were the result of unprecedented efforts by orgainzed labor for an off-year election.

"Our members understood the critical importance of the Supreme Court, and how it directly affects the rights of workers,” said Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale.

Compromise, or Capitulation?

On Thursday, November 5th. Governor Wolf signed into law a bill designed to prohibit intimidation by unions.

Since stalking, harrassment, etc are already crimes, many saw this as a Republican/Koch Brothers backed effort to stifle legitimate orgainzing and picketing.

The signing of the bill may have been a compromise with the Assembly to get a State Budget passed.


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