Last Minute Desperation!

They're calling Bill Clinton Barack Hussein Obama's human panic button. I'm not sure why such a sleaze ball politician who can't keep his pecker in his pants is such a reverred symbol for the Democratic Party but he is. He is also a known liar so I reckon he and Barky can sit around chewing the fat and swapping lies as easy as can be. Remember "I did not have sexual relations with that woman?" And this bunch wants to talk about anyone waging a War on Women? That's laughable.

So now one day left in the race and the polls in Pennyslvania are tied up 47% to 47% so it's time for Team Obama to trot out their human panic button in the form of Billy Bob Joe Ray Clinton. Now he despises Obama but he's going to play Democratic Party small ball one more time and make four campaign stops in that state for Barky.

Short Memory Or Too Young To Remember?

But there are those who somehow idolize this jerk? He didn't have to tell anyone to lie because he was capable of doing that for himself. There are people who think he speaks the truth at all times? Well, let me share something with you. Other than both of them being consummate liars Clinton and Obama have very little in common. Here we are one day before the general election and Obama is running on Clinton's record. Why? That's easy. Because Obama has nothing but a failed record to run on. Barack Obama is no Bill Clinton as far as being a politician for certain.

Just a few days ago Pennsylvania wasn't on Billy Bob's itinerary. Now he's sent lickety-split to try to bail Barky's loins out of the Quaker State's fire. Billy Bob is a "loins" type of guy ya know? So why is Billy Bob going there and Barky is staying away. Not because Obama isn't in a sweat but because he is sweating profusely. You see Obama isn't very popular in the state, especially with the coal mining industry. Bill Clinton is popular there for some strange reason. My question to the people of Pennyslvania is who are they voting for - Clinton or Obama?

Billy Bob has been acting as a life preserver for quite some time keeping the Obama campaign above political waters. But people are waking up to the fact that Obama is not Bill Clinton in the area of political savvy. Clinton knew when to move back to the center when he was leaning so far to the left that he was about to fall over. Clinton knew when it was time to compromise with the Republican Congress after the 1994 election. After the 2010 election Obama acted like it never happened and now we see what we are seeing. So as a last ditch effort Team Obama is sending Billy Bob in to see if he can pull it out (no pun intended Monica). The other amazing thing is that Team Obama will throw Billy Bob's wife under the Benghazi bus faster than either you or I can bat an eyelash. But Hillary isn't Monica either I reckon.

The differences are stark. Clinton knew how to be bipartisan. Obama does not and he has shown you that. Clinton worked with the Republicans and they cut taxes, cut federal spending, balanced the budget and passed welfare reform. Clinton did NOT do any of that by himself as Democrats seem to want to portray. He did that together with a Republican Congress.

FACTS Hurt? They Are Still FACTS...

Now I ask you to compare the job records of the two Presidents, keeping in mind that you aren't being asked to vote for Bill Bob this time around but Barky instead. Obama hates bipartisanship and Clinton was forced to work with it for the betterment of the nation. Obama has failed and led us down the path of the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression. That's fact #1. Fact #2 is that after spending close to a trillion dollars on a stimulus plan that would insure unemployment never went above 8% we see what we see. For most of his term it has been well above that and only smoke and mirrors from the BLS recently has brought it down slightly. The real rate is said to be around 14.6%.

Fact #3 is that even though Obama promised to cut the federal deficit in half by the end of this term he has run up record deficits for 4 straight years and his Democratically controlled Senate has NOT passed a budget during his term in office. Why not? Bill Clinton had to work with the Republicans and got things done. Obama had both houses of Congress for his first two years and what did he get done? It's called Obamacare and was opposed by the majority of Americans then and now. In the process he has added close to $6 trillion to the national debt.

Fact #4 is that food stamp use has risen by 15 million households during hsi tenure, gas prices have doubled and have you happened to be in a grocery store lately? How much more money do you want to have squeezed out of your budget under the likes of the failed policies of Barack Hussein Obama?

He may have fooled you once. If you are fooled again then you are nothing but a fool. After everything I have witnessed over the past four years Obama is just too hard for this American to believe. Remember that this election is about saving our nation, not saving Barack Hussein Obama's political skin and narcisstic personalty in the process. Obama is no Bill Clinton...

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "God created pollsters to make astrologers look accurate."

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As Always,

The Frog Prince

Remember Tomorrow!!!

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breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 4 years ago

Dear Frog Prince,

This needed to be written and I thank you. I can't believe that I am not able to really sit down and write. I have no electric, heat or food! Of course, I can find food outside but the main thing is that I will not be able to track the voting. This has been a very long and trying 4 years. I hope that somehow we have contributed to a Romney win with our work. Thank you for all you have done. I already cast my vote by hand. I just hope it counts. Many in NJ will find getting to vote extremely difficult. I will share this with everyone I can think of and of course vote it up.

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 4 years ago from Arlington, TX Author

bpop - Hang in there. Obama made a stop for a photo op.

The Frog

Jayfort 4 years ago

I lived in Arkansas from '97 to '02 and was told by many people I met there that when Clinton ran for the Presidency, 50% of the population voted for him to be President and the other 50% voted to get him out of the state.

Ken Burgess profile image

Ken Burgess 4 years ago from Florida

Oh how true that is... Obama is nothing at all like Clinton when it comes to moving to the middle, and being able to get the Republicans to work with him.

That is the biggest problem if he gets re-elected... whether you believe in his ideology or not, Obama will have no political capitol, but a lot of baggage, if he is re-elected... it will mean stagnation for our country for four more years as all they do is fight in Washington.

And if Benghazi gets bad enough, they might even try to impeach him, making him truly ineffectual.

Romney is the only candidate that has any chance of moving us forward as a Nation and turning this economy around and getting it out of Neutral. It's simply political reality, he has no baggage in Washington, and if he learned anything in MA (which he did) as Governor he will work with the Dems... not fight them every step of the way, or tell them to 'get to the back of the bus' like Obama did.

TheManWithNoPants profile image

TheManWithNoPants 4 years ago from Tucson, Az.

Everyone is ... By the way - I couldn't agree more about Clinton. I met him in San Jose and voted for him a month later. America's forgivness for this clown is what opened my left eye politically. 2008 opened my right eye, and that's why I do what I do Jim.

... calling this election very close. I don't think so. I believe it's going to be a Romney victory by a 5 % margin or better. Hope I'm right but I'm the new guy and sometimes I look at things the pros ignore. Voted up and shareing. I have one in the basket and may write a quickie. we'll see.

~ jim

Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 4 years ago from United States

I think this is an important last article. I don't understand why everyone loves Clinton either. No one ever considers the fact that Clinton also enjoyed all the money that the industry created. I sure hope Romney wins in big way! Of course the rigged voting machines will have to be replaced. LOL

drbj profile image

drbj 4 years ago from south Florida

We will finally know the answer tomorrow, Jim, and for America's sake I hope the voters use their heads and vote for a new president who CAN make a positive difference for everyone.

Barbara Hasler 4 years ago

I have worn out 4 key boards these past four year. I am tapped out and weary of those who fail to see where the current regime has led us and the dangerous position that we, as a nation are now facing. I have mailed my mail in ballot and can only hope that what I have posted will be read and acted upon. Hopefully the "free lunch syndrome" will become a thing of the past.

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 4 years ago from Arlington, TX Author

Ken - What you have stated here is absolutely true. Obama's political capital was spent long ago. If the sheeple reelect this fraud our country will be turned upside down and maybe that would be by design. I don't think our left wing citizens have thought this thing out. They see it as a Democrat versus Republican thing and it goes much, much deeper than political party affiliations.

Harry Reid just also stated that if Romney is elected the Senate will not work with him. See where all that sort of thinking comes from? Right from the top of the Democratic Party. We also need to turn the Senate and get Reid out of the position he is in. He is nothing but and has been an obstructionist since 2010 election. That Senate has not passed a budget in 4 damned years. Why not?

The Frog

cjv123 profile image

cjv123 4 years ago from Michigan

ALL needed to be said Frog! Like Pop - I can only hope it somehow SOME of this made a difference and Romney will be swept into office! Well done Frog!

Ghost32 4 years ago

My current level of activism was triggered during the Clinton years. Till the end of my days, 'twill be my firm belief that during his first term--with the nasty assistance of one Eric Holder Lite aka Janet Reno--he brought the nation to the absolute brink of a bloody Civil War. The public in general had no clue, but then again, they seldom do.

THIS year is an exception. Not all, but a LOT MORE people are awakened and aware than was the case in '92 and/or '96 (let alone '08). Tomorrow we get to stick a fork in Obama, 'cause he's DONE.

SassySue1963 4 years ago

Hi Frog,

As I've mentioned before, I am sooooooooo hoping my state is able to pull this off for Romney. Obama is absolutely done if he loses PA. I have to work tomorrow night, so I won't really know how things are leaning until late into the night.

Praying hard, but I honestly believe this is going to go big for Romney.

Faith Reaper profile image

Faith Reaper 4 years ago from southern USA

I always love Pamela's comments, as she makes so much sense.

Amen dear one on this one. God bless. In the morning, it is time to rise and shine and change the scene.

Praying for our Nation big time!!! sharing

lj gonya profile image

lj gonya 4 years ago

Who would ever have believed that the left could come up with someone who would make Clinton and Carter look good? I'm an Ohioan - a praying Ohioan. God bless us all.

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 4 years ago from Arlington, TX Author

lj - Talk to people you know and get them to the polls. We need Ohio back in the "sane" column.


lj gonya profile image

lj gonya 4 years ago

Registered my mother- in -law who has never voted. In our little town we stood in line to vote for half hour - first time in history.

Cassie Ann profile image

Cassie Ann 4 years ago

I am confident that Romney will win and by a larger margin than the polls show. My only concern is my state of Wisconsin. I would love for Romney to win here but have my doubts. One sobering aspect is that when John Kerry was here in 2004 with Bruce Springsteen, he drew a crowd of 80,000. Obama was here with Springsteen and the crowd was a little over 18,000 - which speaks volumes to me.

Once again, nice hub that I tweeted and voted up!!

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 4 years ago from Arlington, TX Author

Cassie - Get at least 5 people you know to the polls. The more the merrier.


Cassie Ann profile image

Cassie Ann 4 years ago

Hey FP - texted two people who were not going to vote and told them I would meet them at the polls and then we could go out for breakfast. It worked! Talked to a man at work yesterday and he said his one vote wouldn't matter. I then found out he leans left cause he is one of those "gimme everything for free" kind of guys and I smiled and told him to stay home then cause I sure wouldn't want him to waste his vote on BO.

By the way, I forgot to mention that I have always thought Bill Clinton was a liar, and never understood why people thought he was so charismatic - it's simply lost on me!

Have a great day-FP.

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 4 years ago from Arlington, TX Author

Ah yes Casie. The old breakfast trick. Good job!


Stu 4 years ago

Hi Frog,

While I dislike both of them, at least Clinton was careful about the budget. He went too far in cutting defense, but he did run surpluses for six of his eight years as President. With Obama, we have nothing but red ink as far as the eye can see, a nation more polarized than any time in US history, crony socialism that would make Karl Marx blush, transnationalism that violates our Constitution, and the most strained relationships with our strategic allies for as far back as I can remember. His energy polcies are crippling us, and when (if?) loan demand picks up, his past monetary policies (printing fiat money now sitting in bank vaults) could easily lead to hyperinflation that causes massive market value declines of peoples' savings (especially long term fixed rate bonds, and common stocks of companies without strong pricing power (which right now is almost all of them)). One can of course blame Bernanke for the money printing, but how much of that could have happened without Obama's approval? It's just like our lack of response to the Benghazi attack; the military didn't "decide" to do nothing - Obama ordered them to do nothing. Our highest military officers were told to "stand down" using the State Department as the "cutout" to protect the repution of the Annointed One. The few officers and enlisted men that disobeyed the order died or were relieved of their military duties. All so Obama could try to keep up the facade that Libya did not turn theocratic after we "helped them attain freedom." A US counterattack would be an admission that the Benghazi tragedy was a well organized terror action, and not a spontaneous mob attack. The absence of a meaningful response to the attack by the new Libyan government dispels any notion that Libya is now "free;" it shows that Obama's nation building in Libya created a monster worse than Gaddaffi. I guess in Obama's world, murder is OK as long as a Shiite terrorist pulls the trigger. But dare I call it murder? Maybe it was just "workplace violence."


The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 4 years ago from Arlington, TX Author

Stu - In Obamaville there is no more Al Qaeda. There are no terrorists just misguided people. He killed bin Laden and they are on the run. Their problem is that intel says they're running around all over Libya.

The Frog

Stu 4 years ago

Exactly Frog. Obama lets the Shiites off with a skate no matter what they do, and only fights Sunni terrorists when it suits his political agenda. In other cases, he knowingly supports Sunni insurgents as long as they are helping him win more "Arab Springs." Obama got what he really wanted, but couldn't say he wanted, in Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Tunisia, and several other nations that would eventually become Shiite run Islamic theocracies. But mark my words, this won't happen in Syria. Assad is a terrible excuse for a President, but Syria only has a small Shiite population. Syria is mostly Sunni. Assad will most assuredly be toppled, but the question is: will Syria become a moderate Sunni state like Jordan, or a bigoted international terror funder like the princes in Saudi Arabia? We simply don't know.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 4 years ago from US

If Romney had just mentioned the Benghazi thing the media would have had to cover it and democrats would have known about it which many didn't. Too bad, so close. God help us. A country against Israel will need it. Let's do hope he is not in charge of his own investigation and that starts soon though, the only hope left. Has Hillary gotten brave enough to show her face yet? Guess the coast is all clear now.

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 4 years ago from Arlington, TX Author

Polly - We're now faced with four more years of gridlock. Possibly having to impeach Obama. I don't see this going down in a civil manner. Obama recently used the word "revenge" and I see him as a very dangerous man.


lj gonya profile image

lj gonya 4 years ago

I turned on the TV briefly this morning and saw a smiling Chris Christie with the caption, "Christie supports Obama". That one ten minute photo session in New Jersey helped a lot. Obviously, Obama intends to turn over a new leaf, be bipartisan and presidential. People ate it up. Of course this is from a culture who now considers reality TV as quality viewing. Is it something in the water or have aliens really sucked out our brains.

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 4 years ago from Arlington, TX Author

lj - Remember that 47% people were talking about? Guess what? The percentage seems to be much greater. More than that want the federal government to be their Nanny.

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