Living in a Secret Psychic Society: How to Fight Back!

Survival/Revolution in a Secret Psychic Society

  Today, I went to the gym and kicked some serious ass.  When I say that, I mean it in more than one way.  I decided to cycle instead of the eliptical - the routine was simply too stale and old.  This allowed me to burn a ton more calories than nthe elliptical and man are my legs sore.  Now, for the fun part.  Every once in a while, someone will sit nearby me and it will seem to me that they are giving off "molesting vibes".   I feel personally violated and annoyed by this persons' prescence.  I've found an answer - simply send the most horrible thoughts you can possibly think their way so they will go away and leave you alone. 
     It happened TWICE today, actually three times.  The person is male, makes weird hand signals or ritualistic motions.   For some reason, it is very distracting, if not downright infuriating at some point.  So - I sent them the worst possible images of me relative to them that I possibly could........and the M-F was gone within half a minute each time.  As soon as they were gone, I once again felt comfortable and continued to push myself to the max. 
     These f***ers ARE in fact PSYCHIC.  They can feel our persona as well as hear our  thoughts and feelings.  We live in a SECRET PSYCHIC SOCIETY.  There is no privacy and no BOUNDARIES..........UNLESS WE MAKE SOME.  Now, these suckers can torture you with disgusting thoughts and feelings.  I'd probably be getting an earful of disgusting, horrifying sh6t were it not for the headphones, the teaspoon of Kratom and the 1/2 mg. of Clonopin flowing through my bloodstream at the moment.  Earlier today, I was having a "Psychic Argument" with someone.  I started in on whoever it was Joe Pesci style, right out of Casino.  On the way to the gym, someone drove by with a license plate that read "Soprano".  This has REPEATEDLY HAPPENED so often that I'm thoroughly convinced that we live in a PSYCHIC SOCIETY. 
      I have some major problems with a "Society without Boundaries".  Number one - you can now be fired/tortured for WHAT YOU THINK.  It happened at my last assignment.  I was zapped, given the "ass-invasion" feeling and when I said "F##k this sh6t!" in my mind, I got indirectly called a "sass" IMMEDIATELY.  Can it be proven?..........not in 1,000 years........did it happen?   I'd bet my life on it!  So, understand that if you are going to maintain your job, you'll have to kiss 2ss on a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.  These suckers can see how we feel.  They say that being told to smile is damaging to one's physical health.......try being expected to BE someone you aren't.  Frankly, until new Laws get made to accomodate for this new invention.........we live in a slave-driven society.  People have to put up with psychic molestation as well as the c##p we normally must put up with. 
      We need a REVOLUTION!  "How do we accomplish this?"  you ask - simple:  give back those annoying vibes.  If you have to imagine yourself as a hoard of flesh-eating locusts and sic them on the creep giving you "Psychic Static", DO IT!  And while you are doing it, be as NICE as you possibly can on the outside.  They fired me for thinking unpleasantly.........but at least they can't refuse service to you if you PAY THEM.  Unless we STAND UP ON THE INSIDE.......this is going to get even worse than it already is.  You wonder why everyone is so scared to protest?  We've got geeks who can not only read our thoughts and feelings, but they can GIVE us ideas and feelings that are particularly revolting to us. 
      At one point, they had bothered me to the point that I became just like the Sociologist who visited the YANOMAMO TRIBE.  In this society, you had to constantly seethe with anger to survive.  People would come up to you and say: "Give me your Canoe or I'll cut a hole in it!"  If you were nice and gave it to them, guess didn't get it back.  It was a very pushy culture and you had to be a very pushy person to simply get by from day-to-day.  When he returned to the U.S., it took him 3 months to adapt to our culture.  Until then, he seethed with constant fury on a continual basis and refused to do anything for anyone. 
     Well, I'm going to do something for JUST ABOUT EVERYONE.  There is no need to worry about what secrets you think you might have.  Just about EVERYONE knows every bad thing you've done in your entire life.  Everything you've ever done or do behind closed doors, even THINK is public knowledge.  So we are going to have to combat this violation of our THOUGHT PRIVACY any damn way we can.  You need to get out these feelings of powerlessness they give us.  I recommend that you go to the gym or buy a punching bag and GO ALL OUT.  If someone gets up next to you and making hand gestures or ritualistic movements - release the hoard on em'.  Chemically close the hole in the top of your head with: Zoloft, Clonopin, Abilify (really seems to help bolster your "psychic strength").  Kratom makes the "synthetic telepathy" (that buzzing in your ears) stop.  They might know your thoughts, but they can't GIVE YOU ANY.  This way, it's a one-way conversation. 
    And know this:  there's no need to yell or do anything to anyone.........all you've got to do is THINK IT and they'll "get the message".  If we all become as tough, cunning, mean and un-yeilding inside........these suckers can be conquered by COLLECTIVE PSYCHIC WARFARE.  You don't need anyone standing beside you.......we are all over the place.  We've just been beaten up so bad, many have simply GIVEN UP HAVING ANY THOUGHTS OF THEIR OWN.  You CAN become as gentle as they come and by God, they'll treat you nice, too.......SOMETIMES.   Just know that words are no longer necessary.......thoughts are way better.  Develop the ability to control your anger like flicking a switch on and off.  Practice having different personae to "throw them off".  If they get you in a corner, you must pray to God to make it stop or else turn into the biggest, ugliest, horrifying beast that you can possibly imagine and roar at them in your mind........or take the abovementioned medicines/herbs.  Your imagination is your most powerful weapon, but get the medications you need to SILENCE them or ignore their ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT. 
      Maybe you think you cannot feel this pain or communicate with others like I can, but I just bet you do.  This is a blessing and a CURSE.  We must all adapt to having zero privacy........because believe me:  THEY KNOW!  They all say the buzz-line "Ignorance is Bliss".  This can be true.......INSIST TO YOURSELF THAT LIFE ISN'T WHAT IT IS NOW - BUT YOU WILL NEED MEDICINAL HELP TO DO THIS.  So, are we "crazy" or aren't we?  First of all, NO WE ARE NOT.  Secondly, does it really matter?  Nope.  Get the medications that silence the "obscene messages" you are getting.  Try to work on yourself Spiritually.........but do anything you can to mess up this "Silent Rule".  Be as VARIABLE as you can in how you think/feel or these suckers will GET A HOLD ON YOUR MIND JUST LIKE A CULT WOULD.  They'll call you:  a "traitor", a "cheater", a "pirate", a "snake".  If you are nice, they'll call you a "Dinosaur" to make you feel un-needed, unwanted and just plain emotionally awful. 
      We live in a "Kingdom of Fear", everyone feels powerless and scared to say anything because THEY have something on us.  Well, there's so many of them now that it's pointless to fear them "divulging your sins".  Just about everybody knows.  They just know that you don't know that they you are being SILENT FOR NO REASON.  We need to speak up and write about our "psychic encounters" without fear of being called "crazy".  Speaking up is mightier than spraying p##s on all of them with a squirt-gun.  You might get tortured, but PROTECT YOURSELF and KEEP TALKING.  They have told me to shut up, threatened me, even made me have what felt like "death experiences" and put me through severe pain........but I just wrote about what they were doing more.  They have deleted files, pointed guns at me, even rigged my car to not slow down once it reached high speeds.  Thousands read what I wrote on helium which I published as fiction to get people to listen.  Then someone deleted EVERYTHING I WROTE(but thousands still HAD read it).  Don't want to be labeled "crazy", just write it as fiction!  Once the SECRET IS OUT, things will start to change..............BELIEVE ME!   

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Alex 5 years ago

You did physical hit your self on genital parts? I'm glad that you have now the Salvation Frequency! I've been deal with the fake arousal with a switch button in my mind that I put to off, and at the same time breath and talk to my body,using the true and faith, it's been working for now. I understand... I get provocation talks, hang around in most clear sexual moves at front of me.

About the ring in my ears, in the past I get that but now I don't hear it.

Last year things started,with conscience...but now I know manipulation of my live started early in my life. I had 6 months that I tried many things to really survive. I didn't had forces to stay more than a few minutes up, didn't sleep, lots of pain, the ringing, all they could down on me, I couldn' work, was under attack with all they have and with heavy intensive attack. Things started to improve immense when I did intense meditation, pray and real faith decision. At the end of the six month I was ignoring most of the stalking, the enterings on home, car, calling names, and with hability to rest with meditation and laying as I can. Started to work. Have a more rational move and a unbelievable faith in the Higher Being. They give up of ringing because I ignore, I didn't have choice because I tried many things and the one that worked well for me was the ignore thing, in that 6 months they hit me with all...I think... (we never know what will hit next time, but Higher Being rule!;). They give up on some and others do a minimum about the things I ignore. Breathing and no reaction of thought to sound been a help.

I'm only surviving, I need to get the life they take of me and believe me, they did that since my 14 years old at least. I have 34 years now and I need to continue having the glorious thought that justice will be made for us all ;)

With eye pulling, I see the thing but I try to ignore the content, empty content.

For what I've been reading is highly possible that you have an implant. But even that is not determinative for, because of the sattelite tracking, but if proved is a good way to state a point in a clear way, so is important. I think that our situation is not random selection...I think they prepared the way through some time...if for what I understand of the reading I did from one of your hub, you think they've been in your life from your early childhood...

MOEFLATS profile image

MOEFLATS 5 years ago Author

Well, don't let whatever-this-is control your eyes. All of them know what things tend to produce reactions without prior thought: a threat that isn't a threat, a woman who isn't a woman, an impending "crises" that never actually comes. They can electronically manipulate you to experience FAKE EMOTIONS, repugnant thoughts and even direct body stimulation. MAKE yourself believe that everything is completely normal, but if someone/something in your environment seems to be pulling your eyes towards it - do not look at it. This happened just 10 minutes ago. I felt something pulling my eyes upward from my groceries coupled with mild external body-manipulation. I RECOGNIZED this as EXTERNAL and REFUSED to obey. I listened for that "Salvation Code" and my mind became clear again. Sure enough, the bastards had tried to set me up to look at a minor dressed up like a whore while simultaneously being stimulated in the genital region!

I recognized this bizarre combination of "eye-control" and external body-stimulation from previous experience and ruined their little attempt to mess with my mind. Three years ago, these "people" almost drove me to suicide with this little trick of theirs. I finally got them to quit it because when I was in public and felt an electric feeling in my genital region, I immediately closed my eyes and hit myself in the nuts. When I did this, I had short-circuited their manipulation. All I could feel was pain, but it sure as Hell beat shame! I have since learned to recognize these combinations of "eye-control" and body-stimulation and avoid them without taking such extreme measures.

Now, I just listen to "The Salvation Code" which keeps me from "reading" (being tortured by these creeps). I'm surprised you don't get ringing in your ears. I go to the Salvation Frequency anytime I get the feeling that "something just isn't right" and immediately my eyes cannot be controlled nor can my body be stimulated.......and best of all: no disturbing thoughts! I admonish you to listen for it because it can save you from being mentally-tortured by these goons. Maybe I have an implant that hasn't yet been mandated in your country, in which case you are very lucky!

As a young man, I used to have a knee-jerk reaction to any suggestion that a "beautiful woman" might be near: certain types of clothing, body-movements, hair-tossing. In fact, me and my friends used to play a game of who could spot the hottest women the fastest. If you are being electronically-manipulated/gangstalked, play the opposite of what my friends and I once played. When you are out in public or even watching TV (you shouldn't watch ANY because it allows you to be gangstalked right in your own home) you've got to keep the bastards from getting "behind your eyes". If you are impulsive/instinctive(like men normally used to be like), these bastards can drive you nuts with their: "signs" (three-letter and personalized license plates, certain words and certain people making certain gestures). They call this controlled vision "reading", HAH! Their "reading" is merely a trap to repeatedly assault your mind and get it to think what they want you to think so that you get boxed-in mentally. Then, when you are sufficiently unsettled they will try and take full control of your mind.

Alex 5 years ago

We both know this is happening and many more...worldwide associations doing some representation about this, personal jounals, youtube videos, books, and even credible documentation that gives existence to this technology and in others cases plausibility about the phenomenon. Why is nobody doing a investigation worldwide? How the ones that use this, protect themselves from this? Why would anyone not use on them? As you say "Your imagination is your most powerful weapon", when we imagine we can go were normaly we can't, find a solution for a problem, Einstein loved imagination. How would you solve this problem with your imagination? I know that is a solution and that we will win this. How you see the way for win this and how it will be the day of exposition, justice and freedom?

MOEFLATS profile image

MOEFLATS 5 years ago Author

Believe it or not, I published each excruciating experience on Helium AS FICTION so people who have yet to be hunted could learn to protect themselves. They deleted every last article I wrote about two years ago. I bet if I wrote a book, it would be near to impossible to get it published. This "mind-hunting" is supposed to be a big secret. I've been repeatedly told to "shut up", had my car rigged so that the accelerator was stuck and had someone point a gun at me. And Alex, this isn't fiction - it's happening FOR REAL every day.

Alex 5 years ago

You got some ideas here that I think are in the straight line of the truth...

Can you post your fiction story for us to read?

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