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Democratic View of America

Hippie Liberal Tree Huggers End the World

I am bound to believe as an American that the new Liberal Party is led by a hippie generation of Liberal baby-boomers from the rebellious World War II generation of children who wanted to do exactly the opposite of what their parents did. Even if that means abandoning the very foundation of why their Fathers fought in the Great War. This generation of Liberals is quickly trying to turn us into a version of a continent in which we have surpassed as a civilization since the times of the great depression because of our Protestant values, the belief in capitalism and free market, and the freedom in which these beliefs can thrive. Now American Democrats are trying to become like one of the these European countries and this all derives from a generation of rebellious body of baby-boomers that have drifted so far left that they cannot even fathom the ability to look right and contribute to this country in the manner in which their ancestors and parents did. Modern Social-Liberals live in a dream world which can only be induced by a physcadelic trip on LSD or some dosages of marijuana.

Should Our Children Pay for Our Health Care?

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Drug Induced Ideologies

Let us look at some Liberal ideas logically (this is when you put down the 'medicinal marijuana')

-Universal Health Care: This is priority number one for the Liberal-Democrat-Nazi-Socialist party and it is flawed to say the least. Liberals believe in this little thing called global harmony --obviously you get this vision when nothing bad has ever happened to you and all you see is nothing but good in all of the people or at least the ones you can control with over-dominant socialist policies --it is further believed that you must be an ex or current stoner to have ever had this vision.

Let us wipe the crud from our eyes and look at the evolution of this country and the foundation built around the Constitution. We believe in free markets to some extent and we believe most soundly that freedom is at a minimum the right to do what we want with our body and to spend our money where we want in the economy. There will be winners, there will be losers, but freedom is that we have the right to do what we want to ourselves as long as it does not violate anothers rights, and we can at least buy the products we want without government intervention, we are free except for "death and taxes." Now the Democrats are going after both. The ever-increasing and protesting right wing Republicans are "insane protesters" that are taking up for their right to live and do as they want with their bodies are against government controlled health care, the hippie left (who obviously had no regard for life to begin with) are backing a plan to eradicate themselves from the Earth. I mean if I am a borderline Nazi-Socialist what better way to fix my other failed government programs and their inability to deal with retiring baby-boomers than to give them limited time to consume their hard earned tax dollars by doing away with insurance and controlling how long they can live and what medical attention they can receive?

More questions reside: How do we pay for this 9 trillion dollar deficit that will allow your Grandchildren to pay for this fiasco and your inevitable death with what could possibly become the worst health care system in the modern World for the elderly?

Okay I made it to the ripe age of 64, my kids will pay for my health care, why do I have no social security? Are the other government systems not broken, do we not need to fix them first before building on a collapsed structure? I retire, there is no government retirement as there is no government health care, I payed into these systems my whole life, this is not socialism, it is the most ill-manner ran version of socialism the World will ever see.

Want health care, join the military? Socialist countries do it! Oh I get it, our modern liberal-socialist want the country to take care of them, but they care not to take care of the country? This seems like you may have smoked a little too much marijuana, but if you start socialism now what is to stop your grandchildren from mandatory service to their country to pay for your health care and retirement?

Reagan Conservatives

"Hippie" Must Come from the Word Hypocrite

Once while walking by a group of hippie protesters Reagan heard the phrase "make love not war," later he was quoted as saying "I doubt they were capable of doing either." I grew up with this bold man as my President. I can remember social studies lessons in kindergarten with Reagan on the front page.I grew up in a "Cold War" in which the Constitution and Patriotism was rewarded, I still could say the "Pledge of Allegiance," God still stood at the helm of our Protestant values, and we ran this country according to the majority (we did not become politically correct to infuse the minority).

I did not feel a need to rebel against the values in which my country was founded, and for which my grandfather had fought. your children. The opposite of you, and likewise you are the opposite of your parents.

In your search for love, freedom, and rebelious dosages of drugs combined with a heathly cocktail of a lack of values combined with an extreme and abstract view of morals and government you stand to tear apart this if you haven't done it before."Hippie-o-crite"

More Bong for Your Buck

Save the Animals:

Peace and Love brother, we will fix the World, p.s. protect the animals. This Hippie idea has some foundational flaws that violate conventional wisdom as well as the universal order of things.

I love plants, not as much as you guys (Cannabis) but I am a fan of the veggies. But to eat meat their must be an order in place in which something must die. Plants live, die and breathe, but obviously since there is no noise when they die or blood we can act as if they are less important in the order of things to the Lord our God and hence can be killed and killing anything other than helpless rooted plants without defense is without a doubt inhumane."Hippie-o-crite"

As I digest a puff from my most powerful plant, I realize that I might be a hypocrite, I may have voted for Barrack Obama, not because of his policies, but because of how nice it would be to see the civil rights movement of my era make it that far in my corrupted lifetime.

Animals have rights: While I head from my suburban home to the nearest Gap to buy clothes -- that were made by a 12 year old's blistered hands for two dollars (American) an hour-- in my SUV, I see a protest against trappers in which I think to myself, after a toke,"how those poor little animals are being left unprotected." Harmony...everything is right with the World. My blurred and narrowed vision allows me to leave my car to protest against the rural people in the country in which a) might be the greenest population in America (considering they are too poor to pollute and to broke to not recycle and to not use all natural resources available) and b) are the ones who's policies my newly voted in President mostly effect (raised prices on bullets and increased gun restrictions).

Did it ever occur to the "hippie-o-crite" that people that are struggling go back to the bare essentials which are by harvesting natural resources which includes living breathing, bleeding animals (which taste good)? Your own policies are eroding the ideologies of what it is this administration is trying to accomplish, and the values and foundation of this country. The modern day solution to the "next depression" is Liberal --our ancestors would be eating the family horse by now. After all (open eyes now) we are trying to convert Reagan conservatives children, which adored your parents, into "hippie-o-ctrites" socialist Obama followers overnight. Good Luck.

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jiberish profile image

jiberish 7 years ago from florida

Drudge had a great picture of Obama and under it was his 'wee,wee' comment. Looking at it, my first impression was that of someone who was out partying the night before. Maybe I'm getting old also, but I'm ashamed that our country has lead to this, primarily due to the free for all liberal thinking. Nice Hub.

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