Letter to Parliament


Dear Members of Parliament

Good day,

Firstly I would like to say thank you to those MP’s who are willing to work for Canada and Canadians.
Now the next thing I would like to say is that I along with many Canadians are very upset with the direction this country has taken by the current government.

Canada is in trouble.

We have a great number of unemployed, homeless, those who need medical attention quickly, and those who want but can not afford post-secondary education etc.

When a nation has these issues then we must step up and help them. Help must always be given to our own before we can help others. A hurting nation can not help others unless their wounds are healed and in our case the wounds are unemployment, homeless etc.

Some will say that we have a low unemployment rate compared to others, but I say that even a handful of unemployed is too much, even one person suffering is one too many.

SO how is it that our leaders, people who work for us are unwilling to help us? How can a leader consciously make a decision to bring in refugees or immigrants—skilled labor when we have a large number of people looking for work here.

Would it not make more sense to help our people get these jobs, and if they don't have the education, then help them get the education so that they can get those jobs and then once all our countrymen are employed, then and only then go outside our border to look for more skilled laborer to fill any other vacancies?

Does this not make sense to any of you? It seems very clear to me. Perhaps I need to take one of your jobs and make these very obvious decisions.

Now as for education. What we need is for our government to take action against the utterly stupid high tuition rates. To say that no person need to start paying back a student loan until they make $25,000 or more a year is ridiculous. After deductions, that is less than $2000 a month, and once you look at it, you too will realize that no person can live on even $2000 a month. Look at how much you all pay your selves. Maybe you all need to take a wage cut so you can see how hard it is for the average Canadian to make ends meet.

I would love to talk to our Prime Minister and the rest of the overpaid people in Parliament, if you would actually listen to me. I would be able to explain how life really is for the real people living in the real world. You all live in a fairy tale, that is how it seems to us who struggle month to month.

Now I will end with this thought.
Jobs. Why is Canada making deals with countries that are taking Jobs from Canadians. Why make deals with foreign business when we should be building jobs here. Canada should be building factories where we design and build our own military equipment such as aircraft, ships, subs, trucks, armored vehicles etc. It is utterly stupid to trust a foreign nation to build equipment for our security and safety of our troops. When it comes to the security and safety of our country and our soldiers we can not trust a foreign country, we must design and build our own . Not to mention it will employ our people.

Oh yes, one last thing. What the heck is going on with our utility rates? Our natural gas AND HYDRO? Why are we giving away (or nearly giving away) hydro to the US when our citizens are paying extremely high rates...being forced to choose between clothing and hydro, or food and hydro or losing their homes?

I strongly urge all members of our government take a long hard look at what is REALLY going on in this country. There are no sunny days for us. We, the average Canadian is living in a dark and gruesome storm.
It is not just the job, but the duty of our government and MP’s to do what is best for Canadians, to put us first before going outside of our borders. You all are supposed to work for us, we hired you, we can fire you.

I will say that I am very happy that Veterans are getting help, that is very important.


Angry Canadian


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thomasczech profile image

thomasczech 2 months ago from Canada Author

It isn't good here, not under Trudeau. I have said to many people that I would take Trump over Trudeau any day, and I even gave thought to moving to the US if Trump is elected. But if Hillary gets in, all North America if not he world is in trouble. Our Healthcare system isn't too bad in some ways. We are short of doctors and nurses. Otherwise the system is good. I can go to any doctor (if one is available) , or hospital and be seen, and leave without getting a bill.

Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

Dont Taze Me Bro 2 months ago from Tazeland Islands

Are things really that bad in Canada? What I hear in the media here is that the US should be emulating Canadian healthcare system and gee, it seems all Hollywood is planning to move there if Trump gets elected in the USA.

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