Louisiana's Dilema: Vitter or Edwards

On November 21, 2015 Louisiana will be electing its next governor and the choice is between a former West Point graduate and a sitting Senator who's career is marred in controversy. Since Barrack Obama was elected president of the United States in 2008 elections have been relatively simple to predict. The winner is usually the Republican and the loser has been the Democrat, however the battle between these two gentleman is not as straightforward.

David Vitter is the Republican and a current Senator for Louisiana his accession to the top office in the state would seem simple as long as he can keep his political base intact. However, as voters are reminded of his improper behavior with a prostitute, Vitter has seem to alienated his base and many have crossed party lines to endorse his opponent. With Vitter being portrayed as a person lacking the values to hold the office of governor, he is going to rely on the votes of people who strictly vote for Republican candidates.

John Bel Edwards has shown to be a man of high values and is on track to have a bright future in politics. However, is only hurdle to winning this election may be the fact that he is part of the Democratic Party and a supporter of President Obama, who is not popular with a majority of the state. Edwards is going to have to attempt to distance himself from the president and convince voters that he is not aligned with the national agenda of the Democratic Party.

Louisiana will have a new governor and the people will have to elect a person who holds the same conservative views with morally questionable behavior, or a man who has aligned himself with a unpopular president with an equally unpopular agenda.


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