Liberal Jihadist

On September 11, 2001, America was attacked by the most insidious enemy ever encountered; Muslim Jihadist! Well, on January 20, 2009 America swore in as its new president and even more insidious enemy that this country will ever encounter, a Liberal Jihadist!

Extreme you say? Let's look at what the election of this individual represents. He is the product of a system of left wing liberal universities whose basic objective is clearly to indoctrinate students. This same group of students who overwhelmingly voted for and zealously worked on behalf of this Socialists. Through liberal indoctrination they are teaching students what to think instead of how to think. The end result is the election of a socialist president who will finally implement their Marxist vision for this country.

In less than eight months this President has progressed almost at the speed of light dismantling our capitalistic economy! He has appointed some 30 plus Czars answerable only to himself. These Czars oversee everything from CEO salaries to implementing his supposed Stimulus Package. The same package that was heralded as the stop gap for unemployment but instead has facilitated the rising of it to now almost Jimmy Carter levels!

Not only has his policies had a devastating effect on domestic affairs, his apology tour has served as the impetus to embolden our enemies and alienate our friends. Prior to his visit to Russia it was leaked, by Russia, that he had written a “secret letter” to Russian “president” Dmitri Medvedev which reportedly proposed that the U.S. would back away from its planned missile defense system in Eastern Europe if Russia would force Iran to shut down its long-range missile program. If such a letter does not diminish the U.S. commitment to making sure that Poland, the Czech Republic and other NATO members remain securie and free from possible Russian intervention/occupation what does? It is and outright proposal to sell America’s allies in Eastern Europe down the river, exposing them to Russia once again swallowing them up. Only a simpleton would fail to realize that the Kremlin could only understand this gesture to mean the U.S. does not care about these allies and will allow Russia to pulverize its helpless neighbors so long as U.S. strategic interests are not interfered with. Thus the Kremlin was led to believe that even more concessions could be extracted from Obama if he was willing to offer this up prior to the first word being spoken!

 On Jan. 11, 2009, just 9 days prior to the inauguration of this Liberal Jihadist, China launched a missile into outer space aimed at the Feng Yun 1C, a Chinese meteorological satellite drifting 535 miles above the Earth which smashed the seven-year-old orbiter into a cloud of space dust. This demonstration of an ability to destroy satellites in orbit means China now has the means to counter U.S. technological might. It has the capability to knock out the eyes in the heavens for the U.S.! The Chinese understand how dependent the Americans are on these spy satellites and now they have the capability to shoot them down. The timing of such a demonstration of might after remaining militarily dormant for the last eight years America was under the Bush administration gives and alarming indication of China's total disrespect for this current Paper Tiger we have as Commander and Chief!

During his first foreign trip, after apologizing to the French for our arrogance and dismissiveness, he hit Latin American where he sat through Nicaraguan President Danielle Ortega's 50-minute diatribe against the United States and issued even more meek apologies. That was right before he enjoyed some quality time with Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and even took home some good anti-American reading.

From there he went to Cairo where he addressed the Muslim World. After quoting from the Quran he called for a "new beginning between the United States and the Muslim World. He followed with an apology for the U.S.-led war in Iraq. Continuing on he issued a firm call to the Jewish state to live up to their international obligations saying tension "has been fed by colonialism that denied rights and opportunities to many Muslims." Finally he pledged to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear recalling a prayer called of "azaan" at dawn and dusk while living in Indonesia as a boy.

 If this Liberal Jihadist really wants to apologize to people, perhaps he should do so to the U.S. taxpayers whom he is bankrupting well as all our veterans who along with their comrades shed their blood for the freedom of most of those to whom he is now apologizing!


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Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

Was there not a gigantic deficit before Obama? And about the "freedom" you fought for ... hmm, I think it was oil not freedom that people lost their lives in Iraq for ...

"Turn off the television cousin"

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jiberish 7 years ago from florida

Mr. Obama is our current 911, and those who know nothing about history, are damned to repeat it.

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Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

Is it 911 as in "call 911" or were you speaking of 9/11? I'm confused ...

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jiberish 7 years ago from florida

9/11.....and I'm sure you are.

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Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

Well, if it's 9/11 again we should call 911 ...

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Shil1978 7 years ago

Hmm - I think blaming Obama for all evils (imagined IMHO) is becoming a fashion these days!!! Was the Bush era a far better one?

Partisan Patriot 7 years ago Author

Well, like it or not; admit it or not, he kept you and all your liberal pals safe for 8 years! Also, if you would put down the kool aid and quit watching for Hale Bop to circle around again you would realize Barney Frank, Maxine Waters and your god to end all gods Bill Clinton not George Bush was responsible for the housing market collapse via Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac which precipitated the economic crisis which your Messiah has managed to exacerbate to epic proportions!

Partisan Patriot 7 years ago Author

Mr. Happy; that apparently describes what you're on in order to swallow this Obama Hype. I'll tell you the same thing I told your Liberal pal Shil1978, like it or not; admit it or not, he kept you and all your liberal pals safe for 8 years! Also, if you would put down the kool aid and quit watching for Hale Bop to circle around again you would realize Barney Frank, Maxine Waters and your god to end all gods Bill Clinton not George Bush was responsible for the housing market collapse via Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac which precipitated the economic crisis which your Messiah has managed to exacerbate to epic proportions! As far as your absurd "talking points" war for oil remarks, I don't see us profiting from all the oil being pumped out of Iraq these days. But as you and your kind continue to propose, let's let Brazil drill off shore with our money and China mine coal then sell it back to us or better yet produce the products we eventually buy from them while we continue to loose 500,000 plus jobs per month. But don't worry Cap and Trade will eventually destroy what's left of our economy!

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Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

I appreciate your passion ... only if it had a better direction. I am beyond left and right or conservative and liberal. One side is more corrupted than the other; for the most part they are the same. People are still hungry, uneducated and feeding on the bullshit the corporate media allows them to see, all is the same republicans or democrats in government - the outcome is still the same: financial slavery of the masses.

Do not be naive ... all the contracts for rebuilding Iraq went somewhere ... all the armament bought made profit for someone ... and yes the oil companies did not fully get what they wanted but a lot of people made money out of this war, as usual (every war makes money for some).

Watch the "Obama Deception" ... think what you want of my "name".

Partisan Patriot 7 years ago Author

You sound intelligent and with intelligence comes the ability coupled with the responsibility for critical thinking. There is some truth to your premise all politicians are corrupt and our system as a whole is corrupt but unfortunately we live in a not so perfect world and as such we are left with two basic choices. Do we allow the Corporations to succeed which results in the opportunity for individual success through the capitalist system or do we allow government to completely dictate every aspect of our lives. If you choose the latter you loose all hope of individual success and capitulate to mass failure through redistribution of wealth. This is what Obama and his socialists are proposing.

People have always been hungry and always will be hungry. You don't make them any less hungry by punishing the successful amongst us. You only make more people hungry for the successful will take their marbles and go home if not allowed to make a profit. Then the economy will collapse.

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Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

Read my blog "the system" ... who makes these people rich? Who buys gasoline from Shell making it rich? Who works pumping gas for next to nothing per hour? Who spends money at Wallmart? Who pays for tickets at a baseball game to watch Vernon Wells play? Who pays for a politicians to feed their fat bellies? The common man ... the man who is living paycheck to paycheck ... let the economy collapse - let the whole system collapse because it is flawed to the roots. The poor people know what hunger is and will survive, on the other hand I heard of billionaires committing suicide after loosing half of their fortunes. I guess they were not happy being millionaires, it wasn't good enough. I am hoping for more of them to do the same.

Burn down the Federal Reserve Bank, make special interest groups working in Washington illegal and try again at forming a democratic society because this one failed due to greed. People do not have to be hungry - it is only when one man has taken too much that another will not have enough.

Partisan Patriot 7 years ago Author

Sorry Mr. Happy but you sound a lot like Obama's hero, Karl Marx. You know the one he stole the line used when confronted by Joe the Plumber after paraphrasing it. The world isn't perfect. Those that make it to whatever level they make it to along the economic chain do so because of intellect, ingenuity and tenacity; tenacity being the most important of the three. I personally developed tenacity from participation in sports where I learned never give up; never quit! Seems you would have benefitted from sports also.

The people who buy gasoline from Shell do so at their own accord because they need it to make their own personal lives better. Those who work pumping gas for; as you say next to nothing per hour are doing so; if such a service still exist because they chose early on in life not to avail themselves of the free education being offered them and this is what they are left with. Fortunately we have a system that pays one what he or she is worth in terms of their individual intellectual prowess; unless of course they are a member of a group of extortionist commonly known as Unions! Wall-mart is a shinning example of successful American enterprise and I sincerely hope you and your crowd don't bring it down through this band of Merry Socialists you elected. Baseball, is entertainment for millions; they attend by choice, no one forces anyone to a ball game! The common man does indeed pay these corrupt politicians and I hope enough of these common men/women wake up from their drunken "yes we can" stupor to throw this current bunch out on their socialists rears! America is the last best hope for mankind and if it collapses the entire world will be left to Despots like Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein, (not to be confused with Barrack Hussein Obama) and those of us that are willing to open our eyes see and have seen what this group and their predecessors have done to the people. Your poor people, whom you choose to champion suffer greater under this group because they have nothing to offer this less compassionate system and as such are the most expendable. Human life has no value to these dictators!

Wake up my Liberal Pollyanna before you and your kind facilitate evil despots such as Kim Jong Il or Achmedinijad the opportunity to blow us all to Nirvana!

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readytoescape 7 years ago from Central Florida

Boy Mister Happy do have it all wrong or have you decided the chicken came before the egg? All of those people that do all the paying your crying about have to earn it somewhere. Yes they may live paycheck to paycheck but at least they were getting one before this administration’s debacle. Oh by the way those paychecks come from the “Fat Cats” you deplore. For example those crafty entrepreneurs that provide this website for you to spout.

On one thing we agree, our system is flawed, but not to the roots, It has been flawed by the influx of socialist thinking that they in government know what is best for you the people. The basic tenants of the constitution are completely sound. It’s government’s increasing controls and regulations that impede the dream.

The Obama-ettes are trying to push this entire philosophy, a rather old one I might add, through attempts to “nudge” the public with, perceived Give-aways (C4C), Sin taxes (Alcohol & Cigarettes) and now this idiotic Healthcare Plan that does not address real health care problems.

They demonize Corporations as the evil-doers, you know the ones that actually provide jobs in our economy, and easily convince Kool-Aid drinkers to believe the Government will provide for all their wants and needs. What the Kool-Aid drinkers are really giving away is their freedom, freedom to think, freedom to earn, freedom to live as they choose.

Government is a consumer of assets the entrepreneurs are the providers. With more interference comes lessened production. Increased taxation to fund idiotic programs dreamed up by the left to “ease the suffering of the masses” is what is killing this economy and driving to homelessness and hunger. Oh yes it also makes it easier to control these masses because they will now look to government to solve their problems.

Give a man a fish and he will eat for one day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. Take away the taxation, the regulation, and the government control that is intended stifle business and to redistribute the wealth and will all eat at a very full table.

Partisan Patriot 7 years ago Author

Thanks readytoescape for the impassioned articulate defense. It is encouraging to see there are those like myself that have looked behind of the curtain of Big Government and have seen who is pulling the levers and controlling the Giant Talking Head (Barrack Hussein Obama). It's the likes of Saul Alinsky, William Ayers, Reverend Wright and the evil one himself, Karl Marx! We can only hope enough of the 2009 kool aid drinkers wake up by 2010!

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 7 years ago

Fantastic HUB...

I am onboard one hundred percent..

cdggt 7 years ago

readytoescape, I was going to make a long comment on this post but you already said it better than I could.


It's nice to know that I'm not the only sane one left.

Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

"Take away the taxation, the regulation, and the government control that is intended stifle business and to redistribute the wealth and will all eat at a very full table."

Bush took away the "regulations" and look what happened in the real estate business and in the banking system - everyone stole as much as they could ... no regulations ... what are you thinking or are you thinking?

Take away taxes and how will firefighters, cops and/or paramedics get paid. Who will pay for roads, infrastructure and for the education system? Ohh sorry I forgot you greedy smart guys have money to pay for education and the rest, so everyone else can screw themselves.

Again I would like to call for a boycott of Wallmart, Shell, Nike and the like ... let's see how much money these corporations will make when the stupid common man who was not "smart-enough" to make millions will stop buying their goods and services. Let us see then, where the "power" of bargain lies. You praise Wallmart? You say they create jobs? You know nothing! They outsource jobs, they eradicate small business owners, they mistreat their workers and so on. Do we live in the same world? Do you know what child labor is? How can you say corporations are good? Someone wrote a post yesterday titled "Corporations are Evil." I think you should read the post because the guy knows what he's talking about - he worked for a corporation.

We are where we are (in a state of decay world-wide) because of greed, because some people like Ted Turner, Bill Gates and the like create monopolies and eliminate competition. We need social justice not democrats who pretend they are not republicans and republicans who pretend to have a heart and/or morals. By choice the common man should stop consuming as much as possible until all these greedy pig-fuckers realize who's sweat their millions come from. This is my advice: buy nothing unless it is critical you do so.

readytoescape profile image

readytoescape 7 years ago from Central Florida

Firstly and most importantly, Partisan and cdggt thank you for you comments and praise.

Mr. Happy, in typical liberal fashion ridicule without thought is your only weapon, but my friend you brought a rubber knife to a gunfight. I really hate to get into a battle of wits with an unarmed assailant however apparently you need an education so that you may learn from the errors of your belief in the Kool-aid drinking society.

You blame the banking debacle on Mr. Bush well sir it was the Clinton administration that finalized the plans the Carter administration began with, the Community Reinvestment Act and your friends Barney Frank & Chris Dodd that empowered Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac that created the credit debacle. I suggest you find out the facts and investigate instead of ignore the millions that were stolen by them and their cronies and the trillions of dollars lost from the marketplace as a result. You may also note that since this began or economy has been hemorraging jobs at a rate of over 500k per month. The common mans' jobs.

You suggest we will all be millionaires if we don’t purchase needed products from the large corporations, excuse me but where does the common man purchase the necessities of the American lifestyle? You know little things like food, shelter. Oh and if they can find these things on their own where do they get the money to pay for said needs? And where does the common man’s money that he is not spending come from? Most of us call them paychecks, (well there used to be more of us)usually provided by those evil corporations either directly or indirectly.

Outsourcing is a direct result of over taxation, over regulation, union and government interference with the free market.

Wake up to the truth. Drink a beer or a glass of milk instead of the Kool-Aid.

Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

I never suggested that we will be millionaires if we do not purchase "things" - I think it will be for the better though. And you know what ... people bought "things" before corporations existed ... wherever "things" come from (the people who make them for example - corporations are not the only places "things" are made, although that has been the trade more and more). And people also got paid before corporations existed ... paychecks do not die with corporations.

Outsourcing is a direct result of greed - wanting to make more profit and paying kids 16c an hour in Cambodia for example. You can cut all taxes, hell you can subsides these greedy companies and you still cannot find people in North America that will work for 16c an hour. Do not give me the "union" crap - Nike pays kids to make running shoes in South East Asia and that is also how Wallmart has such cheap prices. Who in North America will work for that amount? (take out all taxes, unions and what else you want)

And I am not getting your Kool-Aid joke ... sorry must be your favorite though because you keep mentioning it.

Partisan Patriot 7 years ago Author

Mr. Happy, or I must the handle is somewhat oxymoronic, you're more like Mr. Doomsday! I have one question for you; Have you ever gotten a job from a poor man? Didn't think so! But wait a minuet, you and your fellow Obama supporters don't work. Most of you just sit and squawk; you should be known as the Seagull Society; You just sit, Defecate with an S, and Squawk!

Next question, think about this one; I know it's hard. How does making the rich poorer help make the poor richer? Obviously it doesn't but does it make them and you feel better to bring those that provide the fuel for the capitalistic system to go down and with them the entire system? In a twisted perverted way I guess it does!

Yes, people bought "things" before corporations existed, I believe that was during a time streets were dirt and people rode horses. You also assert people also got paid before corporations existed. Well who paid them? Business whether large or small; call them whatever you want; Corporations or small business pay the people. Government does not pay anyone it only takes what people earn.

Your next Marxist assertion, "Outsourcing is a direct result of greed". No Outsourcing is the result of greedy unions coupled with their willing accomplices "the trial lawyers" forcing companies off shore. No company can exist in this business unfriendly environment!

As far as your lack of understanding of the kool aid reference, I'm sure you do understand because you obviously have gulped enough of it which is the only explanation for your totally Peter Pan Philosophy. But fear not my liberal friend; Hale Bop is due early fall so get yourself another pair of Keds and sit outside awaiting its return for your final trip to Nirvana!

Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

"I am beyond left and right or conservative and liberal." ... I wrote that in an earlier post in response to you but I guess when one is fuming out of their ears it is hard to pay attention. I am not an Obama supporter ... at this point I could care less if you believe me.

You say: "How does making the rich poorer help make the poor richer?" ... well, it happens just as you say Sir, in a "transfer" of wealth or in a fairer movement of wealth. For example a cap on profit or higher taxation after profits soar. It works very well in Nordic European countries. You get a liver transplant in Sweeden for like ten bucks. Let us stay on point though, my bad for "derailing" here.

You continue by saying: "Business whether large or small; call them whatever you want; Corporations or small business pay the people." A small business and a corporation are very different. Corporations eat small business for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A small business cannot and would not go to "manufacture" goods in another country in order to be able to use children as "labor" paying them 16c an hour. A small business would employ locals thus supporting the local economy - that is not destructive as corporations are.

I told you earlier why corporations, especially the ones involved in the manufacturing sector are outsourcing. The "cheap" labor they get in South East Asia is unmatchable here in North America. If you think Mexicans work for less than some Americans then, think about how appealing the idea of kids working at a rate of 16c an hour is in terms of profit. Look at the tags on items you buy. Where is everything made? In Asia or South-east Asia for the most part in terms of consumer goods because it is the cheapest place. How can North America compete in that sense? Jobs would not stay here like I said earlier even if you subsidized these corporations ... a corporation only cares for profit - it goes where it can make the most amount of it.

Drop the Kool-Aid "thing" ... it's getting you nowhere.

Partisan Patriot 7 years ago Author

OK, Mr. Happy, last attempt to bring you back to earth; then I'll stay here and you grab hold of Hale Bop and off to Nirvana. Please do so before the 2010 elections account enough of you and your socialists buddies are responsible for this mess we find ourselves in today known as Barrack Hussein Obama Land!

You can profess to be beyond right or left but sir, you are at least one zip code left of Karl Marx! Only Marxist believe in a society based on a transfer of wealth and refer to it as a fairer movement of wealth. It has been tried over and over in this world by Despots, the last great society attempting to rule the world and impose such a system was the Soviet Union. This system,which you applaud was the most evil corrupt form of tyranny imposed upon suffering people since Hitler's Nazi Germany which I assume you also supported.

You can't believe Nordic European Countries have a better health care system than this country you continue to disparage but for some reason remain in. You may very well be able to get liver transplant in Sweden for ten bucks but how many a year can their government afford to pay for? See you and your socialist friends that clamor for health care reform refuse to acknowledge it is a system based on rationing. The government dictates how many per year it can and will pay for. But in your socialist mind it's OK, at least everyone suffers and dies equally from lack of care.

I am very well aware of the critical role small business plays in our society. My son and his wife are currently trying desperately to survive in this wretched economic environment your hero Barrack Hussein Obama has created in just eight short months. Their enemy is not any large corporation their enemy is this merry band of socialist you and your pals elected. As you say a small business cannot go off shore. If they could thhey would do so in order to escape the confiscatory taxes about to be imposed upon them. That is why so many of them are doomed to failure under this newly elected Czar.

Large corporations that are able, will leave this country faster than you and your fellow believers will run after Hale Bop in your Keds to escape this unjust planet. Never before has business, large and small, been confronted by such an UNFRIENDLY ADMINISTRATION. Cap and Trade, coupled with your health care, Public Option, $10 per liver transplant, bill which you champion will be the last nail in their coffin! So my friend you and your fellow believers will have succeeded in destroying the greatest country God ever gave to man. You do believe in God don't you?

Sorry about my redundancy regarding "the Kool-Aid thing" as you refer to it. But, as long as you and your fellow socialists continue to gulp it down just prior to taking off for Never Never Land the Jim Jones reference remains applicable. Idealism is truly a wonderful thing when held in check by reality. This is not your perfect world and dismantling mankind's last best hope will not further your cause to create the perfect world you envision. Destroy this country and the void will only be filled by the thousands of Despots just waiting to rush in.

Without America Hitler would not have been stopped, the Soviet Union would not have fallen and Saddam Hussein would still be running people through his shredders just to cite a few examples!

Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

Fine, do not believe me that I could care less about Obama. Do believe me when I say thought, that the USSR, China, Vietnam and the like are/were all failed socialist states. The reasons are many, one of them being that "power corrupts" and be it Mao or Stalin ... they screwed everything up.

You still have not addressed my point on why corporations take their manufacturing of goods to South-East Asia. You keep drilling me with "confiscatory taxes" and I keep saying that even if you erased all the taxes, every single one of them you could not convince Nike to make their shoes (for example) in North America. They will not do it - not when they can pay children to do that work for cents per hour.

I will put up a quote and you do what you want with it:

"Sweden’s entire population has equal access to health care services. The Swedish health care system is government-funded and heavily decentralized. The health care system in Sweden is financed primarily through taxes levied by county councils and municipalities ... Urgent cases are always prioritized and emergent cases are treated immediately. The national guarantee of care states that a patient should be able to get an appointment with a primary care physician within 3 days of contacting the clinic. If referred to a specialist by the GP, they should get an appointment within 14 days, and if treatment is deemed necessary by the specialist, it should be given within 30 days."

Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

partisan Patriot 7 years ago

Mr. Happy, how shall I start? I know I’ll write this rebuttal in phraseology you can understand and relate to. Once upon a time in a land far far away……are you with me so far; am I doing? OK, now that I have your attention, gather Mr. Dopey, Mr. Sneezy, Mr. Grumpy and the rest. Tell them to cease with the Hi Ho for awhile and like yourself, listen!

First, the USSR, China, Vietnam and the like all failed not because of Mao or Stalin but because socialism is inherently predicated upon a failed premise! Take away individual incentive and you take away the desire to produce. You cannot de-incentivize people by redistributing the fruits of their labor and expect them to continue to produce. This is so simple I cannot understand why you and your fellow socialist cannot grasp the simplicity of it. You continue to rant on and on attempting to blame those that implement the system on their unwilling subjects instead of examining the wretched system itself.

Next I will address your concern as to why corporations take their manufacturing of goods to South-East Asia or any other country they can. Confiscatory taxes are certainly a prime reason but there is an equal partner in this scenario. I speak from experience here. Before becoming a retired political pundit and teacher of men, I spent 37 years as a supervisor in a heavily unionized industry. It sickened me more and more each year as I watched one by one, employees whom I had considered beyond reproach fall victim to the trial lawyers lure and file frivolous injury law suits! Millions of dollars were paid out to these employees faking injuries, which we had on surveillance video clearly countering their claims. Yet the trial lawyers had the capability to change the venue in which the case was tried to a location in which plaintiff friendly juries could be selected. Regardless what the facts of the case were or what the video showed; to the juries; comprised of individuals such as you, it always came down to the poor little employee vs. the big bad corporation. So yes, Corporations have been forced off shore because of confiscatory taxes and potential liability from frivolous lawsuits. And Mr. Happy, this will only get worse under the Messiah!

Why is it you and your fellow Michael Moore types continue to point to other country’s health care systems as being so superior? At least you chose Sweden instead of Cuba like your fellow socialist Michael Moore. I have a question for you, had not the United States intervened in World War 2 would not Sweden and the other defenseless countries you so admire now all be Sigh Heiling instead of having access to such wonderful health care services. No, I’m not off point here. America was able to defeat the evil Axis Powers not because of its socialism but because its’ capitalist based economy was able to gear up production once on a war footing! Americans rolled up their sleeves and collectively saved the world so your much admired, how did you previously put this; Nordic European Countries, could exist! Sorry Mr. Happy but I’ve done all I can for you; some people have spent so much time with Peter Pan on Never Never Land there is no way to bring them back. All I ask is just please don’t vote in 2010!

Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

I am going to start backwards here for your last comments were the most foul ones. I suggest before you become the "teacher of men" you teach yourself some American history.

Wow you are so wrong I feel like you should check-out a high-school for a history course. "America" did not alone defeat the "evil Axis powers" ... they were part of the Allied forces as you might recall. Also at the time of war the entire economy produced what the government wanted people to produce: armament. It was not Joe Blow who decided to switch from making ford sedans to tanks. Government "interference" was needed. The United States support on the Allied side was crucial do not get me wrong but the fact that an ocean separated it from the infernal battlegrounds of Europe also kept it safer than any other nation. There were many reasons why the Allied forces won the war but America's capitalistic system was not one of great importance as you make it sound.

You have yet to make me understand how you can stop the manufacturing industry from leaving North America and paying 16c an hour to kids in third world countries? I guess you are ignoring this subject because you have nothing to say. Gigantic corporations such as Wallmart and Nike (to name just a couple) are looking to increase profits by paying children next to nothing - this is not something that can be done on the North American continent. So, they leave ... it is not taxation that is making them go abroad it is the cheap labor they go for.

Moving on you say: "Take away individual incentive and you take away the desire to produce." By individual incentives I presume that you mean profit. If I am not wrong I would like to point out that there are NPOs and NGOs who "produce" and "work" without or with very little profit.

By the way, I am in no way arguing that people should not make a living or make a profit as you like it ... it is where we draw the line that I am more concerned of. Everything in this world as we know it has limits, so should profit or the amount of profit one can make.

Partisan Patriot 7 years ago Author

All I can say here Mr. Happy is you must be a lot younger than I which explains your twisted understanding of World War Two. True the economy produced what the government wanted it to produce but it was able to do so in such rapid fashion and with such a high degree of success because it was a FREE MARKET ECONOMY! Those auto plants that switched from sedans to tanks were FREE MARKET AUTO PLANTS!

I understand we were only part of the alliance but I contend we were the most critical part. Prior to America’s entry Germany had defeated and occupied Poland, Austria, Czech Sudetenland, Bohemia, Moravia, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France. England virtually stood alone against Nazi Germany and Italy. We my friend, the United States of America entered the war; granted the bombing of Pearl Harbor gave us a much needed push, but we saved the day. I know this is hard for you liberal Blame America First Crowd to accept but it was the good ole U.S. of A. that saved the world.

There was one reason and one reason alone we won the war and it ended when it did. It is known as the Atomic Bomb! We developed it first and had the vision and courage to use it. This massive weapon of destruction was developed because of American Capitalism. We had the better scientist working in a free economy which enabled us to develop this technology first

I have repeatedly explained to you why the manufacturing industry left and continues to leave North America. Say what you want and hang on to your illusion but it is primarily because of high taxes, employee liability and here’s the third one excessive government regulations. And Cap and Trade will be the final straw in driving what little industry we have left out of this country. It is not that I am ignoring anything; I’m saying you’re just not listening!

Keep attacking Wallmart and you and your pals will succeed in running it out of the country. Sam Walton does not need the headaches. He provides a great service to hundreds of thousands whom he employs and millions who shop in his stores. But keep after him my liberal friend and you’ll successfully close another center for employment!

Of course I mean profit. Before you and your liberal gang ceased power through subterfuge and obfuscation profit was not a bad word. It is the only incentive that makes an economy go. And finally who should set this limit, you propose, on the amount of profit anyone should make. The free market is and should be the only arbiter. Government is the last entity that should have a say in this matter.

Again I say you don’t make a poor man rich by making a rich man poor. All you have is two poor men. For take away the fruits of one’s labors through excessive taxation and the fruits will most assuredly dry up!

readytoescape profile image

readytoescape 7 years ago from Central Florida

Interestingly enough the longer the two of you go on you get closer together, however Partisan is winning since Mr. Happy according to him is so far left he is 2 degrees right of right.

For your edification and education Mr. Happy; Kool aid drinking is a rather old reference to the Clinton Era Progressive talking points that liberals are spouting these days and have been since its inception. This rhetoric is an old philosophy devised by Colombia University Professors Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Pivenin in 1966 describing the tactics to be used to change a Republic or Democracy to socialistic society. This philosophy has now been distorted by the present day administration and is being applied as “nudging” society in to transforming our estate into an Oligarchy. One of the critical points of this strategy is they assume, and it appears with reason. That most of you are too stupid to realize what they are doing. That My friend is Kool-Aid drinking.

To the rest of your claptrap ideas, which are a direct result of the above, you are just idiotically foolish and naive. Please write about dandelions or smelt. Perhaps then you might make some logical and rational sense to someone. I don’t know who but perhaps someone.

Patriot wins by default, no points are awarded for the uninformed or the unconsidered mind. Passion is nice when your feeding kids, we all have that, even at 16 cents per hour they can eat.

Partisan Patriot 7 years ago Author

Thanks readytoescape for a very logical defense

Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

At least I can understand where Mr Patriot is coming from. I read Aynn Rand and I know where the conservative thought originates so vigorously. Also I can respect an opinion be it wrong or right because ultimately I know things change and conservatism is a dying breed - these are its last days of squirming before its final last breath.

On the other hand "readytoescape" is not only wrong but rude and vile. Calling me "stupid" only shows a lack of knowledge and respect towards others. I guess I should not expect more from some ...

"Passion is nice when your feeding kids, we all have that, even at 16 cents per hour they can eat." - This sentence makes no sense, it is missing a verb. I knew the education system was flawed but wow ... to not know how to write proper sentences ... sad.

I rest my case.

readytoescape profile image

readytoescape 7 years ago from Central Florida

And the edification, it appears must continue. Firstly to, sentence structure, English 2nd grade level I believe, verbs are action words defined as; words in a sentence or spoken language that expresses existence, action, or occurrence.

In the sentence “Passion is nice when your feeding kids, we all have that, even at 16 cents per hour they can eat.”

The words as used in the structure all comply with the above definition. The words “is” “have” and “can” all comply as existence, the words “feeding” and “eat” are action words.

Secondly, I never called (a verb) you stupid. I directed (another verb) my comments, “foolish and naive” to your ideas. The word “Stupid” which you applied (another verb) to yourself is defined as; lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; a dullard. The word "stupid" used in one of the comments was associated with the phrase "most of you" is used in the sentence structure as a collective.

And finally as to personal attacks, you sir are the only one to have done that, may your last post shine as an example.

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