Living in Obama's Fairy Tale


September 15, 2011

Let’s play pretend, shall we? Let us assume that we are back in olden times during the George W. Bush Administration. Let us work very hard to picture in our minds-eye a joint session of Congress, called by the President, and during something like say, oh, how about a “Jobs Speech” he proclaims that Abraham Lincoln was the “founder” of the Republican Party.

I myself knew Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. Yet this little nugget of history intrigued me. Upon verification, The Teleprompter a.k.a. Mr. Obama the real-life speaker of those words--got it wrong. Lincoln wasn’t the founder or even a founder of the Republican Party.

His speech launched the Republican Party into historical infamy, but Lincoln wasn't a founder.

Keep your Let's-Pretend hats on for me for just a moment longer. I want you to visualize if George W. Bush had spoken those words making such a blunder.

CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN et al would have had that their lead off story every hour on the hour.

So stepping out of Obama Fairy Land, let's travel to the here-and-now.

Let us go to a website called:

Now, you might say, that doesn’t sound so horrible. Let me show you a capture of their homepage:


Notice the link on the left hand side of the page that says, “Report an Attack.”

Back to Fairy Tale Land.

Just imagine if you will, that this was a website that instead of “Paid for by Obama for America” at the bottom of the page, it had, “Paid for by Bush for America.”

The Obama administration, those rascals, are (again) calling for U.S. Citizens to turn in other U.S. Citizens – not for breaking any laws, but for exercising their constitutionally protected rights of free speech.

Notice the wording “ATTACK” and “Report an ATTACK” and “Join ATTACK wire.”

Kind of gets me all misty eyed and brings me back to the Jimmy Hoffa eloquent speech (that the Obama administration has YET to denounce) where ole Jimmy said, “Let’s take these sons of b______es out!”

It gives me such a lump in my throat when I recall those sweet, loving and caring words…

Keep trying to imagine if this was a Tea Party website or Republican website.

Now I wasn’t able to verify if this organization was an ACORN/Soros/Moveon spin-off – it’s almost impossible to track these leftist liberal bastions down to anything other than a post office box. And frankly, although I was finally able to find a number out of the Chicago Headquarters (the go-to place for ethical political behavior), I was not going to call and offer up my phone number on a sliver platter...although something tells me they already have my number…or is that my head..?

But I digress…

So let us close our eyes, and go to a make-believe place, while we use our fertile imaginations and try to conjure up a George W. Bush website looking like this and asking citizens to turn other citizens into the federal government.

Where is the outrage by the left? Where is the frightened and panicked concern that U.S. Citizens are being spied upon?

Remember that? The Bush administration did not wire tap U.S. Citizens unless those U.S. Citizens happened to be contacting known terrorists or terrorists organizations overseas.

Yet the left went absolutely batty over this! “The evil Bush administration is in your bedroom watching you and listening to you! Every phone call and every email you send is being monitored by the Great Satan!” They proclaimed.

Yet here, the Obama administration is recruiting spies to spy on other citizens publicly!

Does anyone recall the screaming and gnashing of teeth and the outcry of the left when the Bush administration was trying to monitor those who conversed with terrorists? The left was so loud my ears are still ringing from their carping and screeching. Of course, they had the help of the lib stream media to sound the alarm...

Where are those scardy cats now when you need them for crying out loud?

“Dash it all,” [self I says as I take my riding crop and hit my leg in frustration] “You just can’t get any decent liberal help these days…”

What with the Feds suing Arizona, now rumors of harassing the governor of Wisconsin (this latest abuse of power no doubt fueled by union thugs) stepping in to stop an AT&T merger with T-Mobile to save us from those insidious monopolies—wait—I know the times are economically rough. Did we lose Verizon and Sprint somewhere and I don’t know about it?

What with EPA ruling and new laws that usurp the things Congress has already said “No” to.

Gestapoesque raids like the one on Gibson Guitars --- apparently for the crime of donating money to Republicans…

The Food Nazis now wanting to "regulate" and fine businesses for showing Lucky Charms commercials.

And my fav-- Obamacare, “You have to buy the insurance we tell you to, “ Says the Federal Government, “Or you’ll pay big fat fines.”

Folks – the list goes on and on and it’s starting to scare me nigh unto an early demise! I've just bitten my nails to the nub!

Is there any stone left unturned with regard to the federal government in our private lives and businesses? Is there anywhere the tentacles of this corrupt administration is not slithering into?

Worse, are there no lengths to which the Obama administration will not go to to maintain their stranglehold on power and ultimately the citizens of the United States?

Sometimes I wonder if this is all just a very bad dream, or we’re in the middle off a surreal, evil Fairy Tale.

Only in this one, if we don’t vote this guy into a one term Presidency in 2012, there won’t be a happy ending.

Be afraid, be very darned afraid…

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hglick profile image

hglick 5 years ago from Ronkonkoma, NY

Absolutely outstanding hub!! I am ready to send this to all the drones out there who insist that the anointed one has saved our economy ROFLMAO! The truth is that the deficit this guy has created is greater than any president in our history, and we have broken the record for consecutive months of unemployment over 9%. When Bush used the term "Nuc-you-ler" every network called him a bumbling idiot, yet Obama claiming that he had visited 57 states, got zero mention anywhere, but that "racist" network FOX. I am tired of the left telling us how to think and what to say, and more of the Republicans in Congress should stop being whimps and open their mouths when these injustices occur.

Longhunter 5 years ago

Excellent hub from one the people Homeland Security considers a terrorist - an almost-50 YO, Christian, American, Conservative, white guy that owns a gun and has a permit to carry it. Voted UP!

Tom Whitworth profile image

Tom Whitworth 5 years ago from Moundsville, WV

Good Hub Carol,

I'm going to keep imagining. I want to imagine that Obama took a "bridge too far" when he got involved with the company and people of Solyndra. I want to believe that this is a administration ender. They are already in the denial phase and it's a lot more serious on the surface than Watergate!!! (8D)

Nick Lucas 5 years ago

very well written and right on! I love it!! Rush and some other conservatives started turning liberals in yesterday and themselves as I did lol

cjv123 profile image

cjv123 5 years ago from Michigan Author

You know - I was thinking as I started writing this Hub, "This could backfire..."

This went a little viral - and not in a good way -- people are laughing at the Obama crew and mocking the website. And apparently Michele Malkin said James Carville said "Democrats, it's time to panic." I just pray, pray, pray that Obama keeps digging himself in deeper. So deep he'll never crawl out and 2012 kicks his sorry, sorry butt out of office.

Thanks for stopping by Nick!

SheriSapp profile image

SheriSapp 5 years ago from West Virginia


I almost reported an attack on me by Obumma on his website, but like you, I didn't want to put myself on their radar. Another great story is how the longshoremen in WA state vandalized and terrorized the company they work for and kept some security guards trapped in a building while they did it. The MSM has not uttered one word about this. I have no doubt that if a group of Tea Partiers did anything remotely similar, the MSM would lead with the story for days and days. I hope this administration doesn't cause me to have a stroke before I can vote against them next year!

Nick Lucas 5 years ago

It was my pleasure lol was a great article and I love the way you wrote it.....we can only Pray he keeps digging the hole....but im sure he will

cjv123 profile image

cjv123 5 years ago from Michigan Author

Oh Sheri I KNOW! It truly is CRIMINAL how the lame stream media has gone all out - blatantly for Obama and the Democrats. If even ONE Tea Partier did what 500 longshore lawless thugs did - the media would be making posters and movies about the incident. If you haven't seen "Media Malpractice" yet? Click the link on the top right or download it on Netflix. You HAVE to see this movie. Every one of these so-called journalists should be out of a job!

Thanks for adding your comments Sheri

caltex profile image

caltex 5 years ago

I saw the attackwatch ad and thought it was some kind of a joke. I can't believe it was for real and that it was actually supported by this administration. Sadly, this one isn't just a fairy tale.

cjv123 profile image

cjv123 5 years ago from Michigan Author

caltex - I too at first - for one moment thought it had to be a parody. But then I realized - this is typical Chicago style politics - thuggery at it's best.

Where is the media on this one? Where are they on Solyndra? When Enron went down due to excess - W wasn't even involced in giving a 1/2 billion of taxpayer's money to Enron - yet the media blamed Bush for that whole thing. I used to watch the news and think "Huh? how the heck is this Bush's personal fault?"

Here we have an "alternative energy" obsessed President who made it perfectly clear he was going to create millions of jobs with "investments" like Solyndra - and what did that get us? Bupkiss...

They think it's people putting out MISINFORMATION and that's the cause of Obama's downfall?? So they create AttackWatch??! Someone really needs to get a clue over in the White House.

Rob Jundt profile image

Rob Jundt 5 years ago from Midwest USA

The stark reality is that as this fairy tale continues to unfold, most Americans are being fatted like lemmings creeping closer to the edge; the edge looming over the valley of lost freedoms and original American identity. Our founding fathers have all rolled over in their graves... more than once.

cjv123 profile image

cjv123 5 years ago from Michigan Author

Yes Ron I believe you are absolutely right. And I thank you for stopping by to leave your remarks.

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa


Important coming events to watch.

Sept 22, 2011 in Florida, the Republican Presidential debate sponsored by Fox News and Google. Fox is accepting video questions for the candidates

This week the Super Committee met and held an OPEN door meeting. Some DEMOCRAT CONGRESSMAN want the Super Committee to go after $ 4 trillion in savings instead of the $ 1.5 that they were instructed to find. The recent elections of 3 republicans may have open their eyes to what the people want Congress to accomplish. Leader Boehner has put Congress on notice that the House will not approve taxing the American people.

Senator Coburn’s ‘’back in the black’’ the SOLUTION

cjv123 profile image

cjv123 5 years ago from Michigan Author

I will be watching Jon - let's see how this all pans out and it better be NO NEW TAXES.

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa


Check this one out, most likely it will not be reported in the mainstream media

The head of G E is Mr. Immelt, who heads the Obama jobs committee. Another interesting news article in our local business section reported on 9/17/11:



The energy deal allows GE to manufacture and sell NATURAL GAS TURBINES in the country. The Healthcare deal clears GE to make and sell high-tech medical DIAGNOSTIC equipment. The PRODUCTS WILL BE BUILT IN RUSSIA.

NOTE that GE has received $billions of the Stimulus funding and has paid $0 taxes last year.

GE recently closed a plant in upper new York , and closed another one in Ohio and moved the jobs to China.

During the height of the Iraq war, GE was selling equipment and parts to Iran that were showing up in Iraq being part of the enemies arsenal.

Why isn’t our government investigating this company and their chief executives? GE was a huge campaign donor to the Obama campaign.

Wake up America, our Congress is AWOL?

MonetteforJack profile image

MonetteforJack 5 years ago from Tuckerton, NJ

Hi, cjv123! I love your hub a lot. I voted up and interesting. I like your writing style, too. I am into fairy tales :) So I truly feel and think we are living in Obama's Nightmare on Elm Street. There are so many horrifying moments for America with him at the helm. Do you think he'll get impeached with the Solyndra deal? Truly a nightmare or a ghastly fairy tale.

kckcheri11 profile image

kckcheri11 5 years ago from Holiday

NICE! Everyone I know agrees with everything you say. I hear it all the time, but how can we stand up? Who will be able to set things right? We are so deep in this twisted game that the government is just tearing holes in everything that was once (at least a little) intact. We just sit back and watch our lives get harder and harder as we keep struggling....d**n politics..

cjv123 profile image

cjv123 5 years ago from Michigan Author

Kckcheri - I think if we can cut a lot of spending, earmarks - clean up the graft and cronyism, DE-regulate - do away with the EPA altogether etc. - we can START to heal our economy. We need to put in men and women who will have the stones to do it - that's all - and we should be able to complete that task in 2012.

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa


ON Monday Sept.19, 2011, President Obama announced his deficit reduction plan to a select group in the rose garden and as typical no questions were taken. Is it possible that he believes he is in FAIRY LAND or in the land of OZ?

Somehow President Obama is mis- leading the public or is it that Obama doesn’t understand the numbers or the tax laws. Obama is in campaign mode, tell the people what they want to hear. Will the people make the same mistake this time around?

Excerpts from an article on the web

The Tax Policy Center estimates that 46 percent of households, mostly low- and medium-income households, will pay no federal income taxes this year. Most, however, will pay other taxes, including Social Security payroll taxes.

"People who are doing quite well and worry about low-income people not paying any taxes bemoan the fact that they get so many tax breaks that they are zeroed out," said Roberton Williams, a senior fellow at the Tax Policy Center. "People at the bottom of the distribution say, `But all of those rich guys are getting bigger tax breaks than we're getting,' which is also the case."

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was pressed at a White House briefing on the number of millionaires who pay taxes at a lower rate than middle-income families. He demurred, saying that people who make most of their money IN WAGES pay taxes at a higher rate, while those who get most of their income FROM INVESTMENTS pay at lower rates.

"So it really depends on what is your profession, where's the source of your income, what's the specific circumstances you face, and the averages WON'T really capture that," Geithner said.

Words of wisdom from a tax delinquent

Buffet’s company owes $1 billion in taxes, the President, Barack Obama maybe didn’t know.


On Thurs., Sept 22, 2011,at 9:00pm ET Fox News and Google are sponsoring the Republican Presidential debate from Florida. AN OPEN FORUM DISCUSSION

cjv123 profile image

cjv123 5 years ago from Michigan Author

Thanks Jon - it's often hard to find which network is having the debates, thanks for that information!

kckcheri11 profile image

kckcheri11 5 years ago from Holiday

That sure does sound like a good plan....let's hope you are right cjv123, otherwise we are headed for another downfall plunge...

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa


James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 5 years ago from Chicago

Great article! I agree with every word you wrote. Unless this bum gets thrown out, our country might be over with. It is that serious. Many of these "reforms" and "fundamental transformations" are nearly impossible to undo once they are done. Let's get to work!

cjv123 profile image

cjv123 5 years ago from Michigan Author

Thanks James - I'm starting to think as you do - that some of the damage is so great, it can not be undone. But I'm going to try to remain hopeful that if we all stand tough, we can and will take our country back and vote this fascist administration out office 2012. It can't come fast enough!

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa


THE WASTE IS IN THE GOVERNMENT, the money to pay needs to come out of the government not the taxpayers. Today it was reported that for the past 5 years, the Social Security Trust fund has paid $400 billion to dead federal employees. Forging one’s name is a crime, the taxpayers need to demand repayment and prosecution. see

The Senator Coburn Report July 21, 2011

Back in the black, the SOLUTION

tom hellert profile image

tom hellert 5 years ago from home


so thats why my favorite cereal- a knock off of lucky charms - "majic stars" have been absent in the store THOSE F'ing Ba$tards I did go to attack and was going to report the rise of a sinister lieing cheat politician that may not be legal to hold the post he now holds-this psuedo dictator has usurped his own constitutional power and has basicallyshredded many aspects of the constitution but- I too didnt want to expose myself as a "rabble rouser" and have some new brown-shirt group at my door


cjv123 profile image

cjv123 5 years ago from Michigan Author

OH - so you've had them at your door before as you stated you'd have some NEW Brown Shirt...

Just saying'...

You always make me laugh Tom!

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 5 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

Hi, cjv123, WOW, what an outstanding hub. I loved every syllable. I admire your testimony for Christ, as I too, am a born-again believer in Christ. He has blessed me so much for coming to hubs. I am so thankful to meet you, a Christian writer who is so creative and real. I am your fan for life. Sincerely, Kenneth Avery (sorry, but I didn't know to use a title) in a rural Mayberry-type town of Hamilton, Alabama. God bless you in your writing.

cjv123 profile image

cjv123 5 years ago from Michigan Author

Wow back Kenneth! I'm impressed by your credentials and given those credentials and very humbled by your gracious compliments. Thank you so much and I am now YOUR fan for life!

arizonasunshine profile image

arizonasunshine 5 years ago from Alexandria, VA

Great blog, loved every word! Heard today on talk radio obama is giving a fed stimulis loan of over 700 million to a company run by pelosi's brother-in-law. Do you think we will hear about it on the lame stream media?

cjv123 profile image

cjv123 5 years ago from Michigan Author

I do not understand why Pelosi wasn't thrown out of office when her husband was able to make millions off of a deal she directly had power over in her state as the Speaker of the House. It's unfathomable that the Democrats get away with so much - including Obama. Chicago Politics as USUAL. And the lib stream media should all be CANNED. Thanks for your comments Arizona!

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa


Today is Sept.30, 2011, the last day of the 2011 Congressional budget year. The last day for the Stimulus Bill to release the funds in the Stimulus Package . There are $ billions that have not been used or approved. Will the President and the Democrats return the money to the treasury and pay down the debt?

Congress, the House and the Senate approved CR funding for the government to Nov.18, 2011.The Senate has yet to submit a 2012 budget as yet, the House Republicans passed and approved a 2012 budget in Feb. 2011.

Senator Durbin ( THE #2 TOP GUY ) admitted today that the President’s Job Bill will not receive enough of the majority Democrat controlled Senate’s votes to pass the bill. Note that the Republicans shouldn’t be held responsible for killing President Obama’s job bill.

The Jobs Bill proposed by the President was rejected in 2010 by the Super majority Democrat Congress. The 2012 budget submitted by the President in Feb., the same bill, was defeated 97-0. Now after 2 defeats, the President ‘s job bill can’t get the necessary votes in the Senate to pass. The propaganda machine has been derailed?

One could guess that ‘’ you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time’.’ May Justice be Served! Maybe some heat from the voters?

cjv123 profile image

cjv123 5 years ago from Michigan Author

Wow Jon - you should make this comment above into a Hub. Thanks for the detailed information! You always add so much to the conversation.

JON EWALL 5 years ago


Check this goodie out!

''the President ‘s job bill can’t get the necessary votes in the Senate to pass.''

NOT ONE DEMOCRAT CONGRESSMAN HAS SPONSERED THE JOBS BILL IN THE HOUSE AS OF OCT.1, 2011. Blaming the Republicans, has the President lost his bag of intelligence ?

If a bill has no sponsor, a bill cannot get to the floor for a discussion or debate.

On Sat. the President , on his Sat. TV talk to the people, President Obama said that he wants his Jobs Bill passed. He referred to Congress but never once referred to the Democrats who will not sponsor the bill and/or support the bill. Again as usual Obama chided the Republicans for not passing the bill.

How low will the president of the united states stoop to keep his job?

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa


I WAS WRONG IN THE HOUSE. On Sept29, 2011, Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-NV introduced President Obama's American Jobs Act in the Senate as S. 1549. Rep. John Larsen, D-CT introduced the identical bill in the House as H.R. 12

9/11/11 09/12/11 11:35 AM ET ??

House Republicans will move "immediately" to request that the Congressional Budget Office score President Obama's new jobs legislation, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said.

The bill has not yet been sent to any Senate committees. At 412 pages, the bill is complicated but manageable. Given the politics, it will not move quickly. Congress just isn’t interested because it affects your life, not theirs.

So how exactly does a bill become a law? While not all bills are the same

pass it around

Because you won't see or hear it in the media or on the major news channels.Do we have censorship of the news?

cjv123 profile image

cjv123 5 years ago from Michigan Author

Sorry Jon - I thought I answered this - I did in my head! LOL! I did pass this on - I had it on my FB profile and I Tweeted it. Thanks for the heads up - this administration is SO out of control!

JON EWALL 5 years ago


Here's todays, 10/04/11, latest on the Senate.

Senator Mc Connell , Republican minority leader requested and challenged Senator Reid to put the American Jobs Act on the floor for a vote. The President today said that the Republicans are holding up passage of his bill ( ALL propaganda).Senator Reid is again delaying the process so that another crisis will be coming up soon.

cjv123 profile image

cjv123 5 years ago from Michigan Author

The sad thing about it is, there are voters who won't verify and then believe that it's the Republicans lying to the American people - when it's the Democrats all along. Thanks for the update Jon.

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