Leaked Economic Plan for Navada, Jackpot for Residents!


Leaked Econ Plan for Nevada

When we hear "Nevada", for most of the country, it invokes pictures of bright Las Vegas Strip lights and sounds of lounge bands drowned out by noisy slot machines. That is about to change drastically. Just a few of the perks of this new plan:

  • Unemployment under 2%
  • All taxes greatly reduced (most to ZERO)
  • All state fees (car, license, business, etc.) reduced to an affordable $10.00 – 20.00
  • Like Alaska, every resident will be paid an estimated $5,000 - $10,000/year

It sounds completely insane and unlikely that this plan will see the light of day. It is much too good to be true. But if it does, all other states will be greatly challenged to keep businesses and families in their state.

Beautiful Nevada Plan

Las Vegas
Las Vegas

Vegas Pirates


Biggest Vegas Jackpot Ever

When I heard the following information I couldn't believe it. Then I was brought into the inner sanctum by a worker in the building. You know the insiders that are assumed to be "just pee-ons." The backbone of all America, entry level workers that are rarely acknowledged. Often, these are the workers that take home less than 5% of the pay that upper management claims to earn. But, that soap box is for another day.

The transformation of Nevada from the bottom of many “Quality of Living” lists to the very top is a long, well thought out plan. I still have my doubts that this politician will survive to make these steps happen. There are too many powers that be that will find it cheaper to kill this person than to fight progress of the state. This is why I don’t dare reveal the author of this plan.

It Starts with Unemployment

The beginning of this radical plan starts with stopping unemployment in Nevada. With this plan all willing and able to work people will be trained and given a job. This will only leave the very small percentage that is mentally or physically unable to work (the right wing’s wet dream of no welfare). The first of the jobs on the list is replacing all street lights with LED lights. You might think this is way too expensive to get passed. The real beauty is it pays for itself. LED street lights cost about 50% less than their counterparts, and give rich clean light rather than a poor yellow haze. The monthly savings per light will be about $4. It gets even better. All mid-block street lights (statistically least likely to be injured by a vehicle crash) will also have new low maintenance vertical wind generators. These super efficient generators start making power at a 5 mph breeze. That will make all public lighting cost next to zero, including all the new jobs. The mass of employees will be paid with a differed pay rate. Their starting pay would be only $10/hour. Then, every year right before Thanksgiving they would get a bonus from the improved savings from the program. This grows each year they are in the program similar to vesting a 401k in 5 years.

New Energy

Big Energy = Big Money

It is written in the plan that new legislation will be introduced to force the power companies that wish to work in Nevada to purchase all green energy at the same prime rates they charge. At first glance this might be argued as restriction of trade. As you will soon see this is far from the truth. The plan has long- term goals of Nevada creating an excess of green power that will make electricity nearly free for Nevadans and becoming our greatest export to other states. Street lights are only a start.

The list includes:

  • ·         Build large vertical wind generators at every public school and park.
  • ·         Build the world’s largest solar program and wind farming in our unused desert.
  • ·         Expand bio-diesel from the largest school bus fleet in the nation to include fill stations for personal transportation.
  • ·         All parking will include standard outlets for electric vehicles.
  • ·         Power cell Research, Development and Production.
  • ·         America’s first vertical farm will be subsidized.

As you can see this politician is selling the very popular green agenda, but secretly is an economist. He/she sees the addiction we have with tech, distraction; transportation, etc. are all fed by power. “Power is currently controlled and abused by big oil. My plan will take a bite from the billions spent all over the world and spend millions locally. This plan is the only responsible financial choice to free us from the murderous oil industry. The oil industry has brought us to war and is currently killing our fellow Americans with cancer clusters, infertility, and pollution… The feel good green effect is for the voter’s sake.”

As a state controlled export, all legal Nevadans will receive dividends in the future from green electricity like Alaskans get for their oil and pipeline. While I have doubt this will happen, I know for a fact that no other state will catch up to Nevada if it does start this plan.

Is the Plan Based in Reality?

Yes, and it starts in a new mind of taxation. This is a mindset that taxes are a basic need and not a punishment. That’s right I said punishment. My family barely has two dimes to rub together, but we would still be punished if anything was passed down to us from the death of a loved one. An estate is all that you grow and pay taxes upon while alive then your family is punished by double taxation of the same funds through estate taxes. You are punished if you start a business and help others by hiring employees and having to pay withholding and payroll taxes. You are punished every year with property tax when you stabilize your residency by purchasing a home. You are punished as a business with income and franchise tax. Here is a basic list of taxes in Nevada which is considered to be one of the best states for a business start-up.

Miscellaneous Nevada taxes, including capital stock, chain stores, energy, gross receipts, information reporting, initial organization, qualification, licenses, gross premiums, minerals, motor vehicles, stock transfer and more.

Nevada taxation of corporations, including state income and franchise tax nexus and doing business, allocation and apportionment, business and non-business income, consolidated and combined returns, and more.

Nevada payroll taxes, including state wage withholding, unemployment insurance, audits, planning, returns, reports and more.

Nevada taxation or other treatment of pass-through entities and their owners, including estates, limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships, S corporations, trusts and more.

Nevada property taxes include personal property, intangible property, real property, exemptions and abatements, free-port, inventory, valuation methods and more.

Nevada taxation of individuals, including alternative minimum tax, capital gains and losses, credits, deductions, exemptions, state resident versus nonresident, death, estate, gift, inheritance and more.

As you can now see current tax law is nuts and that is not just an opinion, it’s a known fact. There are only a few professionals that enjoy our tax systems - they are tax attorneys! And if you can afford one you can get your overall tax percentage reduced. The Nevada Plan includes streamlining all taxes and fees into one state sales tax. This is not a new strategy you can find a growing community that now hear and want the tenants of “The Fair Tax”. You might tell from my less than eloquent writing style that I lack a college degree. But, even an uneducated “Average Joe” like me can see “The Fair Tax”, “Flat Tax”, or combination of the two would be a billion times better than the current tax codes and the over $3 million per day (of our tax dollars spent) to collect and enforce them. Apparently this politician agrees. He/she has incorporated the increase in sales tax to finance this plan. As quickly as the new sales tax is instated all the other costly red tape inducing taxes will be dropped and fees will be greatly reduced.

Can a Child (17) Be Heard Now?

Thank You

Thank you for reading and passing this information to others, the insider and I believe this plan could revolutionize American politics and restore our global good name. We also agree there is very real danger to this person. Think about it, lobbyists are spending millions to control the current puppets in DC. Is it too much to reason that one of them might spend a few hundred thousand to kill anyone that would take their access and influence away? I trust this plan will be demonized by one side or the other. I can see Glenn Beck or Stephen Colbert saying, “Once again someone is trying to gamble our money away with a socialist agenda.” Or Huffington Post calling for an investigation into what huge corporation is this politician cozily living in the pocket of? The whole crew of “The Daily Show” will do some spoof packing up and moving to Vegas. The later is not so bad; I look forward to seeing you here in Vegas Olivia Munn (love the new show). Anyway, I am just one of the over 14% of unemployed schmucks that would really love for this plan to become reality. My hope is that it gains some local notoriety before it is publicly announced by the author or before some other state now starts it. Special thanks to my insider friend that risked his job to share this information (usually the best I get is local celebrity gossip). And a very big thanks to everyone that facebook, tweets, comments, or writes any expanding coverage of this yet to be released plan.

And please big oil and puppets they control don't shoot the messenger.


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