Lil Phat's Murder

Lil Phat
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Can’t kill each other fast enough

Today I sat in utter disbelief as I saw the message that we did it again

Lil Phat; dead at 19

And as I clicked on the link to make sense of how a young man’s life could be taken so suddenly

I began to think

What would have happened to some of our family/stars/leaders if they were gone at 19

My mind could not go to that place

To imagine him sitting in that car coming face to face

With the hate, machines sparking as the bullets come

Too stunned, taken by surprise, to perhaps react

The inquisitor reported: “Lil Phat, real name Melvin Vernell III, was shot multiple times while sitting in his car next to next to Northside Hospital Woman’s Center. “

As my head and heart wrapped around the grief of this tragedy

A young man added to the premature black death toll no doubt by a brother from another mother

But then my grief again led me to fill crazy emotion

Confused how we can deny that we keep trying to kill each other

I had to blink to stop tears

At one time the klan was our greatest fear

However today’s biggest threat to a black man

His peer

Why do we hate each other so much?

Enlightenment should take effect at some time and place

But we still act like there is only room for one to partake

In creating wealth, in obtaining success, in living above broke

Those inspired by the hate of another

Walk amongst us in disguise waiting to strike with thunder

For the jealousy of others can be quite dangerous

The greatest harm you can do is to take someone’s life

Robbing them of their light

Causing others endless pain

So sorry I can’t say it will never happen again

My God My God

What Can I Say?

There is a crisis in the black community amongst our kings

And we sit back, doing too little to clean what we must first claim

Is it our fault for our lack of fathers present in our communities

Did the village fail to step up and convert our boys to men

Our men to be right

All I know


What’s happening is not right

We have too long a list

Of those killed that we miss

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junko profile image

junko 4 years ago

Bushwacking, Ambushing, that ain't nothing to be proud of, it's a coward's deadly game. A man wouldn't steal a man. Crack denied some young men hearts and souls,also love when they needed it.

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