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I can appreciate conservativism. Conservatives beleive all people should work at whatver jobs they can find. I believe this to a certain point. For a low income family, with both parents working, if they have two children in daycare, it isn't worth it. The daycare will eat up all the money they make and with taxes it is gone. No food, electric, water, gas. Just dayare and taxes for jobs that probably do not offer health insurance. These are the people that need help the most. Those and the ones who have lost jobs in this recession, along with the elderly and disabled.

Now lest someone think this is a hub to bash conservatism, please rest easy. This Hub is to explain my version v. others. Somehow the everyday folks get lost with the infighting, bickering and trying to "win".

I have a friend, Tommy. Tommy is one of those who love to fight with me, there are lots of those. Anyway, he sends emails to try to aggravate me. I smile sweetly and return the favor. Most of these are dwelling on the health care plan. Okay, nobody reads it yet they want to fight about it. Normal lawmaking, in other words. Things are taken out of context and verbalized to the masses. The masses pick it up and run with it. "They are going to kill the elderly, they will put them against the wall, give them cigarettes and gun them down." That mostly comes from Republicans.

The Democrats on the other hand, do a lot of handwringing trying to decide what is right and wrong with the scenario. What is the kindest approach? Who will this hurt least? Will the wealthy finally get what's coming to them? They want to help the least of ours, those born into squallor, poor, uneducated and pratically everyone else.. Republicans have their plusses and Democrats have theirs. Someone must have stolen someones candy for all this infighting.

With all of these people we and the lobbists have put in office you would think they could put together a committee on the committees for that committee to process this stuff. Preferably someone who can read. Someone who can outline, Someone who can ponder well and one who can make something happen.

I cannot say I have read the health care plan so I make no statement as to it's fitness for humans. Beside, I don't want to read all those long pages that repeat and put in little, tiny passages guaranteeing a lobby gets what they want.

There are some lobby's I fhink we should hear from in this mess. About kids; they are cared for on KidCare, a wonderful, well administered plan. What about working under some of their operations? Use what we know works and go from there. The uninsured get coverage as will the Medicare and Medicaid groups. The charge would have to be substantially more, KidCare is $15 a month, How about we bring it up in denominations of age until we are elderly? Then just shoot them. As I write this I am hitting 50 so I don't take any of it lightly but i try.

Maybe if we can get to a non-partisan state of beingwe can take care of EVERYONE. The money spent in emergency rooms on patients with no healthcare will pay a big bunch of that money. I would pay an extra $10 a month to see something happening. So I don't buy that pack of ciggies (just kidding i am a non-smoker) But that is another issue. spend money on proaction, not reaction. We have come a far way as a country with smoking and I see on TV the help that is being offered and the electris cigs in the mall. All wonderful, now what do we do about obesity? That's for another day....Blessed Be.

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someonewhoknows 6 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio


either have a little money,and don't know how to manage it.Or,have a lot of money,and don't know how to manage it.


either have a lot of money and,don't want to spend it,or have a little money and want to save it.

They both have one thing in common.They both want more.The difference is the liberals want to spend want they don't have ,and the conservitives want to spend other peoples money,preferably to increase their wealth while it's being done.Which would you rather be?

Gracie 6 years ago

Liberal. Thanks for the comment!

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