Top ten strange myths we tell kids

The Glue of Lies

The comedian philosopher George CarlinĀ once said "Bull(****) is the glue that binds our society", I think we can all agree to that at some level or another. We have all grown up to learn that life has subtle shades of greys, that no one answer is ever the answer. For instance most of us will be willing to lie in order to protect anyone we care about, especially ourselves. So when it comes to the peoples we instinctively care about the most, to our children we tell alot of lies. We build up onto them a foundation of "lies", forming many myths that will entertain and comfort them, and theres the beautiful part. Nature has designed these critters to soak up every bit of information we feed them, because they have little time to know better.

Author: Gilabrand at en.wikipedia
Author: Gilabrand at en.wikipedia


For those of you who now think they do know better, remember when you didn't? Remember the good old days, you know the childhood days when everyone played along with the myths. Wasn't that great fun, well take a moment to look back. What was your favourite myth that you were told as a child. The myth you held most dearly, the one that was hardest to give away.

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Rochelle Frank profile image

Rochelle Frank 7 years ago from California Gold Country

Actually I would vote for "none of the above", for none were ever enforced in my family.

Migodden profile image

Migodden 7 years ago from Canada Ontario Author

Happy to hear it :D But you don't need your family to inforce it, i'm sure you stumbled on the validity of atleast one of those myths, we were all chidren once and are still xD

Paul Marshall profile image

Paul Marshall 7 years ago from Australia

Haha, Many years ago when my eldest 2 boys were just that {Boys} I had them convinced that when the icecream truck played the music, it means that he had none left so was just trying to keep people happy with the music. Saved me a fortune for years. Yes, it was a lie, but I seriously did not have the spare cash at the time to spare, I would have if I could have. I just really did not want to go through the process that this was yet another thing that they could not have because dad did not have enough cash. The looks of dissapointment on the little faces was hard enough to bear.

bili 7 years ago

this is a good idea. keep up the good work migodden

EricD 7 years ago

There IS a God and he weeps in the presence of hardened hearts as yours. God loves you and if you obey him you will be saved. Everyone will live forever after they die, some in eternal darkness and some in Heaven. Choice is yours.

Meee!!!! 5 years ago

Helo........THERE IS A GOD B.T.W!!!!!!

profile image

Lybrah 4 years ago

God is not a myth...but interesting concept for a hub. You should add some more to it.

Dan 4 years ago

Your all idiots, god does not exist, stop living on false hope, and get a grip on reality, stop thinking that if you say sorry to a big man in the sky, you'll be forgiven for all the bad things you've ever done.

If someone said that they heard a voice in there head, or they talk to themselves, they get locked up, but you people talk to a giant man in the sky, and you're allowed to walk free, that is the biggest mystery on this earth, not 'god'.

profile image

timmyelliot 3 years ago

Bogeyman is not a myth. I don't know why he's on the list. Please fix this. I also believe in Zeus, so god should be taken off the list too.

betty 2 years ago

whoever voted for god as a myth is dum coz god does exist god shouldnt be on the "myths list"

Destor 2 years ago

Such a troll post

Bill Howard 2 years ago

I was looking for myths about where babies come from when I found this. Thought I'd add my two cents.

- Father Christmas is an analogy

- the Tooth Fairy is a game parents play with their children, the children all know it but it's a fun game

- making faces and picking your nose can get you slapped so it's true that they can result it ugly faces and brain trauma

- the boogie man is real and so is God, people don't want to admit it because its too scarey

- we didn't have ice cream trucks out in the country and I never heard of the Easter Bunny when I was a kid, bunnies don't lay eggs, that is a myth

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