Long Past The Garden Of Eden.


Long Past The Garden Of Eden.


 The limbs of
mankind are fragile,
they have taken many
leaves throughout history,
leaves of their senses,
that shook the very roots
of civilizations growth.

The tree of life
is a weeping willow,
quite fragile yet we form
an umbrella for all of
the lesser creatures
beneath us.

It is graceful
but has bent in agony,
when mushrooms twice
tore at the very core
of its existence.
Nagasaki, Hiroshima.

Gardens of ash still lie
buried under the regrowth
that took years to achieve.

Hitler was a mad pruner,
destroying whole branches
and tiny buds to create his
insane view of a perfect landscape.

Genghis Khan another toxic invader,
hordes of men swarmed like aphids,
devouring all of the flourishing
life in their paths.

We must strive to prevent,
the pre-emptive cuttings
of our many branches,
the controlled burnings,
the axing of
inquisitive growth.

Our tree of life is
scarred and split,
in many places,
we grow feeble
from pollutants,
and many offshoots
are barren.

Let us study such
pictures as this,
lest what spreads under
the clear blue skies,
is not new life,
but mushrooms
all that we
have ever known.



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Great Sir!

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